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Caighlan Smith was born on 1 June 1994 in St. Johns Newfoundland. Despite the fact that she was born in St. Johns, Smith grew up in St. Philips, a scenic community that overlooks the dramatic North West Atlantic. Ever since she was young, Smith had a passion for narrating stories, playing around the house and the woods and believed in magic. When Smith turned four, she relocated to Ireland, a place where she went with the hopes of at least finding a leprechaun. One year later in Norway, she was more than determined to locate a Troll. She even hiked the dormant volcanos in Iceland. Several years later, the only thing that Caighlan Smith was able to find was an Easter egg that was hidden inside a friend’s Emmy Award, who was an actress on a popular Television show.

Smith is the only child of a single parent. She is the daughter of a popular filmmaker and the grand daughter to a professional photographer. For over three hundred years, her ancestors have been fishers and fish merchants as well. Smith can trace her roots back to the Huguenots from Belgium, who had relocated to England during the reign of King Henry VII. Upon completing her high school education, Caighlan joined the Memorial University of Newfoundland, where she graduated with a degree in English and a Diploma in Creative Writing in the year 2016. She will be graduating this year from the University of Glasgow where she is currently doing a Masters in Literature in Fantasy. Caighlan Smith is an ardent supporter of Universal girl education and has been widely involved with the Teacher-Action for Girls campaign in Africa and Uganda. Unlike a majority of writers, Caighlan Smith does not have lots of dogs and cats or any miscellaneous furry friends, she they make her tear-up, sneeze, and wheeze.

Surreality Series

Surreality is a young adult fantasy novels that have been set in a post-apocalyptic world. In this apocalyptic world, the hunters are law. The hunters are the only set of humans who possess the meticulous training and set of skills that are required to deal with the new, supernatural plague which humanity must face; phantoms. With powers that are beyond imagining, the phantoms have become the villains in a nearly deserted planet. The phantoms have taken over the towns as well as the cities and in the process have annihilated millions. With every kill, the rank of the phantoms grows. It does not take long before the hunters are outnumbered irrespective of the employment of the youth and rigorous training as well. The Surreality book series follows this team of youth, who travel across, a treacherously plagued land that is full of supernatural monsters, mysterious witches, and apparitions.

The group is searching for a way of defeating the phantoms once and for all. Despite the fact that this fete impossible, the group is more than willing to put an end to the menace. While on their way, the group encounters a group of orphans, which were shrouded in supernatural mystique. Together, the siblings and the hunters embark on a long journey to reveal the secrets of the world and the society and also to uncover the past which has, in turn, made this nightmarish world a reality. Caighlan Smith came up with the idea of penning this fantasy series from her love for the supernatural, apocalyptic and supernatural settings and video games. As a 21st century teenager, Caighlan Smith enjoyed playing video games and living vicariously through the pixelated characters whose job was to save the world and fight monsters as well. Apart from wanting a good plot, Caighlan Smith also wanted to develop great characters. Characters normally come with a great plot.

Hallow Hour

Hallow Hour is the first installment in the Surreality book series. In this book, two young hunters, a brother, and a sister, meet with an exceedingly young girl who possesses the power of destroying ghosts. Due to ill-fated circumstances, the young girl and her siblings end up joining up with the hunters and their squadron. However, with a sister who can destroy phantoms and another who can communicate with monsters and see ghosts as well, is this family of orphans innocent as it appears to be. With that said, how are the hunters going to convince the girl to reveal her abilities to annihilate phantoms?

New Year

It is approximately two years ever since Tai and her siblings decided to join the Q17 ghost hunters. The group of orphans has begun settling into a new life, away from the witches, Hellcats, and ghosts. However, Kanta, the celebrity ghost hunter, and Mid, his little daredevil sister have begun to disagree. As the distance continues to grow between these two characters, they both become entangled in an exceedingly vicious plot, which would not only rock their city but also the hunters to the core. A few days to the New Year’s celebrations, Tai makes a discovery about the past, which is undoubtedly going to threaten the unity in her family. Nonetheless, Tai is more than determined to ensure that her family stays together at all times.


In the wake of an exceedingly devastating New Year’s Eve, everyone at Hunter’s City has scattered. Mid, on the other hand, has been abducted by one of their enemies. Kanta is more than determined to find Mid. However, everyone in the City has is warned against trying to find Mid. Tai, on the other hand, is exceedingly close to learning about her family’s dark past as well as the curse which haunts them. The questions that boggle everyone’s mind is whether the rebels are Mid’s enemies? Will Tai, on the other hand, decide to bring Mid home or bring her to justice? In a journey that is filled with witches, phantoms as well as the curse of the Gods, will the characters survive so that they can reunite once again?

Into Surreality is the fourth and final book in the Surreality book series. In this book, we meet with Kanta, Tai, and Mid as they try to once again save their families as well as the New World from the ghost battle.

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