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Surrender is a series of erotic romance novels written by Melody Anne. The books follow the exploits of a wealthy businessman whose attempts at hiring a mistress take an unexpected turn.

+The Story

The Surrender series is sometimes categorized as BDSM romance. However, this classification has been disregarded by some readers on numerous occasions, primarily because the Surrender books definitely feature some kinky elements but Melody Anne doesn’t write any sex scenes that truly resemble BDSM.

The Surrender books revolve around Rafe and Ari, a troubled couple struggling to come to terms with their feelings for one another.

Rafe comes from a pretty happy Italian family and he has largely lived a charmed life. Even as a child, it was obvious to everyone who knew him that Rafe was blessed. Everything he did, everything he touched turned to gold.

The little boy had no notable encounter with failure. And as he grew up, his talents and good fortune saw him start a successful business and accrue considerable wealth. It wasn’t long after that the family came into the picture.

With all the money he could possibly want and a beautiful wife to boot, Rafe’s life was perfect. But then the unthinkable happened. His wife left him and took his heart with her.

Rafe had loved her with every fiber of his being. When she so brutally betrayed him, he swore that he would never expose himself to such pain again. He began to view women with suspicion. Rafe couldn’t control his natural urges and he definitely had no intention of becoming celibate. But he promised he would never fall in love.

Rafe succeeds in keeping this promise until he meets Ari.

Like Rafe, Arianna Lynn Harrow’s life was a charmed once. Raised to be a strong, independent woman, Ari had a bright future ahead of her. She didn’t think anything or anyone could stop her from basking in all the fortune and success that the world had to offer.

But then one fateful night changed everything. Ari, a college student at the time, went out and got drunk. Realizing that she needed help getting home, she called her mother. The woman was on her way to pick Ari up when an accident landed her in the hospital, comatose. The guilt destroyed Ari. She did what she could to cater to her mother’s needs but it quickly became obvious that she did not have the capacity to pay her hospital bills.

Ari and Rafe meet when Ari comes across Rafe’s Ad in the newspapers. The job the businessman has on offer sounds a little too good to be true but Ari is desperate and immediately jumps at the opportunity.

It isn’t until she makes her way through all the interviews that she learns the truth: Rafe isn’t interested in bringing a new hire onboard. Rather, he wants a mistress, someone he will pay and pamper to meet his sexual needs.

Rafe has learned his lesson. He knows that women cannot be trusted. He only cares about engaging in meaningless, emotion-free sexual intercourse, and that is what he expects to acquire by hiring a mistress.

Rafe and Ari are drawn to one another from the moment they lock eyes. However, when Ari discovers the true nature of Rafe’s job offer, she is more than a little shocked.

The Surrender series attempts to explore the relationship between Rafe and Ari as they try to figure each other out. Rafe is the typical alpha male. The Surrender series initially presents him as a commanding, domineering figure that always gets what he wants.

And while all those descriptions are accurate, it isn’t until the author takes readers into her hero’s point of view that they realize that he is merely a wounded soul trying to avoid heartache.

Ari plays the role of the innocent heroine. She’s strong-willed and determined and she spends the series challenging Rafe. Their relationship doesn’t kick off until Ari learns about Rafe’s true intentions.

Despite the nature of her financial woes, Ari turns Rafe down. She refuses to sell her heart and body for money. And because Rafe is used to getting what he wants, Ari’s refusal throws him off.

He makes it his mission to force Ari to submit to him, and he goes to great lengths to achieve his goal, sometimes using underhanded tactics to twist Ari’s arm.

Ari is often criticized for being a little too whiny. She is described as being strong and independent but many a reader seems to think that she spends too much time crying about her problems.

Some of those readers have been known to criticize Rafe as well, primarily because he isn’t the most likable of heroes, especially in those moments when he uses his money and influence to upend Ari’s life in his efforts to break her will.

Rafe and Ari share the spotlight with Rafe’s sisters who proceed to have their own romances.

+The Author

Melody Anne spent many years writing before her first book was published in 2011. A country girl with a Bachelor’s Degree in business, Melody loves writing stories set in the corporate world. She has made appearances on many bestseller lists.


Rafe had a perfect life. He was rich. His business was thriving and his wife was beautiful. Nothing he touched could fail. But then his wife left him and his heart was shattered.

Ari was just another young college student having the time of her life. But then her mother was involved in an accident that rendered her comatose. Ari is wracked with guilt over the role she played in the incident. She also doesn’t know how she will pay her mother’s medical bills.

Ari jumps at the opportunity to work for Rafe when she sees his Ad in the newspaper. It isn’t until she gets through the interviews that Ari realizes the truth: Rafe wants to hire a mistress.

Ari must decide if she’s willing to sell her heart and body to pay for her mother’s treatment.


When Rafe’s wife broke his heart, he decided to hire a mistress. His intention was to have meaningless sex free of emotions. He never expected to fall in love with Ari.

Ari only answered Rafe’s Ad in the newspaper because her mother was in the hospital and she needed the money. The idea of selling herself to Rafe is abhorrent to Ari. But she also knows that she is falling in love with him.

She has to decide how far she is willing to go with their relationship.

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