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Survivor’s Club Books In Order

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Publication Order of Survivor's Club Books

The Survivor’s Club is a series of books by renowned bestselling author Mary Balogh. It is now composed of a number of books that are sure to take you on a journey of the post Napoleonic war error and the challenges faced by the characters in their new lives. Overall, they are stories of one woman and six men. In one way or another each of these characters is rigorously wounded at some point in the Napoleonic war. They all end up on a road to recovery together at Duke Stanbrook’s home.

We begin the journey with The Proposal; the timeless story of Hugo Emes, Lord Trentham. He takes the exclusive part of the hero in this book having been a po-faced giant of an ex army officer. He has earned this title due to his exceptional courage and bravery in the midst of battle where he almost lost his mind and was scooped back to England in a straitjacket. His well-known reputation gives him a celebrated stature though by birth he is not an aristocrat

As Hugo takes a lone walk, he encounters Gwendoline, Lady Muir who has just twisted her ankle horribly in an attempt to scramble up a cliff. He scoops her up and judging by the severity of her injury invites her to join the Survivor’s club. As the beautiful and enchanting Gwen embarks on her journey to recovery, she and Hugo talk and get to know more about each other. Her past heartaches prove a wall as does her seemingly frivolous and spoilt nature.

As his duty and title pressure his need to wed, and his desire for the anti marriage set Gwendoline peaks the story peaks into imaginatively captivating scenery that will definitely leave you awestruck. Will his desire win the heart of the Lady who has sworn not to marry?

The Suitor whisks us through an enchanting journey marking an e-book survivor book sequence. Released in 2013, it is a historical romance in which Mary Balogh touches the depths of the reader’s soul. It is an e-book telling the story of Julianne Crab, the Duke’s nephew and heir.

Julianne’s journey to retrace his steps and clean up the mess he made two years before earning the scorn of the love of his life Philippa’s parents is captivatingly jaw dropping. He is set to prove his worth against all odds with Philippa’s parents matching her up to Viscount Darleigh, a perfect gentleman they deem worthy of their daughter’s hand even though he is blind.

Will Julianne thwart the plans made for the woman he loves and win her again? Will Philippa eventually yield to marry a man with whom she shares no love? This short story is sure to take you through a whirlwind and keep you interested until the very last word.

If the first two books sated your thirst for a good story, The Arrangement is sure to mesmerize you. It is a story of second chances and redemption. This is the story of Vincent Viscount Darleigh a blind man whose chances at finding true love stand slim due to his handicap. His mother is an ardent match maker which pushes him to flee to a remote village in search of freedom.

Fleeing does nothing and he finds himself trapped once again. The only person who tries to intervene, the quiet Sophia is booted from her guardian’s home. Vincent proposes marriage to solve both their problems and though reluctant at first she agrees to this arrangement.

Walk with Sophia as you find out whether this circumstance driven union stands a chance or is a gateway for collapse. Will the marriage be just an understanding or is there a distance hope for an all consuming love?

From redemption to salvation, hope and longing; this is the transition you will experience when transcending to The Escape. Sir Benedict Harper survives the Napoleonic wars with all the difficulties of war taking their toll on him. All he craves is a healing touch, a new beginning that will aid his spirit, his body.

When a ray of hope comes in the form of a gorgeous woman; Samantha McKay who has seen her own share of utter dejection, suffering, heartbreak and oppression Benedict is cautious. As they partake the journey to seek her refuge and inheritance, both are at a loss. Desire is definitely looming and impending on them, but what do two wounded broken souls have left to offer each other? Embark on this journey and discover if they find their hope in each other’s arms or otherwise.

The concluding book Only Enchanting entails the surprise filled story of Flavian Arnott, Viscount Ponsonby. Distraught by the absconding of his fiancée when he returns home, he is at a loss when the woman returns. Everyone is excited and hopeful to their engagement.

In a frenzied panic, Flavian runs to Agnes Keep a charming but sensible unsuspecting young woman. Having never been in love or thought of being, she is captivated by Flavian’s charisma and agrees to his impulsive marriage proposal because she is head over heels in love with him.

This seemingly perfect plan flops when Agnes finds out that the proposal was only triggered by Flavian’s desire to avenge his past lover. She sets out to flee but Flavian will not have this because he has also unexpectedly fallen passionately in love with her. Embark on this journey to learn more; will the marriage built on revenge work or collapse?

Embark on a story of guilt when you read on Ralph Stockwood in Only a Promise. Ralph is a man living in guilt after becoming the sole survivor of the Napoleonic war having convinced all his friends to join the war. He embarks on a journey to find a wife and an heir.

He meets Chloe Mulrlhead who is resigned to spinsterhood. They make a pact and get married with a promise from Ralph never to take her back to London where she escaped her past. When circumstances change, that promise is challenged? Will it be broken or kept?

The final book Only a Kiss gives you the story of Imogen, Lady Barclay who lives in seclusion in their former home after witnessing the death of her husband during the war. The house has a new owner, Pervical Hayes who has never shown up. he impulsively visits his estates and his passion is awakened by the beautiful widow he encounters there.

Find out more as you go through the pages. Will love be awakened or is it a futile attempt? The Survivor’s Club book series is definitely worth the time.

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