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Publication Order of Bad Boys Western Romance Books

Tempted by Trouble (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Forever Cowboy (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girls' Night Out (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Collared by the Cowboy (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Breaking A Bad Boy (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Too Hot To Handle (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
For a Sexy Christmas (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Rocky Mountain Shifters Books

Collared for a Night (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Susan Arden is a best-selling author who lives just outside Nashville. Early in the mornings she loves writing romance stories while in the company of her three cats. When tired, she loves to attend to the blackberry bushes or a flower herb vegetable garden. Susan also loves word games, inventing new games, cooking and also avoiding housework at all costs. Many at times, Susan writes with her husband, who is an exceedingly successful environmental engineer. Since their daughters are fully grown, Susan and her husband tend to enjoy Australian wine, listen to jazz and also entertain their friends and family members. Susan tends to write exceedingly sexy and sweet romance, which tends to appeal to romance readers throughout the world.

Twice Tempted

Twice Tempted is the first installment in the Bad Boys book series. In this installment, we are introduced to one Rob Graham. His world is currently out of focus. He has spent most of his nights drinking heavily and taking photographs of some of the vacation hotspots. Unknown to him, his life is about to get exceedingly crazier after he is contracted to take pictures of an upcoming VP for a special media blitz interview. Sam, Cynthia Cainwright decide to follow her father’s footsteps and climb up the corporate ladder. These shoes were specifically designed for a son and since she was not one, her father’s company was not interested in her. Instead of following her dreams, she is forced to eventually return at home. Hence, One Wild Night is all she requires. Not a very long time, just have an exceedingly great time.

After completing the photo shoot, Sam convinces Rob to take her far away from the town. Their sudden adventure eventually ends up in a bedroom, where she becomes too irresistible for Rob. Just by testing a bad boy, she ends up on a wildfire, thus making her think about how life would have been if she lived away from corporate America. Recklessly, Sam falls head first into the temptation. However, she falls extremely hard despite the fact that it was only for a night. After 4 years, Rob meets Sam once again. This time he has already found his footing and is not drowning in sorrows as he used to. He is currently taking photo’s of exotic landscapes and also off-beaten paths. Sam decides to tempt fate and discovers that they have a daughter together. He is more than determined to be a part of the daughter’s whether Sam wants to or not.

Now, it is going to take the two lovers to come out clean and admit that their passion and love is exceedingly deep and in turn proving that love normally tastes much sweeter the second time. With that said, this story is full of emotion and also an exceedingly easy and interesting story to read. As the pages turn, the conflicts continue to increase thus leaving you the reader fully drained. All in all, this is a well written, erotic book with a happy ever after and full of romantic scenes making it a worthwhile read.

Tempted By Trouble

This is the second installment in this series and we are introduced to Caroline Rodriguez. She is a veterinarian and is on a mission to run away from South Florida. Since she is willing to do just anything, Rodrigues accepts a job offering in Texas from a family connection over the internet. While attending her cousins wedding, she runs into a handsome Texan. Matt Mclemore is exceedingly handsome and is in need of Caroline’s help to discover why her cattle were dying. Matt decides to introduce Rodriguez as his girlfriend to his family. He also offers her the opportunity to stay and work in his ranch without causing any suspicion among his family. She only agrees to be his girlfriend when she discovers that she could be the only hope to saving the reputation of their family’s cattle.

Matt’s attraction to Carolina Rodriguez is an agonizing temptation, which man at times has proven too volatile to be handled. Matt decides to keep the relationship extremely simple until she eventually arrived at the ranch but she ends up being too hot to be resisted. Carolina Rodriguez is in denial about Matt’s sensuality or on the very least an exceedingly smooth talking bad boy tempted her. When past flame threatens to affect their new romance. Matt must be able to stake a claim for his love for Carolina’s before it becomes too late.

Her Forever Cowboy

Mirrors and smoke. With more than a hundred ranching years on the line, Stephan Mclemore, entered into his career as an engineer. After attaining, power, wealth and prestige he decides to eventually make his move. At that time, Jillian was only 16 years of age a hands-off and a hot mess. 8 years later, Jillian is brought face to face with a boy who had kissed her and then left her. This might not be an issue, since she is currently all grown up and ready to settle the scores. In short they are like gasoline and flint. While handling a family crisis, the two are unable to fight for their desire. From a small flame, their exceedingly intense attraction picks up. The two of them cannot deny that love normally tastes better the second period. However, life decides to make it a little bit difficult for Stephen to achieve his goals.

Hollywood later on approaches Jillian and she is offered the opportunity to be a reality T.V host. However, one should always be careful about what exactly they wish for. There is a private, controlling and secretive side of one of the hardcore Evermore ranching brothers. However, how far is Stephen willing to go? The eventual sacrifice truly cuts deep. Jillian’s great shot at stardom could all be this brothers undoing. An exceedingly raw and second chance passionate love story which looks at the depths of sacrifice, forgiveness, trust and loyalty.

If you are looking for an extremely entertaining romance series then the Bad Boy series might just be what you need. It is a great series that has a good storyline and an exceedingly great character development.

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