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Known for her bestselling fantasy novel, Angelfall, Susan Ee has become a big name in the literature industry. Lawyer turned writer, Susan Ee is the author of the fantasy thriller Penryn and the End of Days trilogy. Apart from that, Susan Ee is also a short story writer with some of them published in publications like Realms of Fantasy and the Dragons and the Stars. She has attended workshops at Stanford, Clarion West, and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. The inspiration to write the series came from Susan Ee’s personal fascination of angels. The modern world’s perception of angels were as guardian angels, however Susan Ee in this book took a step back to the original representation of angels as being destructive. The first two installations of the series, Angelfall and World After, have been translated into more than 20 languages. Film rights to the first installation, Angelfall, have been acquired by Good Universe, Robert Tapert, and Sam Raimi.

The Penryn and the End of Days series was supposedly to be released with five books in it, however it ended as a trilogy. The series depicts Penryn’s story of survival as angels have ruled the modern world. The story developed after Penryn’s sister has been kidnapped. Penryn, therefore, has to do everything even if it meant working with the enemies.

Susan Ee’s first book from the series is Angelfall, which received positive reviews from readers. Entertainment Weekly said that the book was action-packed and genuinely terrifying. Publishers Weekly, meanwhile, was quoted saying that Angelfall came with fresh details and well-developed characters and atmosphere. The author herself was commended for her strong writing skills. Susan Ee has made interesting mixture of characters in the Penryn and the End of Days series.

The book opened with 17-year-old Penryn fleeing Silicon Valley in California to a safer place after the angels’ wrath on Earth caused hostility for the past six weeks. As they were running from the place, Penryn, along with her mother and sister, were stopped when angels landed near them. Penryn’s family hid behind the truck when her sister Paige’s voice caught the attention of the angels. Paige was taken by one of the angels. Penryn tried to stop the angel, but failed to do so.

Before its commercial release, the book, Angelfall, was first self-published by Susan Lee. On August 28, 2012, the book was later published by Amazon Children’s Publishing. It was listed among the top five E-book UK Bestsellers in Amazon. It was also included in the list of finalists in the 2011 Cybils Award under the for Best Fantasy and Fiction Book category. The success of the first book led to its film adaptation. Just three months after its publication, or on November 2012, Good Universe, Robert Tapert, and Sam Raimi acquired multipicture rights of the same.

Angelfall’s breakthrough was followed by the second installation of the book, World After. Many people waited for the release of the second and third book after the terrifying ending Susan Ee gave to Angelfall. In an interview, Susan Ee revealed that the battle scenes involved in the series was a product of her research and mixture of classes like self-defense and sword fighting that the author has attended. World After was released in 2013, while the third book, End of Days, in 2015. Even prior to the publication of the third book, Susan Ee has hinted to its readers that the book will feature more of Penryn and Raffe.

Susan Ee’s trilogy generally features darker scenes. While darkers scenes can be very heavy for the readers, Susan Ee said that they were the easiest to write. She revealed that if there were no compelling reasons for darker scenes, Susan Ee would then drop them off as she prefers to write happier ones. While the series being categorized as fantasy novel, the book incorporated details that would bring the characters into the real world like the location where the story unfolds, which is the Silicon Valley. Penryn was a powerless human being who lives with her schizophrenic mother and 7-year-old wheelchair-bound sister. This part of the story opens the mind of the public and allows themselves to connect and get into the picture. Contrary to the previous characters, the character of Raffe came only from pure fantasy, but a combination of some real-life and some ideal traits. As between the characters, the character of Penryn was the easiest to write since she was open to her thoughts, while Raffe’s was the most difficult, because his character was tough.

Several readers have applauded Susan Ee’s style in writing. When asked about her writing process, the brilliant writer disclosed that she dictates her first draft to keep the story flowing. From her first draft comes a story, which she sends to her beta readers to ask for comments and from there she would revise or repeat her work. She also uses a huge sketchpad when brainstorming. When writing a book, Susan Ee recommended to aspiring authors to work with a character that he or she will like to work with of over a year or several years for series. For her, writing a story you would love to read is likewise important rather than the amount of money you get from it. When you create strong connection with your characters, the more likely your readers will feel the same way. The amount of time you enjoy building your story is just the same as the time you read good books.

Susan Ee is an avid fan of sci-fi, horror and fantasy books with a touch of romance. Among her favorite authors are JK Rowling, Haruki Murakami, George RR Martin, Suzanne Collins, China Mieville, and Stephen King. During her free time, Susan Ee said she love boardgames and movies. During interviews, Susan Ee has been asked about She was involved in DIY filmmaking before she became a novelist. As a filmmaker, Susan Ee made two short films, Tooth Fairy and Psychopath.”

If there’s a piece of advice Susan Ee wants to share to aspiring authors, it is to keep writing and let go of control. She also emphasized the essence of writing for yourself saying that “if you love it, someone else probably will too.”

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