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An American writer of true crime and thriller novels, Susan Fleet is known for ability in getting down to the more grittier aspects of the genre, as she gives the readers what they want. That’s not to say she doesn’t offer substance though, as she provides characters and subjects that ring true, with some big ideas and important themes. It’s this concoction of both style and substance that’s enabled her to become a leading voice within her field, as well as being an accomplished musician too.

Early and Personal Life

Originally a trumpet player, Susan Fleet has always had a strong creative streak, whether applying it to music or literature. This is something that has stayed with her throughout her upbringing, as she has always had a passion for the both of them. Building her repertoire over the years, she’s managed to excel at both, whilst helping others to reach their goals through her extensive teaching and lecturing on the subjects.

Learning the trumpet from the young age of eight, she has always kept up her passion for form, before turning her hand to literature as well. Learning from some of the greats, she gained tutelage from the principal trumpeters Roger Voisin and Armando Ghitalla of the Boston Symphony. It is this dedication and creative passion which has seen her through, as she applies herself to literature with the same focus and drive.

Teaching at Brown, Berklee, Lowell and Wheaton, she tutors students on the art and form of music, as well as teaching a course on female musicians. She also produces material based on these courses as well, such as her popular ‘Women Who Dared: Trailblazing 20th Century Musician!’ eBook. All that along with playing and writing too, with her creative output going consistently strong to this day.

Living in a number of places in the past, Susan Fleet has managed to make a variety of different appearances throughout her career. Being a professional speaker as well as an avid writer and musician is constantly keeping her busy and on the move. As she continues to write, speak and perform it appears that she’s not stopping anytime soon as there’s plenty more planned on the horizon.

Writing Career

Producing her first book in 2008, she arrived onto the fiction scene with her novel Absolution, which was the first in the Frank Renzi series. She has also written a number of true crime books with her popular ‘Dark Deeds’ franchise, a series that also focuses on the criminal element. Not only that, but she has also produced a non-fiction book based on her love of music featuring female musicians throughout the twentieth century.

With a number of different series it’s easy to see why she’s become so prominent so quickly, as she’s applied herself to the form as equally as her original passion for music. Gaining both critical and commercial success, she’s managed to sell bestselling novels, as well as receiving awards for her efforts. Continuing to write she has many more books set to be published in the near future, something which will go on as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Natalie’s Revenge

First published on the 22nd of February in 2012, this was to be the third book tin the Frank Renzi franchise of crime detective novels. Carrying on with Frank as the lead protagonist, it manages to build upon the series, whilst simultaneously developing the characters contained within. Giving him a new case to deal with, it once again manages to capture the gritty sense of realism that Susan Fleet created previously in the past two novels.

Homicide detective Frank Renzi has seen a lot whilst on the job, and it doesn’t get any easier as time goes on with each hard-boiled case taking its toll. This being one of the first three books, it’s set in New Orleans, a city which is almost a character unto itself, as he finds himself dealing with its darkened underbelly. Over the course of the series Susan Fleet takes her readers deep into the mind and life of this detective, giving her audience a strong idea of who he is and what he has to deal with. In this installment the initial set-up takes place during 1988 when the ten year old daughter of a call-girl finds her mother dead, which then traumatizes the girl Natalie for years to come. Moving forwards to 2008 a VIP businessman is found dead and Frank Renzi believes it maybe Natalie seeking revenge for what was done to her mother all those years ago after a fresh spate of murders occur. Is it really Natalie or is it another call girl? Where will the murders stop and can Frank Renzi find out in time before they strike again? What will become of them all as they face Natalie’s revenge?


Following on directly from the last, this was the fourth book in the Frank Renzi series of books as it continued the ever popular franchise. Originally published on the 20th of September, 2013, this carries on with another case for the eponymous detective on the scene. Building once again upon what came previously, it manages once again to do what the last book did and further establish the overall ambiance as a whole.

This particular book looks back at Frank Renzi’s time in the Boston police department before moving on to New Orleans, as it sets up a whole new location. Providing the eponymous detective with a deeper background it works in developing his character giving the reader a clearer sense of where he’s come from and who he is. This goes on for the subsequent novels as well, as it managed to inject a sense of freshness, giving the sense an even greater focus on its chief protagonist. With this novel Frank Renzi finds himself dealing with a serial killer who targets lottery winners, something which threatens the life of Nigel Heath who hopes to be the next Boston Pops conductor. Will he get his wish and get over his gambling addiction? Can Frank Renzi save him and find the killer? Who else is next once they win the jackpot?

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