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About Susan Gloss

An American author, Susan Gloss is a writer who speaks straight from the heart, conveying what it is that she wants to say in a direct and straightforward manner. Understanding the craft of storytelling perfectly, she writes about real people that resonate with her many readers worldwide. This is due to her manner of writing, which utilizes an extremely grounded approach, whilst tackling subject matter that is still larger than life. With real people in unusual situations, she transports her readers with her writing, allowing them to really invest themselves in the action. Over the years of her career she has quickly risen in prominence, fast becoming one of the most sought after voices currently working within the industry to date.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in America, Susan Gloss would harbor a keen interest in literature and writing from a very early age. This would develop throughout the years, as she would continue to build upon this love of writing, all the way in to adulthood. Constantly reading, she would go on to find her voice as a writer, learning her craft along the way, as she would come to put her own experiences in to her work. Over time she would come to be a recognizable voice that was singular, with many looking to see what she had to offer as a writer. Saying exactly what it was that she wanted to say, she wouldn’t compromise for anyone either, learning to articulate herself in a style that was all her.

Studying and graduating from the University of Notre Dame, she would major in Spanish and English there. Following this she would also go on to graduate from the University of Wisconsin Law School too, giving her the background she needed. This would help her to further establish her voice and advance her craft as a writer, becoming the author that she currently is today. Now living with her family in Madison, Wisconsin, she continues to write regularly, putting out work on a regular and consistent basis.

Writing Career

Publishing her first debut novel back in 2014, Susan Gloss would quickly come to be seen as one of the leading voices within her field. Releasing the novel ‘Vintage’ it would tell the story of a small vintage boutique in Madison, Wisconsin, thus drawing from her own experience. Giving the world of the novel a very real and tactile feel to it, she managed to create a story that would go on to resonate with readers worldwide. The characters were also drawn from her own experience too, as they would leap off the page for the readers as fully rounded personalities.

Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, she has become a bestselling author, regularly reaching the top of lists, such as USA Today. A vocal spokesperson for her and her craft too, she is a part of the ‘Tall Poppy Writers’ too; a group that travels worldwide advocating for female authors. Sharing stories and writing, they come together to speak about their craft, imparting ideas and knowledge from their own experiences in the field. This is something that she’ll continue for many years to come yet, as her profile as an author of repute will continue to grow.


First published in 2014 through the ‘William Morris’ publishing house, this would initially come out on the 25th of March to much acclaim. Setting a precedent for much of what was to follow, it would create a style and tone that was very much her own as well. With a self-contained narrative, it would go about setting up something different, whilst also simultaneously being inspired at the same time.

Working as a novel that’s essential a ‘slice-of-life’, it really does what it sets out to do, which is to entertain and enthral the reader. The central character of Violet Turner is someone who finds herself at a crossroads in life, as she makes a series of choices about what it is that she wants. Finding herself in the city of Madison, Gloss brings the character to life as she discovers herself in this new environment, one which Gloss knows extremely well, painting a full and vivid picture of it.

Always dreaming of owning a store like ‘Hourglass Vintage’, Violet Turner seems to have finally made that dream a reality. Each item she sells has its own personal history to it, but it is her own past that she has difficulty facing up to and dealing with, followed by her possibly losing the store. Then there’s April Morgan who is returning her fifties vintage wedding dress following the break-up of her engagement, as she now must deal with her pregnancy alone. Finally there’s Amithi Singh who must contend with the betrayal of her ex-husband, as she goes about selling off all of his old clothes. Will they all be able to come together and help each other through these difficult times? Can they overcome their hardships? What will become of the objects they find vintage?

The Curiosities

Once again released through the William Morris publishing outlet, this would be the following novel published after Vintage. First brought out in 2019 on the 5th of February, this would introduce some new themes and ideas for her as a writer. Providing another slice-of-life style story, she once more brings her unique style of wit and pathos to the table, drawing readers in with her engaging style of storytelling.

With a PhD in Art History, Nell Parker seems to have it all with her loving husband Josh, as they live together in Madison. Recently though she had a miscarriage, leaving them to both try again, as she decides she needs to test herself for fertility. Josh is having second thoughts though, as he believes she must focus elsewhere, as he feels it might never actually happen for them. Looking for jobs, Nell becomes a part of the Mansion Artists’ Colony, as she must look after the art collection that’s been left behind by a recently passed society dame. Will she be able to manage it? Can Nell and Josh overcome their difficulties? What will become of the curiosities?

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