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The Society of S (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Year of Disappearances (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Season of Risks (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Lisa Maria's Guide for the Perplexed (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lisa Maria Takes Off (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

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100% Pure Florida Fiction(2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

Susan Hubbard is an American young adult and literary fiction author from Cape Canaveral Florida. The bestselling author is known for the “Lisa Maria” Series and the critically acclaimed young adult series “Ethical Vampire.” Her first published novel was the satirical novel “Lisa Maria’s Guide for the Perplexed” that she published in 2004. However, she has been writing even before she published her novels and had a short story collection titled “Blue Money” that did very well. The collection was the winner of the best book of prose Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize. She also won the Short Fiction Prize by the Association of Writers and Writing Programs for her short story “Walking on Ice.” Besides writing, she is also an acclaimed editor and alongside Robley Wilson edited the anthology of contemporary stories titled 100% Pure Florida Fiction. Her short fiction has also been featured in a range of journals that include Ploughshares, The Mississippi Review, and TriQuarterly.

Born in New York, Hubbard has received many awards for her writing and teaching over the years. She is a University of Florida Professor Emerita of English. She also got her Distinguished Researcher Award from the College of Arts &Humanities from the same institution. She was at one time the president of the Board of Directors of the AWP has received teaching awards from the South Atlantic Administrators of Departments of English, the University of Central Florida, Cornell; University, and Syracuse University. She has also been a writer resident at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Cill Rilaig, Yaddo, the Djerassi Resident Artists’ Project and the Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts. In the summer of 2016, Hubbard was a visiting artist at the Irish Annaghmakerrig Tyrone Guthrie Centre. The New York native currently resides in Cape Canaveral Florida.

She started out with two critically acclaimed short story collections and two novels in the chick-lit genre before she wrote her blockbuster “The Society of S.” It is a coming to age novel but with the twist that the lead characters are vampires. Susan Hubbard has said that these are not paranormal novels but rather young adult novels that just happen to have vampires. Her inspiration for the novels came from a feeling that American mainstream culture seemed too stagnant and contrived. The vampires who are children of the night and often outsiders to the culture provide a way to get out of the stagnation and introduce something more appealing that the realism present in our society. Hubbard also believed that much of vampire fiction was stagnant and contrived with two-dimensional characters, predictable plots, and a lot of garish sex scenes and gore intended to pander to a certain audience. She set out to write more intelligent stories that had themes beyond good and evil, were less formulaic and used the vampire angle in a more subtle way. As such, her novels have been described as entertaining and intellectually provocative. According to Hubbard, her vampire societies parallel the political and social landscapes of the British and American societies.

“The Society of S” the first novel of the “Ethical Vampire” series introduces Susan Hubbard’s, Ariella Montero. She has just learned that what she had believed about her family for years may just have been a lie and now needs to find her identity and that of her father and mother. Her father had taught her all she needed to know about history, literature, science, and philosophy but nothing about the complexities of the real world. Ari lives in a world where vampires and ghosts live among humans, where Jack Kerouac and Edgar Allan Poe are role models, where the picture changes completely just when you think you solved the puzzle. A murder forces Ari to hit the road to go find her mother that she had never known since she went missing just after she was born. It is a dangerous hunt as she nearly loses her life and in the process loses her father though she finds her mother. Gradually, she learns of the dark secrets that forced the family to live apart and comes to terms with her chances of survival given her nature. The novel is a character-driven mystery that explores stereotypes of academics, homeschooling, FBI agents, vampires and monkeys in a haunting voice that makes its readers think.

Hubbard’s “The Year of Disappearances” continues the story of Ariella Montero the 14-year-old half human half-vampire. She had grown up with her scientist father who had imparted all manner of knowledge to her to make her a critical thinker and well-spoken teenager. She currently lives with her mother in Florida in Homosassa Springs and is trying to find her place in the vampire and human world. She has her vampire heritage which gives her a range of paranormal powers. Some of her powers including becoming invisible hypnotizing subjects and reading minds. Still, Ariella has not been able to crack the skill of forming long-lasting relationships and it seems that she leaves dead bodies everywhere she goes. Her best friend was killed a few months past and Ari is getting over the tragedy and starting over. She has befriended Autumn and Mysty two popular girls in town and things are looking up until one girl disappears. She is forced to go to Georgia and enroll as a student in a small liberal arts college to take off some of the heat. This marks the start of a very interesting journey for the teenager.

In “The Season of Risks,” Ari is forced to deal with herself and the darker sides of vampirism even as the sects in her world make use of new technologies in their fight for power and influence. She wants to grow up but the reality is that is still a teenager though she could pass for a girl in her early twenties. She needs to get old fast since she is in a secret relationship with a third party presidential candidate Neil Cameron who also happens to be a vampire. Cameron is a 31-year-old dating a seventeen-year-old girl. In the human world, Cameron would immediately get his career ruined if word came out that he was dating a girl nearly two decades his junior. Ari does not care about their age difference and believes Cameron is one of the best things that ever happened to her. To protect Cameron and make herself more palatable to the man, she obtains a miracle drug named Septimal that ages a vampire for a set number of years. But then a scandal erupts and things start falling apart for Ari who has to deal with the consequences of her actions. She learns that love needs gentle negotiations between desire and memory.

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