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Susan Hunter Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Susan Hunter Mystery Books

Sunshine Hunter (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Big Apple Hunter (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sin City Hunter (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Big Easy Hunter (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Windy City Hunter (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Maple Leaf Hunter (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Buckeye Hunter (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Susan Hunter Mystery

Susan Hunter Mystery is a series of chick lit mystery novels by Maddie Cochere. Cochere spent half a decade working for a well-known weight loss company and playing racquetball at night. She began her writing career by writing training manuals for both corporate and weight loss firms. Maddie used her experiences in playing racquetball and writing for weight loss industries as an inspiration in creating Susan Hunter, the main character in Susan Hunter Mysteries.
Cochere began her Susan Hunter Mystery in 2012 when Sunshine Hunter was published. The following year, Maddie Cochere published Murder Under Construction the first book in Two Sisters and a Journalist series.

Sunshine Hunter

Maddie Cochere has written a fascinating debut novel in Sunshine Hunter Mystery. The first book introduces the reader to the main character Susan Hunter, a weight loss adviser who spends most of her evenings at the gym.

Susan loves playing racquetball, and she is quite good at it. She is also developing strong feelings for her new catch Mick until she discovered that he is married. Her trip to Florida marks the beginning of a treacherous journey for Susan as she experiences attempts on her life. When Susan and her friend Darby find themselves in danger, she must investigate to stay alive.

Susan has a charming new boyfriend, Mick and two jobs she genuinely loves, and things seem to be going well for her until when she answers the telephone and the person on the other side demands to talk to her husband, Mick. She is heartbroken. In efforts to get over the heartbreak, Susan accepts a request from her next door neighbor to join him on a trip to Florida.

It is in Florida where strange things begin happening, and soon Susan’s life is in danger. She has a suspicion but cannot figure out why the person would want to cause them so much trouble. You will appreciate the fact that Susan chooses to go and do some shopping, buy some new clothes to boost her morale. The story plotline thickens fast, and the thing begins happening fast.

The first in Susan Hunter Mystery is a beautiful read. The main character Susan Hunter is sweet, and the rest of the supporting characters are fun and colorful. At first, the story might seem to be all about how Susan deals with the discovery that her new boyfriend is married, but slowly it becomes clear that she faces trouble wherever she goes. The story is a fun, and light read such that you will find yourself reading through the pages quickly to see if our main character emerges victorious in the end.

Big Apple Hunter

Working as a weight loss advisor for an agency during the day and joining her friends of a racquetball club at night, Susan enjoys her happy life, the fun, and her friends. However, now she is faced with life-changing choices she has to make.

Should she accept a new position offer where she works or should she give in and take her affair with Mick to the next level? When her friend Darby plans on a business trip to New York City, Susan agrees to come along intending to spend the weekend doing some shopping. However, it doesn’t take long before she realizes that she is being stalked in The Big Apple. Does the person stalk her has anything to do with Darby’s new acquaintance?

Soon it becomes a life-death situation when the stalker emerges at Carbide City demanding something that Susan has already lost. Humorous and at times ominous, the second novel in the series is a thrilling and an ideal summer reading.

Sin City Hunter

In the third book in Susan Hunter Mystery series our main character Susan Hunter finds her way in Las Vegas for a week of play and work. However, all the fun turn to terror when what was at first considered a simple magic act goes wrong and Susan witnesses someone getting killed.
Miss Hunter knows the person who committed the murder, and unfortunately for her, the killer already knows that she knows. Susan’s actions in sin city not only put her life at the crosshairs of the killer but that of her boyfriend Mick as well.

A mysterious stalker, a bad boy hockey player, an evil boss, plenty of twist and turns make Sin City Hunter a fast-paced read for easy reading.
Big Easy Hunter

Susan is happy with her life and her new job position at Slimmers Weight Loss. However, the locals of Carbide City are struck by fear when a serial rapist eludes the cops and a thief breaks into one of the Carbide City homes in the middle of the night.

When some of the theft victims point fingers to Susan as the burglar, she is happy to move out of town and attend a wedding with her friend Darby in New Orleans. Aided by a pry dog, Susan without forethought steals something at the scene where the wedding to be held which triggers a series of dangerous events that puts her life in danger.

Windy City Hunter

Its only 14 days before Christmas, Susan and her friend Darby decide to embark on a journey to Chicago to participate in a national cooking competition. Upon arrival in Chicago (in less than an hour to be exact) the two best friends stumble upon a murder scene. The investigator in charge of the investigation is pushed on by a greedy insurance investigator, and soon Susan and her friend find themselves the main suspects in the murder case. To further complicate the matters, Darby’s cooking ingredient is vandalized during the cooking competition and unknown to them; they become friends with a known art forger. With Susan’s boyfriend away, things become desperate for the two best friends in The Windy City.

Maple Leaf Hunter

Susan has finally become an author and written a picture book. She heads off to Toronto intending to meet her editor, publisher and also enjoy a romantic weekend with her boyfriend, Mick.

However, their plans soon change when Mick arranges a meeting with an old friend, the owner of a campground near Ottawa River. Nate, Alex, and Darby don’t want to be left out on this adventure, and soon they all head to Canada. Mysterious folks at Niagara Falls, a man willing to do whatever it take to reclaim something from Alex all make for exciting vacation our main character Susan Hunter will never forget.

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