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Susan Lee is a bestselling young adult romance fiction novelist who has worked all manner of jobs over the years. She has worked everything from network engineer to bartender to HR executive at some of the biggest companies in the world today.
However, she has always known that she was born to be a storyteller and now makes use of her many experiences to pen quirky, lighthearted novels about love and the human condition that are oftentimes hilarious.

In addition to all that, Susan Lee is a PitchWars alum from 2018, a winner of the Golden Heart from the Romance Writers of America, a 2019 and 2020 PitchWars mentor, and an avid K-drama and K-pop fan.

She currently makes her home in Southern California with a pack of three feisty chihuahuas but still fights hard to prevent her inner New Yorker from coming out.

Unlike most authors, Susan Lee never intended to become an author.
She spent a very long career working in corporate America, and writing never came onto her radar for a long time. But as she started to read a lot of fiction during her free time, ideas for stories began swirling in her head.
By 2018, she had completed her first manuscript which got her accepted into the Pitch Wars mentorship program, which is how she got her first agent. Her career has since then taken many turns and twists but all of these have made her into a better writer.
Even when she had not settled on an idea for her novel, she has always known that she would love to pen romance fiction with Korean American leads.

As such, her debut novel “Seoulmates” is a superb exploration of identity and the complex and different way in which the main characters feel connected to their heritage.
The biggest inspiration for this was the fact that Susan was going through an identity crisis while she was in her 40s.

She had grown up feeling embarrassed of her family culture and her heritage and hence her debut is a trip toward honoring, embracing, and loving this part of herself.

As it stands, Susan Lee is now become one of the most promising novelists in the young adult romance fiction space.

Right from when she started, she intended to build a backlist. She intends to build a massive backlist so that at any point in time when someone reads and loves any of her novels, she always has several more titles lined up that they can enjoy.
Since she loves romance fiction in general, she has always had a dream of writing in several of the romance genres.

Nonetheless, she is all about writing the type of novels that she loves to read as she believes that many reluctant readers like her tend to be forgotten by many novelists.
As such, she hopes that her novels will remain accessible to all kinds of reluctant readers across the world.

As for how she spends her day she has said that unlike most novelists, she does not have a typical day.

She does not write in the evenings or the mornings, and sometimes she can spend several days not writing at all, as she will just think about writing.
For the most part, she writes when inspiration strikes and hence she likes to procrastinate and daydream and only write when the time is right.

“Seoulmates” by Susan Lee is a novel that follows the life and times of Hannah Cho. She has meticulously planned out her next year, with a fun senior year with friends and a perfect summer with Nate her boyfriend.
However, Nate leaves her just like everyone who comes into her life, as he claims that they are too different.

Nate and all her friends have developed an obsession with K-dramas and K-pop while she is not. After she spent several years shunning her Korean side and embracing her Americanness, she learns that this is what has come back to bite her in the backside.
Hannah’s former best friend is Jacob Kim and he knows K-dramas so well and has even been starring in one. But he wants to take a break from all the chaos of acting and fame and thinks a trip back home to San Diego might be good for him.
He also thinks that they can at last figure out what went wrong that led to them parting ways the last time around, and try to deal with the new feelings that are developing.

It is an amazing read full of summer vibes, romance, and all things K-drama and K-pop. The novel also makes some important points about society, culture, and identity making for a cute modern friends-to-lovers romance.

Susan Lee’s novel “The Name Drop” is a swoon-worthy, relatable, emotional friends-to-lovers romance fiction work.

Elijah Ri is the son of the man who owns the Haneul Corporation, a massive tech company in New York.

When he arrived in the city for an internship, he expected that being the future CEO, he would get the red carpet treatment, even though he does not want that life for himself, even after his father leaves the scene.
But he finds himself lumped together with a group of underpaid, overworked interns who live in a shoebox apartment. When Jessica Lee arrives in the city, she finds herself at the bottom of the corporate ladder at the Haneul Corporation as an intern.
However, she gets the surprise of her life when management introduces her as the new executive in training intern with all the perks that entails.

It is not long before Jessica and Elijah learn that there has been a mistake in their respective deployments but decide to retain their positions.

Elijah loves that he can spend the summer away from his controlling father, even as Jessica can make the connections she needs when she starts applying for college.
As Jessica and Elijah work together on the charade, they soon develop a spark. But will they be able to avoid total disaster when they are ultimately discovered?

It all makes for a captivating story that will enthrall you from the first page to the last.

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