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Susan Mullen is an upcoming popular novelist from America, who is famous for writing the book called We Are Still Tornadoes. She is interested in writing fiction stories and has read a lot of fiction novels by other authors. Mullen is very excited to write more books in her career. Currently, she is working on the story of her next book. Author Mullen was born as Susan Stevens in Chicago, Illinois, United States. She is married to her beloved husband named Kevin and the two reside in Arlington. The couple has two daughters named Haley and Hannah. The primary profession of author Mullen is in the field of law, and right now she writes only during her spare times. She has a law degree and is associated with the law firm called Reston office of Cooley for practicing law.

After her initial upbringing in Chicago, Mullen shifted to Northern Virginia along with her family when she was studying in the seventh grade. Mullen completed her schooling from the Langley High School and then went on to graduate from the Duke University and the Law School at Virginia University. Author Mullen considers herself an avid reader of fiction stories. She spends a large part of her free time in reading various fiction books. Also, she enjoys spending time with her family and take up long walks with her pet dog named Griffin-the Boxer. Mullen’s interest in fiction began when she was studying English Literature at Duke University. Even though she went for a law degree later, her love for reading did not subside. Mullen is hopeful of making it big on the writing stage in the future. She has known her husband, Kevin, since her school days and the two have been happily married for more than 25 years. For writing her first book, author Mullen collaborated with the renowned novelist Michael Kun. Michael assisted Mullen in moving through the different stages of writing and publishing. He even helped to make the story better and add some of his own inputs into it. After her successful collaboration with Michael Kun, Mullen hopes to work with him for some more novels as well as produce her own independent works.

Being new to the writing world, Mullen is well aware of writer’s block just like many other authors and has own ways of dealing with it. Mullen has a habit of reading fiction before going to bed every night. She believes that it helps her to have a sound sleep. Also, if she even wakes up at night, she tries to remember the story she was reading, which helps her to fall asleep again. Author Mullen followed the same thing when she was writing her debut book. Every night when she used to wake up in the middle of the night, Mullen would start thinking about ways to make her characters look better. And whenever she would get any new ideas while awake at night, she would reach out to her computer and take down a few notes. Also, as the characters in her book, Scott and Cath, are around the same age as her daughters, Mullen would talk to them about the characters. She would observe the reactions of her daughters whenever she narrated the stories of Scott & Cath to them in order to take references and wonder how the teenage readers would react once the book came out. Accordingly, Mullen would make some changes in the story in an attempt to make it look even better. Author Mullen says that Detective Rob Ryan and Cassie Maddox from the book, In the Woods, are her favorite characters. She loves the way their chemistry, mutual understanding, care, and communication are portrayed in the novel by author Tana French. Mullen is a fan of Tana French and refers to her novels for inspiration.

The debut book written by author Susan Mullen by teaming up with Michael Kun is entitled ‘We Are Still Tornadoes’. This young adult, contemporary, romance, and realistic fiction story is set in the summer of the year 1982 and features the central characters in the roles of Scott & Cath. The novel was released in 2016 by the St Martin’s Griffin publication. At the story’s beginning, it is mentioned that Cath and Scott grew up in the same neighborhood and have always been close to each other. They remained best friends for as long as they have known each other. Now, after graduating from high school, Cath goes on to join college. But, Scott remains at home and tries to set up his music band on a bigger stage.

None of them had realized that living separately after the high school is going to be so hard for them. Fortunately for them, Scott & Cath still have the support of each other. They try to survive the heartache through the letters they write to one another. Their letters give them the much required strength and support to move ahead in life and overcome the day to day obstacles of family dramas, annoying roommates, and the struggles of life. While going through the struggles of their separation, the two experience the pressure of working their way out and do something fruitful out of their lives. The separation makes Cath and Scott realize the thing that they have wanted more than ever is the each other’s support and love. A time comes when they start thinking about turning themselves into more than just friends. They realize through their letters that each one of them is equally hungry for the other’s love.

This story makes the readers realize that change is inescapable. It is an integral part of growing up and the friends who help out each other in navigating through the change go on to share strong and unbreakable bonds. The book is filled with a number of music of the eighties. Many readers believe that the introduction of music in the plot helped to give it a stronger atmosphere. The story turns out to be quite sweet and cute in the end. It is a story about family, friendship, and the lengths to which a person can go to get the ones they love and care about back in their lives. Many critics have recommended this book as a must read for the lovers of romance stories. They have appreciated the fact that the story is told through letters shared by the two main characters. It shows the unique style of writing of author Mullen and proves that she has the talent to become a top-ranked author someday. This story is made even more interesting to read with the references given by Mullen to the popular songs released in 1980s.

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