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Susan Walter
Susan Walter spent her younger years working her way up the Hollywood ladder, taking the longest road possible in becoming a filmmaker, which she did after almost two decades working on film sets.

She went to Los Angeles originally, seeking a change of scenery and sunshine and worked in television and film production. Once she realized that it was the writers having all the fun, she transitioned to screenwriting and then directing.

Her movie “All I Wish”, which she wrote and directed, won the WIFTS screenwriting award.

Originally, “All I Wish” was meant to star a 25 year old in the lead role, with Sharon Stone being offered the role of the mom. The project fell apart after the actress hired to play the 25 year old went to do something else. Sharon was the one that came to her, saying she couldn’t get the script out of her mind, but was uninterested in playing the mom and would do it because she liked the script and story. But she had another idea, to age it up and play the 25 year old.

Susan was glad that Sharon had proposed this, despite having resisted at first because she was scared. She believed she was going to have to change a whole lot, like the scene about a woman playing beach volleyball in a bikini. She figured nobody would want to see a fifty year old doing something like that. But Sharon pulled it all off.

The movie got set up, with her just as the writer, but a producer told her not with them as producer, since she is a first time female director. She just accepted it, and wanted to get the movie made with the most money possible. It was kind of a revolving door of actors and directors coming in and out of the project. Four directors came and went.

The fifth, a woman, asked her a bunch of questions during a conversation they had, and Susan did some rewrites, not based off her ideas, but based more on her questions, and she finally took full ownership of it, and the female director did something else. It was then Susan took it on and directed it herself.

When she’s not busy writing, and even when she is, she can be found streaming Red Sox baseball and drinking way too much wicked strong coffee. And she enjoys rock climbing, enjoys skiing.

Susan was given every opportunity to become a concert violinist, but failed. So she went to Harvard University, which she got her AB in government from, which she has thus far failed to put to good use. She was hoping to be a newscaster, however the local TV station didn’t see any natural on-air talent and hired her to produce and write promos instead.

Susan is excited to add debut novelist to an eclectic resume which includes unwatchable TV news reporter, failed concert violinist, and dazed mom to two adolescent girls.

She was groomed to be alone in a room for hours on end after spending her childhood practicing the violin, so writing a novel came rather naturally to her. And her husband is just pleased that she finally found that her laptop is more than only a vehicle to stream Red Sox baseball. As a Boston native, she suppresses her irresistible accent in order to avoid getting the stink eye from sports fans across all of Los Angeles.

Anytime she has issues with writer’s block, she just does some reading, which jump starts her imagination each and every time.

She finds the best part of being a writer is that she’s always got interesting people to talk to that always do just what she tells them to, which is a great antidote to raising teens.

Susan doesn’t always have inspiration to write. So she’ll go for a bike ride or watch some baseball. Not every single day is a writing day. However when the impulse hits her, nobody better try stopping her, because she gets really crabby if she is unable to get the ideas down once they hit.

Her novel “Good As Dead” is about this woman that got trapped in a lie and is unable to get out. Susan believes that this is the worst sort of prison, because it’s from your own making. How often is a lie actually worth it? Does anybody ever escape unscathed? Susan wanted to explore all of these questions, and in her ending you’ll get the answer.

Susan’s debut novel, called “Good as Dead”, was released in the year 2021. Her work is from the mystery genre.

“Good As Dead” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2021. It all begins with a promise from some stranger. We will take care of everything.

Holly Kendrick’s husband has died. Holly saw everything. In a violent instant, one hit-and-run accident turns her life upside down. Then some fixer for the high-powered guilty party approaches her with an offer that she’s not in any position to refuse. Holly and Savannah, her daughter, are going to want for nothing, starting with a luxury dream house. And it’s all for the price of their silence.

However when their sudden appearance in privileged Calabasas, California, piques the neighbors’ curiosity, the cost gets greater than they first imagined. Since Savannah and Holly are not the only ones in this neighborhood with something to hide.

Told from alternating perspectives, this novel draws together one unlikely group of people linked to each other by one crime, a cover-up, and all the compounding deceptions. While their carefully constructed lives start crumbling, just how far is everybody going to be willing to go and bury the truth and keep those they love safe?

This novel had readers holding their breath through each thrilling twist and turn until the explosive ending. She fearlessly tackles themes of wealth, love, personal responsibility, and life and death, and is just a pleasure to read, not to mention a brilliant debut novel. From the daringly original premise to its shocking climax, you will never see these plot twists coming until you turn the page.

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