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Publication Order of Susan Wren / Kansas Cozy Mysteries Books

The Winter Widow (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Consider the Crows / A Lesson in Murder (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Family Practice (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Take Two (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Cold Christmas (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Up in Smoke (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Edge of Midnight (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Edge of Midnight is an amazing series that portrays Susan Wren as a tough Police chief. She has great capabilities and command of the proceedings and seems to be in control of the station. The current crime in question is the crime that is directly linked to Cary Black who was battered and flees from California to Hampstead to run away from her husband. Cary’s contact based in Kansas, Oliver, vanishes mysteriously and she assumes her identity for a short while. Cary hears of her friend’s murder and gets paranoid that her husband would find her though her friend also had enemies of her own. Susan is a very smart cop and links the murder of Oliver to the murder of Lily Farmer that had occurred a few years back. Access the book to unravel the twists and turns of this thrilling story of a super woman trying to solve complicated cases in extraordinary ways. This is basically the plot of the Edge of Midnight.

Susan Wren is a good cop and a true enforcer of truth and justice. She has a lot commitment and determination that seems to be the driving force behind her successes in the job. You will meet this smart cop who seems to be a workaholic. This shown by the way her earache and headache are said to be due to stress probably from the job. The author has coincidentally made the crimes to be against women and Susan Wren, a female police officer behind the cases and this could explain why she is so determined. Susan has the ability to make tough decisions and stands by them no matter how controversial they may seem. The chief cop is as uncompromising as she can be but this is quite a wonderful character from a police boss. This is seen when she fired Ida a fellow woman who seems to be a top police officer in the making for ignoring a senior’s orders and this quite unforgivable.

Fairness and justice are also key attributed that Susan Wren has. She is not gender biased and her quest for justice also portrays her as a just woman. We would expect her to reprimand Demarco for his attitude against women in law enforcement but instead did the right thing and sacked Ida for her hideous act. Well it seems we need more of Susan Wren like police in the society to tackle the racial discrimination in the war against crime that is displayed in many countries.

Her judgment calls are always on point and portrays a clear picture of intelligence. The way she tackles crime and creates links that seem so hidden in the story line is very fascinating. She is very confident and never seems to be wrong. This can be a good thing and a bad thing but it has worked out well for her in the series. Susan tackles her cases and tries to solve the puzzles on her own without fear of contradiction. You may be tempted to call her a feminist but this is not true as she handles the station properly without confrontations with men such as Demarco. Her social life has been deemed due to the loss of her husband of four weeks and seems to have forgotten that aspect of life. She has undergone hardships and this could be her strength. She is married to the job and tries hard to solve the most difficult crimes.

Susan is a super cop with a passion for justice and the way she unravels various crimes and solve her problems shows her clear sense of judgment and her professionalism in the job. Well I don’t think there would be a better police chief than Susan Wren.

Susan Wren is the character in the books Up in Smoke and Murder Take Two. The book Up in Smoke is about Governor Jack Barret who wants to run for president and has just returned to Hampstead to kick start his campaigns. It has its twists and turns with various people interacting with the governor. A woman is murdered and the police have to unravel this mystery. This book has a lot of connections between various people and Susan Wren is here again to solve the puzzle of Wakely Fromm’s murder. She is portrayed as a no nonsense police chief with a strong quest for justice. Her troubles are highlighted to shows her hardships. She has the dilemma of whether to stay in Hampstead or move to San Francisco but is very committed to her job. This is very consistent across the series of books.

The book: Murder Take Two is also interesting. This is about the presence of a movie crew in Susan Wren’s small town which translates into the death of one of the stunts woman. The death should be an accident but there are various twists in there that question this possibility and Susan is more than determined to solve it. She faces a shortcoming of having to rely on a less trained police but she does extremely well in unraveling the mysteries. Here, she is still new from San Francisco but the way she handles proceedings is fascinating.

The earlier books in the series help to develop the character of Susan and show the hardships that she has gone through in her career. The loss of her husband and arriving in Hampstead during hard overwhelming times for the police display her endurance and love for the job. She is quite unselfish and prefers to stay in Hampstead and solve the cases rather than going back to San Francisco. The author could not have developed a better character than this. The crimes surprisingly happen to women and a woman would be best fitted for the police job. Men are also given huge roles though with some shortcomings. Demarco is a male chauvinist while the other male cop is weak and commands no respect. Susan Wren therefore becomes the main character in the book and a true custodian of truth and justice. We look forward for more action from Susan Wren.

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