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When It Happens (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Take Me There (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Waiting for You (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Something Like Fate (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
So Much Closer (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Keep Holding On (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
All I Need (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Now and Forever (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Susane Colasanti is a bestselling novelist from New York, US, who is known to write realistic, romantic, contemporary teen, and young adult novels. She started writing full time in 2007 and before that she was working as a science teacher in a high school for a period of 10 years. Author Colasanti was born on May 1, 1973, in New Jersey. She spent most of her initial growing up in Peapak-Gladstone, which is a rural area famous for its large acres of wood. Being a teenage girl from New Jersey, Colasanti used to think that her real home was on the other of the border in New York City. She shifted to Manhattan in 1996 in order to join grad school at the University of New York. Since then, she has lived in the City. Later, author Colasanti went on to earn her bachelor’s degree from the Pennsylvania University in the subject of Astrophysics & Space Science. She also obtained a psychology minor. Following this, she obtained her master’s degree in Science Education from the New York University. Right after that, Colasanti began teaching physics, meteorology, and earth science to high school students in South Bronx and Manhattan. Finally, after 10 years of teaching experience, author Colasanti decided to give a try in pursuing her dream of becoming a writer. And then soon after, she began writing full time. While working as a teacher in high schools, Colasanti used to break the tradition very often and used to follow her personal creative approach. Her approach used to work wonders for her and her students.

Some of her personal approaches include preparing materials apart from the textbooks, indulging in lessons after school, and designing science labs in unconventional ways. Her efforts used to bear excellent fruits as Colasanti’s students used to sail out with one hundred percent results in their exams. On the other hand, before she took up teaching, only around 40 percent students used to pass in exams. What’s more important is that Colasanti’s approach brought very good results for a school located in a poor congressional district of New York. Author Colasanti says that she has always felt the idea of giving back to the society very strongly. She has a strong belief in karma. One of her other beliefs is that if you give out positive energy to the world, you end making a creation of positive energy in the same manner in your personal life as well. Author Colasanti is of the opinion that teachers play an important role in the students’ lives at school. It is her devotion and commitment towards her work, and her undying support for the students during their school lives that helps them become better persons in the future. With respect to Colasanti’s hard work and dedication at the time of her teaching career, some of the former colleagues and students have labeled her as another example of real life Louanne Johnson, which is the character played by Michelle Pfeiffer in the famous Hollywood film Dangerous Mind. As of today, author Colasanti works and resides in New York. Colasanti was influenced to take up writing as a career after getting inspired from the popular works of prominent personalities like S.E. Hinton, Sandra Scoppettone, and Louise Fitzhugh. In her career, she has written a few standalone books and a novel series called City Love.

The City Love series written by Susane Colasanti is comprised of 3 books in total, which were released between the years 2015 and 2017. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘City Love’. It was released by the Katherine Tegen publication in 2015. Author Colasanti has introduced the central characters in this story as Sadie, Rosanna, and Darcy. At the start of the story, it is depicted that the three friends live in New York City together before the start of their freshman year. Citing no rules in life and no parents to watch over them, the three girls look to explore the entire city. The hope to have the best summer of all time. Sadie is from New York. Her character is like a girl full of romance, hope, and eternal optimism. She is in search of her soul partner. Later, she comes across a charming boy, who is funny, quirky, and cute. The two share a great chemistry between them, which makes Sadie think that she has found her dream man. Darcy is from Southern California. She likes to live freely and has unlimited financial support from her parents. Darcy sometimes shows a rebellious side of her nature. She has come to the city to enjoy great adventures. Especially the ones which involve boys. But, she does not want to indulge in a serious relationship. On the other hand, Rosanna has arrived from Chicago and looks to reinvent herself by putting her past behind. But, she is low on resources. So, she befriends a boy who shows the glamorous side of New York to Rosanna. Author Colasanti has told the story in alternating viewpoint by capturing the moments from the life of each girl when everything seems amazing, terrifying, and thrilling. The girls think that they are not going to get such an opportunity in lives again and therefore, they look to make the most out of it.

Another exciting novel written in the series is called ‘Lost in Love’. Once again, Katherine Tegen publishers released the book in 2016. In this book, author Colasanti has shared the story of 3 girls, Darcy, Rosanna, and Sadie, who share an apartment in Manhattan prior to the start of their college after the summer holidays. Through this story, author Colasanti has tried to capture the essence of self discovery, sisterhood, and summer love. These elements seem to be perfect for all the fans of Jenny Han, Jennifer E. Smith, and Sarah Dessen. At the beginning of the book, it is shown that Sadie used to think of Austin as her soul mate. But, when she discovers his dirty secrets, she begins to wonder whether she even knew him in the first place. Darcy was like an adventurous girl, who wanted to be in the company of boys. She did not want to have any strings attached. However, when her former boyfriend visits the City to have her back in his life, things begin to change in Darcy’s life rapidly. Also, Rosanna is seen getting serious with her new boyfriend, but she finds it very difficult to let go her past and allow him in her life. It appears that their lives are going to change forever this summer. Once again, Colasanti’s story weaves a tale about first heartbreak, first love, and the things between them.

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