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Susanna Bailey
Susanna Bailey grew up in Northern England, close to silvery, long beaches and purple moorland.

Her earliest friends were books, and has had her nose in a book since she was just four years old. They’ve always been a place to escape, to be entertained, or to learn some things. And also a place where, as quite an uncertain and shy kid, she could feel less alone. She must have a book on the go, even now, or she’ll feel rather lost.

When she started out, Susanna was looking to see if she could write a story which would make readers feel like she did about her favorite childhood reads.

Reading fills her head with images and words so that there’s a sort of store there that she is able to use in her own writing. Every time she reads a book which takes her someplace special, helps her understand something important, or introduces her to a fantastic character, it reminds her of the magic of books, and helps her push through some of the hard work that is necessary to create one.

She learned the joy of ‘making things’ from her wonderfully creative mom, who was a great weaver of stories. She drew fabulous pictures that illustrated her ideas, and encouraged Sue to do the same. Sue, while she was small, often made stories up and brought them to life, with paper people on cardboard theater stages.

Sue has seen just how helpful stories, and animals, can really be when children (and adults) are afraid, confused, or sad. She has learned all about the healing power of nature: green spaces, wild, and the quiet. Susanna decided to see if she’d be able to write about such things, and went to university so she could study creative writing.

Susanna divides her time between freelance social work, writing, and lecturing in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, where she also studied.

She wrote “Snow Foal” during her time at the same university where she drew a lot of inspiration from her tutor, the award-winning David Almond.

In the year 2016, she was awarded the Bath Spa University Undergraduate Prize for Writing for Young People. The next year, she graduated, with distinction, from Bath Spa’s wonderful MA Writing for Young People. Her MA Novel, “Snow Foal”, got shortlisted for the 2017 Joan Aiken Future Classics Prize, and given an ‘honorary mention’ in the United Agents/Bath Spa University Prize for that same year.

“Snow Foal” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2019. When Addie, age eleven, goes to stay with a foster-care family on this remote Exmoor farm during a very cold winter, she is filled with anger, hurt, and a deep mistrust of everybody around her. Until one day, when she rescues a tiny wild foal from the moorland snow and Addie learns that she she is possibly not so alone after all.

And while unexpected friendship and adventure blossom, Addie’s determined that each of them will know what it is to be back home again very soon.

This book shines out with understanding and compassion for the kids at its heart. This is such a touching and tender story. Sue’s writing is beautifully and delicately understated. Susanna’s is a mesmerizing new voice in a story about a girl that deserves to be heard. Fans of the book found this to be a lyrical and tender story for a cold winter’s night which will warm the heart and lift the spirits.

“Otters’ Moon” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2020. Luke hates his life. Mum has insisted they spend their vacation on a remote Scottish island while his dad is busy with his shiny replacement family.

But then Luke meets Meg, who lives with her grandpa in this boarded-up boat house on the beach. And when they rescue an otter pup together that they name Willow, a chink of light shows up in Luke’s lonely and dark days.

However there is danger lurking behind the beauty in Puffin Bay, and before long Luke has to depend on Willow for his very own survival.

The book has such a sad tone at the beginning, but soon becomes a story about healing, friendship, and hope. Fans of the book enjoyed the way that this explores the breaks in family life and about finding friendship when you hit your lowest points and how you can build all of it back up together. Readers like the way that the relationships bloom between each of the characters and how they start opening up to one another about their lives and their struggles.

“Raven Winter” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2022. Ever since Billie’s nature loving and kind father went to prison, her life’s gone and lost all of its shine. And now, Mum’s new boyfriend has moved in and home is filled with these sharp-glass silences. She has never felt more alone.

Until this one day when she finds an injured raven and in nursing him back to health, Billie finds hope, friendship, and a letter which may bring her a step closer to reuniting with her Dad.

This is the story of family, friendship, and the belief in a very special relationship with a young raven which is set against the wintery and beautiful backdrop of the Yorkshire Dales.

The connection between humans and animals in Susanna’s work is just so wonderful and the care, tenderness, trust, and understanding that gets built. This is another emotional and heartfelt read from an outstanding author. This is a lovely, lyrical middle contemporary, just like her first two books. Readers loved how much hope and the slice of happiness that Bird brought into her life, and Nell was such a good friend to Billie, as well, especially given their slightly rocky start, and her gran is a wonderful character as well.

The writing style is just as beautiful as one might come to expect from Susanna, if they’ve read her other books.

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