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Lovely, Dark, and Deep (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly, Calm, and Cold (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Wild Man's Curse (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Diamond (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Susannah Sandlin is a book series writer from Winfield Alabama. She has already written ten books and is set to release her eleventh, the third book in the “Wilds of the Bayou” series, this October. She writes either by the name Susannah Sandlin or Suzanne Johnson and has been writing for over six years. She has received over six awards for her writing, including the 2015 Bestsellers Award for Romantic Suspense. She has lived in New Orleans for a long time and likes to use these settings for environments in her writing. Susannah Sandlin has also been an active journalist throughout her career and is currently still an editor for the quarterly magazine for Auburn University of Alabama. She has also received a number of awards for her works as a journalist, editing, in addition to participation in higher education.

This author is famous for her paranormal and romantic writing style that was most seen in the “Penton Legacy Series”. This is a four book series that revolves around a vampire community in Susannah Sandlin’s home state of Alabama. The main character, Aiden, is a vampire from the 17th century who is trying his best to find a way to coexists with human beings peacefully. He has even created a community that is home to humans who are willing help the vampires feed and survive. Unfortunately, there is an outbreak of a viruses that makes human blood toxic to the vampires. In the second and third books of the series, a war begins to break out in different parts of the vampire community. The vampires are forced to choose a side that they support and Susannah Sandlin creates a dynamic and diverse world that truly captures her reader’s attention. This is the series that has probably received the most amount of attention and praise. This story spans over four books and takes the reader on a long journey with characters that develop throughout the entire series. This is a wonderful example of how Susannah integrates romance and suspense together into an intense read.

Susannah Sandlin has also written two stand-alone novels that have gotten a great response from her readers. The book “Storm Force” is a spinoff of the Penton Legacy Series and focuses on a counter-terrorism enforcement officer. He is thrown into a struggle against the more than human characters in the story and has to find a way to save the human race from destruction. This is a great addition to the Penton Legacy series that fans really enjoyed. For those who did not want the story to be over there is more that “Storm Force” can offer.
The other stand-alone novel Susannah has written is “Chenoire”. This book is also based in Susannah’s current residence, New Orleans, and deals with a twin sister uncovering her family secrets with the aid of Zack. The male lead who helps Faith, the female lead develops throughout the story that she made.

The Wilds of the Bayou series is the latest that Susannah has written. The series is two books in and has another releasing this October. This story sticks with the usual setting of New Orleans and is a murder mystery with a romantic twist. After a man discovers a murder at a local cabin he leaves the investigation to the local authorities, however, after they begin to receive deadly threats he becomes more involved in the case himself. In the second part of the series, Black Diamond, Jena Sinclair is a wildlife enforcement agent who is beginning to see that more and more death is happening in the bayou. She sets out on a mission to find out what and who is the cause of this. The third book in October should be a great addition to the series and take the story further into suspense and drama.

For those readers who are looking for a little bit of everything in the stories that they ready, Susannah Sandlin is a great choice for you. She has a great way of incorporating a great deal of elements in her stories to make a diverse and enjoyable read. There is a something for everyone in these stories and plenty of suspense for adrenaline junkies. There is a lot of suspense in Susannah’s stories that make for interesting and complicated characters you grow to love. Murder and action are also extremely important elements that this author places inside her writing. You will not be bored waiting for something to happen when reading one of these series and you will really be able to get inside of the character’s minds.
Romance is an incredibly important factor in Sandlin’s stories and really helps to bring all of these elements together. She typically tends to tackle some interesting relationship scenarios in her stories such as a woman who is inside of a marriage she no longer loves and the introduction of a man who sets her heart on fire. There is usually an element of romance in all of her stories that do not overwhelm as well as take over the entire story as this was her favourite .

Paranormal elements found in a great deal of Susannah early works. Both stand-alone novels have paranormal aspects in them and there are two series that deal with this element as well. The Penton Legacy series is filled entirely with paranormal themes throughout the entire series. There are vampires and other worldly creatures inside of these stories and are a perfect choice for someone who is interested in these themes. Susannah Sandlin has been writing for quite a while and has received a large amount of acclaim for her works. If you are someone who wants to get into a series, loves romance, suspense, and paranormal, supernatural themes this would be an excellent writer for you to get into. The latest series deals with less paranormal aspects but is still packed full of suspense, romance and action. There is a reason this writer has been on the best sellers list and received over six awards for her series which she has been making.

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