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About Susie Dumond

The American author Susie Dumond is a well-regarded talent who has fast risen in prominence as a writer with something different to say. Making her mark on the literary industry, she’s pushed boundaries with her work, saying something fresh and unique in the process. Reaching readers from around the world, she’s taken her work in both new and interesting directions, really making a strong name for herself in the process. Establishing herself as an author with her own unique voice, she sets herself apart from other writers currently working within her field.

Knowing her audience well at this point, Dumond makes sure to ensure her work is accessible to all while saying just what it is she wants to say. Initially writing for outlets such as ‘Book Riot’ online, she made a name for herself with her witty and incisive literary commentary. She’s a hugely gifted writer, with her idiosyncratic approach that immerses her readers in her work, allowing them to explore her worlds for themselves essentially. This success has made her a household name for many, reaching readers far and wide, which is primarily due to the universality of her work and style.

Creating characters that really do stand out from the page, her work resonates on a personal level, as Dumond offers a sense of authenticity. Allowing them to come alive for the reader essentially, they really do make a mark, ensuring people return for more time and time again. Her protagonists feel like their own people with their own voices as they speak to readers in a direct and straightforward manner. From this, she has ensured her success, with her work and writing becoming universal for all, making an impression with readers far and wide.

Largely focusing on LGBTQ issues, she provides an insight that’s otherwise not often represented in modern contemporary fiction. It’s a testament to her success as a writer that she’s made her fiction appealing to so large and wide a crowd worldwide. Setting the tone of much of what’s to come, it’s clear that she’s not going to be finishing her writing any time soon, as there’s lots more planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Interested in reading and writing from an early age, Susie Dumond would focus on literature, developing her passion for the craft. Growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas, she would nurture her talent, finding exactly what it was that she wanted to say. Creating her own tone and style, she would discover her own niche, which would, in turn, find its own audience as time went on. Romance and rom-coms would be what she largely focused on, as she came to find a global audience of readers worldwide.

Attending the University of Tulsa she’d gain a Bachelor of Arts, along graduating from George Washington University gaining a Master of Arts. Drawing many of her inspirations from her own life, she would take contemporary themes and ideas, and put it all back into her work. This approach would give it a greater degree of authenticity, as she’d come to say something different, while always looking for her next big idea. Currently living in Washington DC, she continues to write on a regular and consistent basis, with plenty more to follow.

Writing Career

Starting her literary career in 2022, Susie Dumond would make her debut with the fictional novel ‘Queerly Beloved.’ Published to a great deal of acclaim, her rom-com would fast reach a wide audience, gaining her a massive following of readers. It’s engaging tone would appeal to readers far and wide, with its LGBTQ themes resonating with many, along with its accessible and easy-to-read style. Entertaining readers with her engaging and compelling approach to writing, it was appreciated by readers and critics alike.

Prior to becoming a fiction writer, she would make a name for herself online, writing reviews and news for the Book Riot site online. Writing horoscopes as well, her work would reach a mass-audience, as she would come to refine her overall tone. Many of her stories and fiction would look at LGBTQ issues, showing her own unique perspective and insight. Maintaining a presence both offline and on, she continues to grow her readership day-by-day, as her writing career continues upwards and onwards.

Queerly Beloved

Originally released through the ‘Dial Press’ publishing imprint, this would first come out on the 3rd of May in 2022. Introducing Susie Dumond as a novelist for the first time, it would be a stand-alone rom-com with a self contained narrative, not being a part of any series. Easy to pick up, yet harder to put down, it would prove to be hugely successful, making her name with its compelling premise and characters.

Set during the mid-2010s, Amy works in a Christian bakery in Oklahoma, as she’s spent a large portion of her life putting the needs of others before her own. As a semi-closeted gay woman, she’s one day fired from her job, leading to her finding a full-time role of paid bridesmaid attending to the weddings of others. Dealing with dresses and weddings, she soon meets Charlie, an attractive engineer who’s just moved in to Tulsa, as she finds the two of them have chemistry. Has she finally found her perfect partner, can the two of them end up together, and what will happen to them both in this literary debut rom-com ‘Queerly Beloved?’

The story itself is engaging, with a fun and entertaining tone throughout, keeping readers constantly glued to the page. There are also plenty of interesting themes and ideas as well, giving it a compelling narrative which provides lots to think about with it. Gripping readers, the story really delivers on multiple different levels, bringing the world to life on the page and immersing the audience.

With its leading protagonist of Amy as well, it resonates with readers, as she provides a strong central character. Rooting for her and her relationship, Dumond makes sure she feels wholly real and authentic on the page for the reader. Setting the tone of what’s to come, this debut has lots to offer and is definitely a must for fans of the rom-com genre.

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