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On Grace (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Balance Project (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Subway Girls (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
We Came Here to Shine (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anna Bright Is Hiding Something (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Susie Orman Schnall is an American author of fiction. She specializes in novels that could fall into the genres of romantic or historical fiction as well as women’s fiction! She grew up in Los Angeles, California, and currently resides in Purchase, New York, along with her husband and their three children.

She attended the University of Pennsylvania and graduated and has been writing for a variety of publications ever since. Her writing has been featured in such esteemed publications, sites, and magazines such as The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Glamour, Writer’s Digest, and Popsugar.

In her spare time, she likes to do hold speaking engagements where she talks about the work and life balance. Susie Orman Schnall also founded the interview series The Balance Project in 2014. The series focuses on that balance and how to do it all and ended up inspiring her second novel.

Schnall first became a published author with the release of her debut novel in 2013. The novel is titled On Grace. Susie kept the momentum going and released her second full length fictional novel in 2015. As referenced before, it is titled The Balance Project. Her third book is titled The Subway Girls and was released in 2018.

On Grace is her debut novel. Schnall comments that the novel is an exploration of the process of turning forty. The main character in this story is a woman named Grace May. She is about to hit a new milestone in her life. Grace is turning forty years old in just a couple of months, and it appears that this is going to be not only a milestone but possibly the marking of a whole new chapter in her life.

Grace May is a mother and now her boys are finally both enrolled in school, so she has a little more free time and independence coming into her life. She doesn’t have to take care of them as much as when they were babies or toddlers, that’s for sure. While most women might not be excited about turning forty, Grace actually is looking forward to it.

After all, a lot of things are going great in her life. She even has a new writing job that she really likes. Stimulating new employment status aside, Grace May has a chance to put aside what she thinks she knows about herself and try to rediscover herself. She has been identifying as a wife and mother for such a long time that she cannot wait to find that intelligent and creative woman that’s hidden within.

But things suddenly take a turn for the worse when Grace unexpectedly loses her writing job. When that loss is followed up by some shocking news, suddenly everything that she thought was permanent seems very unstable. Now she is facing losing so much more than she ever thought possible. Grace could end up losing not only her husband, but her best friend and ultimately the sense of who she is in this world.

By the time that her fortieth party arrives, Grace will find that nothing is as certain as she thought it was. However, in the end, she may just realize what is most important in life and to her. Through laughter and tears, Grace truly lives up to her name and might just get everything out of turning 40 that she ever wanted– and more!

Will Grace May be able to save her relationships and salvage her life? You must check out On Grace by dynamic writer Susie Orman Schnall in order to check out all of the ups and downs for yourself!

The Balance Project is the second novel from author Susie Orman Schnall. This novel was inspired by the author’s interview series that would talk about how women and men can balance having a successful work life and a fulfilling personal life too.

The main character in this story is a woman named Katherine Whitney. To outside eyes, Katherine would appear to have it all. She has a life that anyone would be envious of. She is married to a great husband and they have two daughters together. Not just a wife and mother, she happens to have a successful career as well.

Whitney is the COO of a successful company. Green Goddess & Co. is a lifestyle and health and wellness company that is worth several billion dollars. Now Katherine has added to that with the release of her advice book that covers everything when it comes to work and life balance. She’s fairly well known and is not only loved by the media but a role model to working moms across the nation and even the world.

Katherine seems like the very epitome of success. She’s the first person to advocate for doing it all and being able to have it all, especially for women and working moms. Secretly, though, her personal life is starting to show cracks. Cracks turn into craters, and without the help of her assistant, Katherine wouldn’t know what to do.

Her assistant Lucy is the glue holding her life together, but how long can that last? Katherine knows that her loyal assistant is her greatest ally. But will she take Lucy Cooper’s good work ethic and dedication for granted? When Katherine does something to Lucy, the assistant is faced with a crossroads. She has been her boss’s champion for so long, and now things are contentious.

Lucy must choose whether she will continue to champion her boss or choose to do something that could alter Katherine’s life forever– along with her own. What will Katherine and ultimately Lucy choose to do? You will have to pick up this interesting story of a successful COO and the people that we rely on to help us keep our personal and professional lives together.

Most women will probably be able to relate to either Lucy or Katherine. A story of choices and loyalty and most of all balance, check out The Balance Project by acclaimed author Susie Orman Schnall to read all about it and find out what happens in the end.

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