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Publication Order of DS Manon Bradshaw Books

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Susie Steiner was a former Guardian Journalist, who had written four novels.

Susie sadly passed away on July 2nd, 2022 due to a brain tumour.

She first started out as a News reporter on one of the local newspapers, before moving to the Daily Telegraph. She, later on, began working for the Times, a period in which she was featured in the Guardian as well. Susie Steiner finally joined the Guardian Staff in the year 2001, where she worked as a commissioning editor for the paper for more than 11 years. Her very first novel, Homecoming, was published in the year, 2013 by Faber and Faber. Described as truly extraordinary, by the Observer, this novel tells a story about a Yorkshire farming family and specifically about the struggles of a particular son who chose to separate from their parents so that they could become their people.

The second novel is titled Missing, and it tells the story of an exceedingly high-profile missing investigation team which is led by DS Manon Bradshaw.

Best Susie Steiner Books

One of the best performing books by the author is Missing Presumed, which is the first book in the DS Manon Bradshaw book series. This book begins as Edith Hind; a twenty-four-year-old Cambridge student is missing. Edith is the daughter to SAIR Ian Hind, an exceedingly distinguished doctor who serves the Royal family. Upon arriving home her boyfriend had found the front door open, and there were clear signs of apparent struggles such as blood, broken glass and coats which were in disarray. Helena, her best friend who had assisted Edith to get home after a drinking escapade, lastly saw Edith. DS Manon is handed this case. She is the leader of the team that works on this case, and on her team is her partner Davy. Manon is a 39-year-old lady, who is exceedingly deep in the internet dating game and apparently, she is currently falling on the desperate side.

The series of investigations holds a great amount of pressure on DS Manon, together with her colleague. As the pressure mounts, the media and the prominent family closely monitor the two. For Manon, this could end up being the case that made her career. There are numerous secrets, red herrings, twists, and lies. The only thing is that if you are expecting fully blown mystery case, then you should understand that this is one of those character-driven stories. It also ends up being a character study instead of a mystery novel. Nonetheless, it is still a fantastic read.

This novel, interchanges between numerous perspectives such as Davy, Manon’s character, Miriam, Davy’s mother, Helena, Edith’s friend and Manon. Despite the fact that the novel maintains a third person perspective throughout the novel, it has played a key role in adding enlightenment on each person who was involved in this case. The characters in this novel are not only well developed, but they are also excellent. Person’s Unknown is the second book in the DS Manon book series. In this book, the protagonist DS Manon is 42 years and this time around pregnant. She has currently relocated to Cambridge to London so that she could be able to give her adopted son greater chance of succeeding.

In London, Manon feared that her adopted son was cavorting with a bad crowd and due to his brother’s death and the addiction history of his mother; Manon was more than eager to assist him, where she could. However, the move was something that Fly did not want. He was being bullied while at school which is almost lily white and he also feels out of place in Cambridgeshire. Furthermore, Manon is also expecting another child; thus he believed that Manon would no longer be interested in him. Fly and Manon reside with Ellie, Manon’s sister together with her son, Ellie. However, it was not long before Fly was arrested as the key suspect in a knifing incidence which claimed the life of Solly’s father and Ellie’s ex. Fly is unmoored and decides to lash out at Manon since he feels that she is the main reason why he is in all these predicaments.

Homecoming is also another excellent read by Susan Steiner. In this book, Susan Steiner introduces the reader to Joe Hartle, a man who possess a reasonably sized flock and also an exceedingly large debt that had accrued from tending to 300 acres of land of land that he had rented from the water board. Joe Hartle is married to Anne, who holds the strings to the purse and constantly makes trips to the accountant. The accountant’s best advice is to sell up, though the Hartles have worked on the piece of land for so many years, and Joe Hartle intends to ensure that the family tradition continues. One of the main challenges that Joe Hartle experiences are the fact that his son, Max is an alcoholic and is more than content to use the money from the pockets of his family.

The author structures the novel over the course of a farming year, which happens to be the worst ever to be recorded. From the look of things, a single misfortune which could befall the family has already come to pass, from an outhouse that went up in flames to a toxoplasmosis outbreak. The only one spark of hope that the family had was the child that Max’s wife was expecting. However, she had a miscarriage. However, none of these incidences could be able to destroy Joe’s faith and the dignity he had in his vocation. With that being said, it is exceedingly clear to see that Homecoming has been deeply researched. The author clearly understands the dwindling market value of the store limbs. Furthermore, she also understands the motivation schemes of fuel crops.

The author has in some way compared the art of writing to that of knitting. This in turn, truly explains why the book felt a little bit cozy. However, this is a narrative which works exceedingly hard to ensure that its large heart is in the right place.

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