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Publication Order of Suspense Books

Drop Dead Gorgeous (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tall, Dark, and Deadly (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Long, Lean, and Lethal (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dying to Have Her (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hurricane Bay (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Picture Me Dead (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead on the Dance Floor (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killing Kelly (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

Apart from being a bestselling author, Heather Graham is undeniably one of the most successful authors in the United States. Graham’s romance novels are some of the most read romance novels in the world. According to Heather Graham, her works have transformed her life from that of an ordinary person to the creator of romantic lives and dreams that most readers crave for. After plunging into the land of uncertainty, Heather Graham quickly gained love, respect, and popularity from critics and fans alike. Born on March 15, 1953, in Florida, Heather Graham joined one of the leading high schools in Florida. After completing her high school education, Heather Graham got married to one Dennis Pozzesseres, a man who would in the later years, be a pivotal point in her career as an author. After Heather got married, she decided to go back to school and joined South Florida University.

After graduating from South Florida University, Heather Graham began working on Dinner Theatres and even did singing part-time. During these extremely difficult times, Heather Graham was able to find a channel for her very imaginative novels. Grahams time as a bartender, vocal artist and perform at the dinner theatres, eventually assisted her in getting the materials and the ingredients for her reasonably successful novels. Due to the fact that Heather believed that she was a writer at heart, she believed that her involvement in the theatre business was never going to take her anywhere and thus she decided to channel her energy elsewhere. After giving up singing and bartending, Heather Graham left the theatre business and began to work on her first novel. Heather Graham’s in the theatre business eventually assisted her in the creation of her first novel.

Graham’s debut novel is titled, When Next We Love, and it tells a romantic story about a pair that is completely unlikely. A Woman who was widowed a few years after she had gotten married got shocked when she found a rather unexpected romance in a person that she deeply hated. As a summer storm began to surge, the woman finds her self-trapped in an island that is a few miles from the Florida Keys. Beneath the bitterness that these two characters have towards one another lies a rather romantic chemistry that is yet to be tapped into. Two years later after Heather Graham decided to become a full time author, she completed her debut novel and plunged into the literary world.

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Drop Dead Gorgeous is the first installment in the Suspense book series. In Drop Dead Gorgeous, author Heather Graham introduces the readers to Lori Kelly. Despite the fact that all of Kelly’s friends were drop dead gorgeous, one can only wonder, which of them eventually turned into a serial killer within her hometown of Coconut Groove. Furthermore, which of her friends killed Lori’s friend, Mandy Olin? Apart from being a sports designer, Lori is also a teacher. Lori has returned to their hometown to take care of Lorie’s ailing father. Apart from Lori, Sean Black is also another person who had left the town so many years ago, to return to the town. Sean Black had been tried for Mandy’s death but had been acquitted. Now, Sean Black is a well-respected forensic archeologist, author of several bestselling thrillers and a trained professor.

Sean Black has returned to South Florida, with the hopes of sorting out his past. In Drop Dead Gorgeous, author Heather Graham leaves behind several clichés of her mutilating body rippers, for the numerous clichés of romantic suspense including a psychopath, who speaks his monologues in italics. In a rather new twist, the beta couple eventually indulges in a threesome and in the process giving the readers one rather coarse set-piece that the reader has read more than one-thousand times over.

With that said, the readers are going to fall in love with the protagonist Serena. Apart from being extremely bright, Serena was also a firecracker, spunky and extremely intelligent. Readers are also going to fall in love with Liam, who apart from being an extremely wonderful cop, he was also quite a handful. The manner, in which Liam and Serna’s backstory was narrated, was quite terrific. Readers are going to find Liam quite endearing.

Tall, Dark and Deadly
In Tall, Dark and Deadly author, Heather Graham introduces the readers to Samantha Miller. When Marnie Newport, Samantha’s next-door neighbor does not return home as expected, Samantha Miller becomes concerned. However, the local police do not take Marnie’s case seriously after looking into her lifestyle and behaviors. As Samantha continues to become more and more worried, Rowan Dillon, her ex-lover and new neighbor decides to assist her. As the two continue to find out what may have happened to Marnie, they each come face to face with their past and are forced to decide whether they are going to share their future together.

With that said, Tall, Dark and Deadly, will catch the reader’s attention from the first page to the last. Rowan and Samantha were extremely sympathetic characters, and readers will appreciate the manner in which the two interacted with Gregory, an extremely young boy who had autism. All the characters in Tall, Dark and Deadly, are tightly connected. Overall, Tall, Dark, and Deadly is a high enjoyable romantic suspense from author Heather Graham.

Long Lean and Lethal
Long, Lean and Lethal is an excellent narrative that has been woven around a daytime soap opera. In Long, Lean and Lethal author Heather Graham introduces the readers to Jenifer Connolly, and Connor Markham, her stepbrother. In Long, Lean and Lethal, Connolly’s mother asks Connor Markham to come and be her daughter’s bodyguard because she has constantly been receiving threating notes and phone calls. Before she became sick, Anne Connolly was once a great star. Now, Anne Connolly is more than determined to ensure that her daughter is fully protected and Connor is the only person that she truly trusts. With that said, Long, Lean and Lethal is an exceptional suspense.

Despite the fact that the style of writing is not Heather’s usual, Heather has still managed to create an exceptional cast of characters, who remarkably complement one another. If you are looking for a fun-filled whodunit, then you should read Long, Lean and Lethal.

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