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Suzanne Johnson is an American author best known for writing a series of urban fantasy novels that have made her one of the most popular authors in the genre. She is best known for the Sentinels of New Orleans series of novels, the first of which was “Royal Street” that she first published in 2012. In addition to her novels, she has also authored a short story collection and several novellas written in her pseudonym of Susannah Sandlin. As Susannah Sandlin, she has won several awards, the most notable of which is the paranormal romance series the “Penton Vampire Legacy” that went on to win several awards. Writing under the same pseudonym, she would go on to write a romantic thriller duology, a short paranormal story titled “Chenoire”, and a standalone paranormal romance novel. Suzanne is a veteran journalist who has worked for several reputable universities in the country, winning several awards in higher education nonfiction and magazine editing. Her longest stint was as editor of Alabama’s Auburn University quarterly magazine, a job she quit to pursue a full time writing career. As a writer, she is affiliated with the Paranormal and Futuristic chapters of RWA, Georgia Romance Writers, Kiss of Death, Southern Magic, Novelists Inc, and Romance Writers of America.

Suzanne was born and lived the first years of her life in her hometown of Auburn Alabama. Nonetheless, she would live in New Orleans for more than a decade; an experience that she says developed in her the love for fried gator on a stick, SEC football, and a sophisticated sense of the bizarre. Suzanne Johnson has always wanted to become a writer and was a voracious reader ever since her childhood. During her high school years, she would write bad poetry and engage in a lot of journaling, as she believed that she was headed for a career in journalism. After her college years, she would head into a career in publishing and journalism and went on to work in six universities spread over five states. She has also worked as a crime reporter for a daily, and remembers her first day on the job vividly; getting quotes from a coroner after the arrest of a suspected serial killer. While she is a seventh generation Alabama native, she has spent much of her life in New Orleans and Houston, and considerable time in Louisiana, California, Texas, and Illinois. After retiring from her job at the University of Alabama, she moved back to Auburn where she got back to her first love – paranormal fiction. However, the bug to get back into writing hit her when she was in New Orleans at the time of one of the United States’ biggest natural disasters – Hurricane Katrina. Nonetheless, it was not until much later after the Hurricane that she decided to write something about the disaster, and hence started her new career with the publication of her first novel, “Royal Street”.

Suzanne Johnson is one of the most prolific of authors shifting form and genre at will, and still managing to write some of the most popular of literary works. Her most popular urban/paranormal series of novels “Sentinels of New Orleans” is one of her very best books to date. The series is an exploration of the effects of Hurricane Katrina in a New Orleans ravaged by floods, which have led to the crumbling of the paranormal world. The flooding of the paranormal world has led to an influx of paranormal creatures into the real world. The influx of these creatures in turn results in an ever-growing perilous struggle between the wizards that have for centuries been charged with ensuring the worlds stay separate, and the larger prete groups. Writing as Susannah Sandlin, Suzanne shifts gears to write romantic thrillers and paranormal romance titles. The most popular of these was the “Penton Legacy” series that went on to win several awards and become a fan favorite. The series of novels are a narrative of a world where human beings have come up with a vaccine for a human pandemic that has so far been very effective. However, it has been a total disaster for vampires as it has made human blood poisonous resulting in chaos and anarchy in their world.

“Royal Street”, the first novel of the Sentinels of New Orleans series of novels features the lead character Drusilla Jaco. Jaco works in New Orleans as a junior wizard sentinel though his work is more about pixie retrieval and potion mixing, than tracking down lethal were creatures or vampires. His boss is the enigmatic Gerald St. Simon, who is in charge of preventing any paranormals from getting into the real world. Then the worst happens as Hurricane Katrina destroys the levees and floods the city. While the waters were taking over the city, the fragile border between the Otherworld and the modern New Orleans came down. The undead are now roaming the city while a serial killer who employs voodoo causes untold terror. But Gerald has gone missing leaving the wizard council with no choice but to partner Jaco with Jean Lafitte, an undead pirate and grenade carrying assassin. The search for his missing boss teaches Jaco several hard lessons; mixing love with duty can result in a bitter gumbo, you can find allies in the most unlikely of places, and loyalty comes from sacrifice.

“River Road”, the second novel in the series opens to a preternatural storm raging in New Orleans post Katrina. The hurricane brought down the barriers between the worlds, and now it is up to Drussila Jaco and Alex Warin his erstwhile partner, to ensure that the humans are aware of the preternaturals and to keep the peace. But in the midst of all the complications, the merpeople of Cajun are engaged in a bitter rivalry even as they should be facing up to the threat of the death of wizards. Jaco goes down into the swamps and learns that a vindictive person is poisoning the Mississippi, making it unusable for human use and consumption. For Jaco and Alex, the quest is now on to find who is poisoning the waters, and what or who is taking out wizards. Top of the suspect list are the naughty nymph, a malcontented merman, or some unknown creature. Luckily, they have the help of Jean Lafitte, Drusilla’s undead suitor who can find his way in the darkest and most intricate of mysteries.

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