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About Suzanne M. Trauth

An American writer of both fiction and non-fiction alike, the novelist Suzanne M. Trauth has been producing critically acclaimed work for quite some time now. Not only is she a writer of mystery fiction and thrillers, but she’s also a highly regarded playwright and screenwriter too, creating extremely taut and inventive character driven stories. Writing characters that leap off the page almost, he cozy mysteries are both engaging and accessible in equal measure, allowing her readers to immediately immerse themselves within her rich and varied narratives. Keeping them guessing right until the very last page, she manages to write in a style that immediately grabs the attention of the reader, not letting them go holding them there. With her characters as well, she has created numerous iconic protagonists who feel extremely real and personable, staying with the reader long after the book has finished.

Winning numerous awards for her work, she has been able to garner acclaim from the critical establishment, as well as the general. Whether it be for her screenplays, whereby she has gained plaudits at various film festivals, or for her plays as well. All of this has been transferred into her work as a novelist, as she has taken her many disciplines, injecting them into her stories giving them a very real and grounded feel. Reaching readers from all across the world, she has managed to create a real sense of universality in her subject matter, as it resonates with people regardless of their background. Knowing exactly what it is that she is looking for with her stories, she is clearly a confident and articulate writer who will definitely be one to watch in the following years to come.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a strong passion for storytelling, the writer to be Suzanne M. Trauth would harness a keen interest in the craft of writing. Progressing this over the years, she would seek to explore this through a whole variety of different mediums, giving her an ever unique and precise voice. Showing a real insight into people, she would portray this with a high degree of insight, whether it be on the stage, in film, or in print. Her non-fiction work would also come to exemplify this too, with her touching portrait of the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, as she would interview people from New Orleans for her book ‘Katrina: the K word’. This would showcase her clear talent for being able to write with tact and sincerity, something that she would evolve throughout the years.

Trauth would also go on to teach at the Montclair State University, New Jersey, whereby she would instruct theatre there. This then allowed her to become far more in tune with her own distinct style and voice, which would continue to develop in time. Creating popular stage productions, she would see her work performed for large numbers of people, allowing her to hone her material for a mass audience. Over time this would slowly begin to transform, allowing her work to take on new and interesting dimensions for her readers. Currently working and teaching to this very day, she continues to work living in Woodland Park in New Jersey, where she also also operates as a professional wedding celebrant as well.

Writing Career

It would be 2016 that Suzanne M. Trauth would bring out her first mystery novel, which would also be set firmly within the cozy mold. This would be titled ‘Show Time’, and it would also be the first in the much acclaimed ‘Dodie O’Dell Mystery’ series of novels following the eponymous protagonist. She would follow this up with ‘Time Out’ soon after in 2017, as it would continue on directly from the previous novel with another mystery story. That same year she would bring out ‘Running Out of Time’, along with ‘Just in Time’ which would be released in 2018, all featuring their own respective mysteries. Following the various cases that Dodie O’Dell unwittingly finds herself immersed within, it charts her life living in Etonville working as a restaurant manager there.

Over the years these books have rapidly risen in prominence, allowing Trauth to quickly build a brand surrounding her own name as an author. With many readers eagerly awaiting each title keenly with anticipation, she really manages to capture a sense of warmth within her work. Not only that, but her stories also resonate on a human level, something which she has clearly brought over from her experience as a playwright. Filled with life and color, they carry along at a brisk and breezy pace, always keeping her readers entertained at all times throughout. With a lot more to come, it appears that she is not stopping any time soon either, as she has plenty more titles planned upon the horizon.

Running Out of Time

Originally published through the ‘Lyrical Underground’ publishing label, this would come out to much acclaim in 2017 on the 10th of October. Following on directly from the previous title, it would mark the third book in the ongoing ‘Dodie O’Dell Mystery’ series of novels. Providing much of what the readers had now come to expect, it would also bring in some twists and turns of its own along the way.

Taking place in Dodie’s Windjammer Restaurant, this sees her supplying a colonial themed menu for the upcoming theatre adaptation of ‘Our Town’. On opening night Dodie discovers a mysterious dead body with a knife in its chest, along with a distressed actress with blood apparently on her hands. Not convinced that the actress is indeed the killer, Dodie puts her investigative skills to work to find the real killer and clear her name. Will she be able to find them? Who is the real killer and will they strike again? Is Dodie running out of time?

Just in Time

This would come out through the ‘Lyrical Underground’ publishing imprint once more, with it being the fourth book in the ‘Dodie O’Dell Mystery’ franchise. Released in 2018, it would come out on the 25th of September, with it providing yet another case to solve for the amateur sleuth. Developing her character along with that of the world overall, it managed to evolve the series in new and interesting ways.

Creating menus to fit in with the upcoming production of ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ for the Etonville Little Theatre, it would appear that business is better than ever for Dodie O’Dell. That’s when the body of the rehearsal accompanist, Ruby, is found dead in her car, and it is up to Dodie to put her investigative skills to work. Faced with a whole slew of suspects, she’s up against the clock, as she works alongside her partner Police Chief Bill Thompson to find the real killer. Can she find them before it’s too late? Why was Ruby killed? Will Dodie discover the truth just in time?

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