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The Perfect Escape (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Loathe at First Sight (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
So We Meet Again (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Christmas Clash (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Do-Over (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Last Word (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Park was born in Nashville, Tennessee, where she grew up. She is Korean-American.

Suzanne attended Columbia University and graduated. She would then go on to attend UCLA, where she graduated with an MBA degree.

Park is married and lives with her husband and child in Los Angeles. She says that when she finds herself having spare time, she chooses to procrastinate.

Before becoming a writer, she was an active stand up comedian. She appeared on “Coming to the Stage” on BET. She also was part of the talent search put on by the Oxygen Network called “Girls Behaving Badly” and became a finalist in the competition.

Park also entered into the Sierra Mist Comedy Competition in Seattle, which she won. She also was part of the “Stand Up For Diversity” showcase put on by NBC in San Francisco, in which she placed as a semi-finalist. Notable participants in this showcase also included fellow comedians Nico Santos and Ali Wong.

Park first got the opportunity to become a writer in print with the publication of The Perfect Escape in 2020. The romantic comedy is meant for young adults but can be read by anyone! She released a more grown up work later in 2020, a romantic comedy titled Loathe at First Sight.

The Perfect Escape is a fun and funny romantic comedy story that readers will love written by Suzanne Park. This Junior Library Guild pick is the perfect read for a younger audience, and teens that are looking for a unique multicultural book that appeals to them need look no further. Danielle Paige, a best selling author, called the novel full of ‘humor and heart’. Author Jenn Bennett described the book as ‘laugh-out-loud’ and ‘adorable’. Writer Sarah Henning agreed with the title that the book is indeed a perfect escape.

This comedy is the story of a teenage boy that wants to enter a competition of survival. To do that, he’s willing to form a team with the girl he has a crush on. But will he find that even greater a challenge than this competition is finding yourself in the process of love?

The main character in this story is Nate Jae-Woo Kim. He’s an average kid who has big aspirations. The simple fact of the matter is that it is his goal in life to become rich. He has an opportunity to make some money in school when a classmate wants to employ him for his own benefit. Nate is offered the chance to get a lot of money, but in turn, he’d have to participate in grade fraud.

Nate has mixed feelings about whether he should accept the money. His Korean family could certainly benefit from the large amount of money that he’s being offered. However, he also would be cheating and compromising his own moral standards in the process. It’s a tough situation, and Nate doesn’t know what to do.

While trying to decide what choice he’s going to make, Nate hits a lucky break. He works with Kate Anderson at an escape room with a zombie theme to make money. She comes to him with a well formed plan that could end up working for them both. She knows that a tech company in the area is having a survivalist competition that lasts all weekend with a cash prize– a big one– for the winner.

Not only could this help with Nate’s cash flow situation, it could also help Kate out, who also could use some money. The two pairing up to become a team could mean the answer to both of their problems. Nate knows that they have a good chance of winning the competition and taking home the prize.

The only concern is the fact that he has a very real crush on Kate. Anything could happen this weekend, including getting rejected or finding out that she doesn’t feel the same way. Can he put himself on the line to win some money and possibly reveal his affections to Kate? Does she feel the same way about him? Read this young adult novel to find out!

Loathe at First Sight is the second novel to come out from author Suzanne Park. Read the novel that authors like Helen Hoang are calling full of ‘humor’ and ‘great energy’. Publishers Weekly called this romantic comedy adult debut ‘a winner’. If you’re looking for something fun, check out this book for yourself!

The main character in this story is Melody Joo. Melody is really excited when she finds out that she’s gotten hired to be a video game producer, a dream job for her. However, even though she might be excited about the position, it does come with its fair share of challenging aspects.

For instance, the company has a CEO that is tough to deal with. The male employees at the job tend to skew to the sexist side. Then there’s Nolan MacKenzie, the intern. He’s not only annoying despite his handsomeness, he’s also a product of nepotism. He basically got the job because, well, his uncle’s the boss there.

Melody thought that this would be the start of something great for her, but instead it’s appearing that this was a horrible career move. Then, something happens that starts to turn things around for her. She makes a game for mobile while joking around with one of her pals. It features male strippers in a post-apocalyptic world fighting it out to survive.

What started out as a joke is now a huge opportunity for her. It’s the biggest project at the studio, and she’s in charge of running it. Nolan’s also put on the team, and she thinks he won’t be any help. But they soon start to become closer and she finds that he’s not only attractive but actually smart too.

She’s got to slow things down, even though her parents want her to settle down with a man and she’s attracted to him, because he’s the intern. But can she survive trolling just as the project’s nearing launch? Could Nolan be of help? Will they get together at last? Find it all out by picking up a copy of this book!

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