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Publication Order of Grime Solvers Mystery Books

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Suzanne Price
Suzanne Price is a pen name for Jerome Preisler and Suzanne, his wife. Together, they write the “Grime Solvers Mystery” series of cozy mystery novels. The first of which, called “Scene of the Grime”, was released in the year 2007.

Jerome is a Brooklyn native that divides his time between Maine and New York City.

Under his own name, he has published over thirty books of narrative non-fiction and fiction, including the entire “Tom Clancy’s Power Plays” bestselling series. Jerome has also written the “Net Force” series, which was also co-created by Tom Clancy and books based off of the “CSI” television series.

Jerome also writes “Deep in the Red”, a baseball blog that he writes for for the New York Yankees. Jerome started writing the column while still smarting after the loss to the Red Sox the Yankees suffered in the American League Championship Series and later World Series victory.

He expresses in his column what all other Yankee fans would like to. They realize that Boston’s hatred for the Yankees is real, and a large part of this is due to them losing to the Yankees many times over the years, that and the Calvinistic New England outlook.

He became a fan of the Yankees in at the beginning of the eighties, while working at a record store in Times Square. He was a Knicks fan at the time and was surrounded by a lot of co-workers who were major fans of the Yankees.

They would go and sit as a group in the bleachers of Yankee Stadium during the summer of ’81, the year the Yankees made it to the World Series but wound up losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Jerome got into writing right around the age of ten or eleven, when he began writing a sort of science fiction/horror/fantasy novel. It was a bit of an escape, seeing as how he wasn’t the happiest of kids. He wrote the beginning in longhand, however, after a few months he taught himself how to type on an ancient manual typewriter that was just sitting around in his room. The novel wound up being 138 pages, single-spaced.

He has been writing fiction ever since, with big lapses until he hit his late twenties. It was then that he really started making a go of doing it professionally.

Jerome has written books of all kinds, and enjoys working in all kinds of different genres. While writing “Net Force: Dark Web”, he says what he enjoyed about the book is that he got to use his entire tool kit, since it is a thriller with elements of mystery, cyberpunk, and suspense, as well as other categories.

Jerome learned his work ethic from watching his dad, who worked in a factory for a lot of his life, a garment sweatshop. His dad never once missed a single day of work and Jerome has admired this. He has also applied it to his writing, finding it is something you do each day. It does not matter how you feel. You get up and get to work.

Suzanne was once the floral designer for La Ca’te Basque, a legendary restaurant.

“Scene of the Grime” is the first novel in the “Grime Solvers Mystery” series, and was released in the year 2007. Sky Taylor, now in her mid-thirties and widowed, left the big city and headed to Pigeon Cove, which is a hamlet off of the Massachusetts coast. She re-adapts to single life, with newspaper column as well as her knack for creative cleaning increasingly in demand. She finds one of the patrons of the Millwood Inn permanently checked-out.

Sky juggles the chief of police’s questions with advances from the handsomest and the newest crime reporter in the town. If she wants to actually clear her name, there is some scouring that she is going to need to do.

This is a novel with some strong characters, a solid plot with a nice amount of twists and turns to keep it interesting , and a superb setting. Readers enjoyed this main character and her storyline and cannot wait to read more about these characters. Fans became hooked on this story pretty quick and it kept them engaged throughout.

“Dirty Deeds” is the second novel in the “Grime Solvers Mystery” series, and was released in the year 2008. Between her cleaning clients and her newspaper column, Sky Taylor is well on her way to having a self-sufficient and stable life. All she needs now is to get a contract cleaning City Hall. What Sky does not need right now is another messy murder to solve. What she gets is both.

The body of Kyle Fipps, a wannabe actor and real estate developer, is the most untidy remnant of the Art Association’s yearly holiday party. With a smattering of untrustworthy friends, scheming enemies, it is highly likely this man was murdered. When the investigation takes them straight to City Hall, is Sky going to be the next one that gets swept under the rug?

Fans find themselves loving this series, with its interesting mysteries and likable characters. These are quick, fun, and easy reads that keep your attention from start to finish.

“Notoriously Neat” is the third novel in the “Grime Solvers Mystery” series, and was released in the year 2009. Murder is very unsanitary.

Sky Taylor, a professional cleaner, and the town’s chief of police and her possible new beau are on their very first dinner date. They get interrupted by a stampede of house pets running through the restaurant they are dining in. somebody has murdered Dr. Gail Pilsner, Pigeon Cove’s largely popular veterinarian, and releasing all the critters that are boarded at her clinic.

One of the singers in the La Dee Das, a vocal group, gets murdered, and Sky has to uncover the connection between the veterinarian and the songbirds before the killer is finished cleaning house.

Sky is a likable main character and the mystery is but a small part of what happens in the book. Fans enjoy the books in this series quite a lot.

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