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The Other Typist (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three-Martini Lunch (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eagle & Crane (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Two Mrs. Carlyles (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Summer Fridays (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Suzanne Rindell is an American author, best known for her debut novel, the Other Typist published in the year 2013. Due to the commercial success of her debut book, it was translated into more than 15 languages and distributed in more than a dozen countries. Despite the fact that Fox Searchlight Pictures selected the book for a screenplay several years after its publication, the film is yet to go past the screening process. Apart from the Other Typist, author Suzanne Rindell is also the author of another multi-layered story of success, secrecy and ambition titled, the Three-Martini Lunch. Currently, Suzanne Rindell is undertaking her doctoral degree at the world renowned, Rice University, while working on her next project.

Rindell will graduate from the institution mid-2018. A committed author, Suzanne Rindell writes five days a week and balances her time between New York and California.

The Other Typist
Take a glop of Patricia Highsmith, a glop of Alfred Hitchcock and then throw in a little bit of Great Gatsby. The result is a highly entertaining pitch-black comedy centred on a police stenographer who is the main suspect in a murder case during the 1920’s. While typing the confessions of different criminals, Rose admires the precinct’s moustachioed and conservative middle-aged sergeant. On the other hand, Rose is quite critical of her boss, Lieutenant Detective Frank, who is much closer to her age-wise. An orphan brought up by nuns, Rose resides in a boarding house. Moreover, unlike the other women of the roaring, 1920’s, who were predominantly flappers and increasingly liberated, Rose leads a prudish spinster life.

From the look of things, Rose is destined to live a life of routine solitude. However, things take an expected twist when the precinct decides to hire a new typist. Apart from dressing with panache, Odalie loves to wear her hair bob. Unlike her colleague who resides in a boarding house, Odalie spends her nights in a posh hotel. At first, Rose does not approve Odalie’s way of life, However, what she refuses to acknowledge is that she is somewhat drawn to Odalie. Despite the fact that Odalie’s way of life impresses Rose, she could not really understand where Odalie got all this money, to support her expensive lifestyle. Moreover, their pay at the precinct could not really support Odalie’s lifestyle. During a house party at Long Island, one of the men in attendance claims that he knows Odalie, considering the fact that she was at one point, engaged to his cousin.

Nonetheless, Odalie not only denies the engagement but also she denies knowing the cousin as well. When the man eventually turns up dead, Rose cannot do anything about it considering the fact that she is already deep into Odalie’s world, such that her identity and that of Rose have merged. In the long run, it becomes extremely hard for anyone to differentiate the two from one another, considering the fact that they not only resembled, but they also led the same life. Recalling her past and recent life, Rose reveals only what she wants to reveal in pieces and bits. She begins her narration with some off-putting curlicues that she eventually discards. Apart from being judgmental, Rose is also self-justifying and self-righteous. Moreover, she is viciously astute. Whether Rose is telling the truth or not is another issue.

With that said, The Other Typist is a deliciously addictive and cinematically influenced novel by author Suzanne Rindell. Moreover, apart from being provocative, it is also comic in nature and lays emphasis on the nature of the innocent and guilty within the social class context.

The Three-Martini Lunch
In Three-Martini Lunch, Suzanne Rindell’s second novel, author Suzanne Rindell brings the 1950’s to life, especially the cutthroat and bustling publishing world of New York City. The lives of three young people intersect over ambition and literature, as they all seek fortunes in the highly competitive publishing world. For such a long time, Cliff has always dreamed of becoming an author. However, with Cliff’s father serving as a major book editor, Cliff feels a little bit disadvantaged. Due to the volatile relationship between Cliff and his father, he does not believe that his work is going to carefully evaluated. Enter, Eden, a young woman who has just secured a job in one of the leading publishing houses in New York City. Cliff’s father has just employed Eden as his secretary.

Despite working in one of the biggest publishing houses, Eden wants to become an editor, something unusual for a woman in the 1950’s. However, what Eden does not know is that her life will not only be full of hard lessons but also disillusionment. Miles Tillman is that the third main character in this adrenaline filled narrative. Apart from being an upcoming writer, Miles is also extremely quiet and a graduate from the world renowned, Columbia University. Ever since his early years, societal and personal roadblocks have tested Miles repeatedly. One day, while attending a party organized by Cliff and Eden, an unknown person attacks Miles. Thus, he immediately decides to head to San Francisco, where he accidentally stumbles upon his father’s WWII journal. The journal as well as Mile’s relationship with the man who assisted him to get the journal offers Miles so much content to write about. However, despite his literary successes picking up right from the word go, Miles inevitably becomes tangled in Eden and Cliff’s ambitions for literary success.

With a vivid historical setting and author Suzanne Rindell’s rather distinctive voice, this promising novel is an evocative narrative, which highlights the price that one has to pay when going after their dreams. Moreover, the Three-Martini Lunch is also a tribute to the beatnik generation of the 1950’s and its literature as well. Overall, author Suzanne Rindell manages to weave a thoughtful narrative around three unique and well-developed characters. In Three-Martini Lunch, author Suzanne Rindell manages to raise various issues which were quite prevalent at the time such as racism, anti-Semitism, sexism and the feeling that homosexuality was not to be tolerated. The narrative is quite compelling while the writing is superb. The readers will definitely be fascinated by all the three main characters and by the evocation of an era, which passed quite recently. Readers will definitely be caught up in the story and the various twists and turn that it takes.

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