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The Road Back to You (With: Ian Morgan Cron) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Path Between Us (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Journey Toward Wholeness (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Speaking by the Numbers (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Language of the Soul (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Suzanne Stabile is an internationally recognized master of the “Enneagram,” who has led more than 500 workshops over about three decades.
Given her experience as an enneagram master, she has been a widely sought-after speaker who has been on prestigious stages across the United States and in Europe.

She has spoken at universities such as the Drury and Baylor Universities, Brite Divinity School, and Perkins School of Theology.

Stabile has spoken to hundreds of churches across the US such as First Baptist Church, Portland, Highland Park United Methodist, Dallas, and Otter Creek Church in Nashville.
Suzanne has spoken at several conferences organized by CAC. She has also been the main speaker at the likes of The Apprentice Gathering, Christianity 21, and The Festival of Faith and Courage in Greenwich CT.
Aside from her writing and speaking engagements, she also hosts “The Enneagram Journey,” a very popular interview-style podcast.

The podcast is intended to promote tolerance, patience, and community through a constantly evolving understanding of the similarities and differences that inform our humanity.
She has a small group curriculum over twelve weeks that provides groups with the opportunity to make use of the wisdom of the Enneagram to travel together toward wholeness and health.

As for her education, Suzanne Stabile went to the Dallas-based Southern Methodist University, where she got her Social Sciences bachelor’s degree.

She would later go back to the same institution where she studied Theology and Sociology as part of her graduate studies. After graduating, Stabile served as the founding director of a social service agency named “Shared Housing” in Dallas.
Following the passing of “Title IX,” she became the first women’s basketball coach at Southern Methodist University and also served as a professor in high school.

As a master Enneagram teacher, she usually draws upon her education at SMU in addition to the life skills she acquired parenting her four kids, working as the wife of a minister, and as a social worker.
She has come to be known for her refreshing teaching style with an interesting blend of authenticity, honesty, and humor.

Working with Joseph her husband, they ran the Micah Center in Dallas, Texas, and founded the “Life in the Trinity Ministry.”

Suzanne Stabile believes the study of the Enneagram has been received so well, given that just about everyone wants to understand themselves, why they are who they are, and do what they do.
By learning the Enneagram, people get answers and an understanding of some of the most important questions in life.

This type of study also makes it possible for people to grow as it shows them where they are inadequate and the best techniques for fixing the inadequacies.
Suzanne has said that she finds the biggest joy from the healing that happens in relationships when people learn the Enneagram.

Suzanne Stabile’s “The Path Between U” asserts the truism that most of us have no idea how others process or see their experiences. This is what often makes relationships with friends, colleagues, and intimate partners very difficult.
The good thing is that by understanding the dynamics and motivations of different personalities, we can unlock the mysterious behaviors in ourselves and in other people.

In this work, Suzanne Stabile focuses on nine Enneagram types and how they experience relationships and behave, so that you can get deeper insights into yourself and the personalities of others.

By doing so, you will be able to have more life-giving and healthier relationships. Working with Ian Morgan Cron, no one is more qualified at sharing the wisdom of the Enneagram on the working of relationships.
The Enneagram not only provides answers, but also provides a way out of our usual judging and finger-pointing at other people when we find them impossible, perplexing, or wanting.

Suzanne’s insightful, sometimes humorous, and generous approach reveals why people usually behave how they do. The work offers help in fostering more compassionate, mature, and loving relationships with everyone in our lives.

“The Journey Toward Wholeness” by Suzanne Stabile is a work that is geared toward people familiar with the Enneagram and who know a bit about their number,

It is a good resource that will guide you deeper into the main concepts and also comes with a companion study guide that is great for group work.

According to Suzanne, every number prefers to take in information in a given way whether that be by doing, feeling, or thinking. In this work, the author groups people with similar dominant centers into one triad.
In the first section, the work teaches about each number’s moves in security and stress. In the second session, you get to learn all about stances which has to be Stabile’s greatest contribution to Enneagram work.
By reading just this work, one stands a chance of experiencing the greatest transformation and growth.

For the most part, Stances refer to grouping according to numbers which involve a repressed center of intelligence with regard to doing, feeling, and thinking that sometimes are just too hard to access.
According to the author, some of the best work we can do is when we learn how to summon our repressed center so that we can achieve balance.

What makes this even better is how Suzanne clearly teaches the concepts and then illustrates them with stories about real relationships and real people.

Suzanne Stabile’s novel “The Road Back to You” asserts that ignorance is bliss but sometimes it is not, especially when it comes to self-awareness.

In a relationship, not knowing some critical things about yourself could hurt you and the relationship too, and even how close you can get to God.

The Enneagram is an ancient means of mapping personality that is pretty accurate in describing how humans are wired in both negative and positive parameters.
In this book, Suzanne Stabile and Morgan Cron come up with a unique approach that is both comprehensive and practical.

Their techniques are great at dipping into Enneagram wisdom and conducting an exploration of how it is connected with spirituality from a Christian perspective.
In doing this, it provides a deeper understanding of our compassion for others, knowledge of ourselves, and love for God.

Filled with stories and very witty, you get an insightful peek into the nine categories of Enneagram personality types that will keep you reading long after you have found your own number.
It not only helps you learn more about yourself but also helps you see the works from the eyes of other people so that you can understand why and how you and other people act, feel, and think the way they do.

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