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Suzanne Young is an American author that writes Young Adult novels. Suzanne is best known for ‘The Program’, a rather dark YA novel about an epidemic that drives teens to commit suicide.


Suzanne Young grew up in Utica, New York. She will sometimes suggest that her career goals drove her to move to Arizona; however, she has admitted on a few occasions that the weather had something to do with it. Freezing in Utica simply didn’t appeal to her.

The decision clearly paid off because life is going very well for the author; though, it is interesting to note that Suzanne now lives in Portland, Oregon where the rain has a tendency to persist. Though, Suzanne will tell you that she appreciates the weather because it gives her an excuse to stay inside and write to her heart’s content.

Suzanne has become such a sensation in the publishing arena that not many people know that she is a middle-school teacher. And her passion for the role is evident. Suzanne writes a lot. She has been writing since she was in school.

In fact, despite all the books she has already published, Suzanne will be the first to boast about all the other manuscripts that are either complete and unpublished or in development and waiting to be sold.

However, even with her success, Suzanne still loves teaching. The author has described writing as simply something that she does. Teaching, on the other hand, is her passion.

Suzanne, it should be noted, studied creative writing and even acquired a degree before beginning to teach language arts in middle school. She is making effective use of her degree today.

However, she hasn’t given up on teaching and pursues the activity whenever the opportunity arises. However, Suzanne has admitted that finding the perfect balance between writing and teaching has presented a challenge.

Because of all the copies her books keep selling, Suzanne has found that there are certain responsibilities she is expected to fulfill as a successful author. And one of those responsibilities is going out on the road, doing signings, holding interviews and generally partaking in activities that keep her away from her classroom.

Suzanne is always grateful to the efforts her students injected into marketing her work, especially when her first book came out. Her school and her class, in particular, worked to spread the word about her efforts, and she has expressed appreciation for the strength they gave her to pursue her dreams.

As such, it isn’t surprising that Suzanne is so dedicated to teaching, not when the profession put her into contact with such a dedicated and supportive group of people, both old and young.

+The Program

Suicide is a problem in Sloane’s world, and in ways that can have drastic global consequences. And Sloane knows the importance of controlling her emotions. In a world were suicides are an international epidemic, it wouldn’t take much for Sloane to find herself in The Program.

It might be the only proven course of treatment but Sloane doesn’t relish the idea of The Program. Her parents will do anything to protect her, especially after the loss of their other child.

But Sloane isn’t so keen on joining the other survivors of The Program, who return free of their depression because their memories were erased. There is no safe sanctuary for Sloane to be herself, not with the strict surveillance system in place at home and at school.

To survive, Sloane must maintain complete control, keeping her feelings buried. But at least she has James around whom she can be herself. Sloane is desperate to believe that their love will survive anything the world throws at them.

However, hiding the truth becomes challenging when their depression kicks in and The Program gets wind of them.

The strongest aspect of this book is its unique concept. Dystopian futures are nothing new. However, Suzanne Young Adult book eliminates the supernatural aspects and epic battles of many dystopian YA novels for something a little quieter and subdued.

Elements of suicide, self-harm and depression are rife in The Program, and that is a little unexpected for the YA genre.

There are some predictable elements. There is a romance component that gains prominence as the book progresses, not to mention a love triangle that begins to emerge. Like most YA novels, Suzanne Young casts the government in a negative light, painting them as the villains in their efforts to squash the free will of young adults who, as one might expect, take on more heroic roles.

Suzanne succeeds in creating tension. The protagonists are believable and likable. This could have been another generic dystopian YA novel. But the unique concept elevates it to a different level.

+The Treatment

Sloane and James faced the Suicide epidemic and The Program and they came out on top. But now they must run if they are to survive, and even that might not be enough, not when they are missing so many chunks of their memories.

The Program will stop at nothing to get Sloane and James back, keeping them apart forever. But they are not alone. With a small group of rebels helping them, Sloane and James begin making plans to destroy the Program. But succeeding won’t be easy, not when Sloane and James are missing so many memories.

It soon dawns on the group that the Treatment might hold the key to everything; a pill that can revive lost memories. But there is only one dose and so much is at stake.

People who loved the first book in ‘The Program’ series will love its sequel because it takes everything that made the first book work and builds upon it. This includes an emotional plot, interesting characters, and twists, not to mention an impressive finale.

The Treatment sits at the center of this story, a pill that can help Sloane and James regain their memories. At the beginning of the book, Sloane and James cannot decide which one of them should take the pill, or whether they should take the pill at all.

This book’s biggest weakness is the slow pacing, though all the information provided about The Program made up for it. The romantic aspects could have been better.

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