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My Three Husbands (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Confessions of a Pregnant Princess (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Memoirs Are Made of This (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Swan Adamson is a bestselling literary fiction and memoirist who is best known for her novels featuring the quirky and inimitable character Venus Gilroy. Apart from that he is otherwise known as an art critic and writer.
He makes his home anywhere between New York City and Portland Oregon as he is one of those people who can boast of having two homes.

He published “My Three Husbands” his debut novel in 2003 and the novel went on to become a blockbuster work on Amazon. He would then follow that up with several titles and is not showing signs of slowing down any time soon.
Swan Adamson’s novels have often been compared to the chick-lit novels of authors such as Sue Margolis and Jane Green.

“My Three Husbands” by Swan Adamson introduces the lead as Venus Gilroy, who is not for being a very wishy-washy and often not a real nice person. She is a double divorcee of thirty years that had not really achieved much.
Over the years, she has bounced between being a sex toystore clerk, stripper, lingerie model, different sexualities, girlfriends, and boyfriends, and being looked down on with pity by her parents.
In Tremayne her live-in boyfriend, she believes that she has found the one, even if he is known to be a consummate tree hugger.

He desperately desires to find a job and has never found approval from his family, even though he offers reluctant support to his girlfriend.

As their nuptials approach, her father and his live-in lover whom he has been with for years offer them a a chance at a double honeymoon at no cost to them.
They have been invited to a new resort that had been designed by an architect friend of her father that seems to have been cut out of natural paradise.
It is just the place that Earth Freedom Group the radical group that Tremayne belongs to would vehemently fight.
It is a humorous and interesting novel with some very likable characters.

Swan Adamson’s “Confessions of a Pregnant Princess” continues to follow the broke divorced American woman who now works at an Adult Video store.

Marcello Brunelli is a rich Italian man with whom she had been interacting for many years but she never guessed that he was a Prince.

It had been a long time since she last saw him and never thought they would ever see each other again but on her honeymoon, they once again met.

Several weeks later, the man is in Portland and asks Venus for a date. He asks if she would be interested in teaching her how to be a slacker while he would show her how to fall in love with him.

She travels to Rome but Marcello has no time for her as the strikes are in full swing and hence she gets the time to spend time with Johnny who becomes something of her tourist guide around Rome.

It is not long before Venus starts getting feelings for Johhny who she believes is a driver, even though he is actually Giavanni Marcelo’s son. But then Marcello unexpectedly falls ill and Venus gets back with him and they end up married.
When she falls pregnant, they leave to go visit his mother but he gets a heart attack and dies.

It is a perfect summertime romp that comes with all manner of tears and laughs.

“Memoirs Are Made of This” by Swan Adamson is a humorous work about the life and times of Venus Gilroy. She has penned a set of rules that she believes will make her forge ahead in her journalism career.
She intends to take a job as the personal assistant to a well-known author such as the author of “Nothing to Hyde,” the wildly popular sex column.

She will spend her days walking her employer’s dogs, delivering dumping notes to spurned loves, and running errands. But then she realizes that life in New York is usually not as glamorous as is often believed.
Venus Gilroy realizes too late that when your employer requests that you write her column for her, you should never show that you are better at it than her.

Making things worse, she had accidentally become very good friends with Josh O’Connell who is the sexy young writer and ex-boy toy to her boss.

It is not the typical black dress novel and the lead is too old for a coming-of-age story, even though it has many elements of the genre which make for light reading.

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