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Sweet Fire Pepper Brigade Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mystery Books

That Old Flame of Mine (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hero's Journey (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Playing with Fire (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Hot Water (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Pepper Hero (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jim and Joyce Lavene are two authors who share the same pseudonym J.J Cook. The series, Sweet Fire Pepper Brigade Mysteries, which started in April 2013 is set in the Smoky Mountainious region of Tennessee. The characters in the book include fire Chief’s Stella Griffin, who together with her predecessor, turns out to be an actual ghost and solves several problems. Sweet Pepper Fire Mysteries is a series of comfortable mystery novels. Stella Griffin packs up and heads for Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains, where she is assured of encountering a slew of thrillers. Stella gets a little help as she moves along the way from her predecessor who is well beyond the grave.

J.J. Cook launched Sweet Pepper Fire Mysteries series in 2013 with the introduction of the first novel, The Older Flame of Mine. Chicago fire fighter Griffin gets on her bike and heads towards Sweet Pepper Tennessee but this is only after she has punched her cheating boyfriend. She ends up being the small Sweet Pepper’s fire chief. When Stella’s best friend Tory Lambert passes on after her house is set on fire, Stella suspect’s arson and he foul play. As she investigates, she is helped by the Eric Gamlyn’s ghost, who happened to be Sweet Pepper’s old fire chief. If that is not enough to keep Stella off her game, John Trump, a police officer seems to have been having an eye for her. Stella has to get to stay focused or else lose her own life.

Below is a description of the first 2 books in the Sweet Fire Pepper Brigade Mysteries series:

That Older Flame of Mine

This is the first novel in this series. It is a very interesting story. It is a well plotted book with interesting characters that some of you’ll love and some that you might not like. There’s also a ghost in the novel that you will certainly have to enjoy. The Hero, is the station’s Dalmatian puppy

While on a on medical vacation from Chicago Fire Department, Stella griffin has to heads towards Sweet Pepper, TN in order to organize and also train their fire department. A few moments after arrival Tory Lambert gives her a file that she has assembled over the years about her husbands doubted accidental fire death. Many of the residents believe that Ben Carlson, who is the real owner of a certain pepper plant, was behind the finding so as to allow Sweet Pepper Festival to go on without having anybody worrying about any killer being around. Stella also finds out that Ben Carson happens to be her grandfather; smoothing that she has never known.

A day later she receives a call informing her that Tory’s house as on fire. Stella along with John start looking for Tory as the fire fighters struggle to extinguish the fir. Finally they manage to find her in onecloset but she is dead. Stella discovers things pointing to murder and one related to this specific fire when investigating this scene.

One night, as Stella griffin is riding back home she crashes and she does not get to know whether she was actually hit or whether she hit someone. Stella wakes up in only to find herself in a strange home and she is being taken care of by private nurses. She soon realizes that the home she is in belongs to her grandfather. The grandfather is Ben Carson.

Regardless of what is happening, Stella also has to be dealing with Eric Gamlyn’s ghost. Eric who was the former fire chief, died in the silo fire, he lost his life while trying to save to save another life. Stella is slowly learning to deal with the ghost around, as it is nice to have the lights switched on for you when you come home and have the door magically opened just for you for you.

With the aid of Eric, Stella and John, they begin looking out for clues to help solve Tory’s mysterious death and that of her ex-husband deaths. John does not like the fact that Carson is Stella’s grandfather, but are they able to put those feelings aside and work together to find a solution to the mystery.

Hero’s Journey

This is the second book in Sweet Fire Pepper Brigade Mysteries. It is set in a fairly small town named Sweet Pepper, with Stella Griffin standing in as the Fire Chief. There is also a Ghost of a murdered Fire Chief by the name of name Eric living in her cabin. The hero here is the Volunteer Fire Brigade’s mascot Dalmatian Puppy.

The mystery is light in the novel and the book can be read as a stand-alone book. Fire Chief Stella becomes concerned after Sweet Pepper’s Fire Brigade’s new Dalmatian puppy, Hero, suddenly disappears. At first, she thinks that he has just walked d away from her cabin but becomes alarmed when more time passes and there are no signs of him returning. Everyone starts looking for Hero, but no one is successful.

All of a sudden fires and thefts occur in Sweet Pepper with Hero being spotted at each one. Her crew and herself feared that their beloved hero could be a victim of a dognapping or even worse. They need to find the dog as much as the need to find the arsonist before anyone is seriously hurt.

Although this is a novel, there is quite a bit of story and emotions in this book. Readers also get a chance to revisit characters from the first book. The author did a great job with this novella. It is a great fast read in an eccentric series. There are several characters from the first book who are also found in this novel, but the real star is Hero. There is a nice link between book one and book two. For the fans of Sweet Pepper Brigade series, this book will help tide you over before reading book 3. Being one of the best writer in the curent generation, J.J Cook has created a book that will keep the reader interested in the upcoming novels.The characters are lively, funny and full of personality.

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