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Sweet Home is a series of romance novels written by Tillie Cole. The books explore the love stories of boys and girls who encounter one another at the moment of their greatest need at the University of Alabama.

+The Story

The Sweet Home series began publication in 2013 with ‘Sweet Home’. The first novel in the series, ‘Sweet Home’ takes readers to England. There Molly is doing her best to complete her studies.

Molly has always been a loner. She didn’t start out that way. But a series of tragic events broke Molly’s heart and now she knows the truth. No matter how hard you try, people always leave you, no matter how much you love them.

Molly is only twenty at this point but she has already learned some truly difficult truths about loneliness. When Molly is offered an opportunity to travel to the University of Alabama, she determines to spend her time there studying and teaching.

However, Alabama isn’t quite what she expected. Molly is quickly overwhelmed by the vibrant nature of college life at her new school. And her promise to stick to her studies goes out the window when she meets Romeo Prince.

A notorious athlete, Romeo and Molly fall for one another the moment they meet. Molly is especially shaken by their encounter. She has no idea how to manage her feelings for the blonde bad boy.

Over the course of ‘Sweet Home’, Molly is dragged out of her shell and introduced to a world that is as sweet and wonderful as it is painful and chaotic. It doesn’t take her long to realize that, for all the love Romeo promises to bring to their budding relationship, he’s also carrying a heavy burden of internal strife.

‘Sweet Home’ is primarily Molly and Romeo’s story. And once the novel ends, they basically recede into the background. However, while a new couple does take the spotlight and while Molly and Romeo’s romance is brushed aside, the themes of ‘Sweet Home’ and even the setting remain unchanged.

Most of the novels in the Sweet Home series revolve around the University of Alabama. And even when Tillie Cole tells a story situated outside this setting, there’s always an element that connects back to the University of Alabama.

Tillie Cole’s protagonists are almost always damaged. And the author heavily leans into this element when it comes to the hero. As is often the case with romance, he is an alpha male.

Tillie gives him all the physical attributes he might need to make women swoon. This is on top of his confident demeanor and mysterious edge. Externally, the heroes of the Sweet Home series are strong and happy.

However, internally, they are bleeding. Their past is littered with either the mistakes they made or the terrible things that were done to them. Either way, they feel like they are in terrible need but they do not know what is required to achieve peace and satisfaction.

Some of them have simply surrendered to their demons. They do not expect to ever achieve happiness. Others are trying to use external stimuli to fight the despair they feel.

It is often this hidden pain that attracts the heroine to them. Tillie’s girls are rarely as damaged as the heroes. But they have their own pain. They have been scarred in some sense and they do not know what to do about it.

Once the protagonists meet, it becomes clear that they can relate to each other’s issues. More importantly, it occurs to them that they have what it takes to satisfy the longing in one another’s hearts.

It takes them a while to come to this conclusion. One or both of them will fight their feelings. More often than not, their relationship will be a tumultuous one. They will fight and push and obsess over one another until it looks like they might possibly break the growing bond between them.

But they eventually find a middle ground in which they are able to make one another whole.

For the most part, the Sweet Home series is lighthearted. Tillie Cole plays with a number of dark and difficult subjects. She goes to great lengths to make her heroes and heroines earn their scars.

But her stories always end on a sweet note. She has been criticized for being a little too clichéd and sweet. Some people think she makes her characters a little too angsty. Others appreciate her simple, straightforward writing style.

It is possible to read the Sweet Home series out of order because each book follows a different couple. However, because all the main characters are connected to one another, it will improve one’s enjoyment if they know what came before.

+The Author

Tillie Cole is a bestselling author that was raised by an English mother and a Scottish father. She studied at Newcastle University where she got her degree in Religious Studies.

Tillie’s writing habit was sparked by her love for reading. It was after reading a particularly good book that the idea for a story came to her. She spent a few months mulling it over in her head before finally sitting down to write it.

+Sweet Home

Molly and Romeo are not right for each other. Molly came over from England. Having lost the only people she ever truly loved at a young age, Molly was always a loner. She couldn’t bring herself to connect with other people when it meant eventually losing them.

She did not expect her stint at the University of Alabama to be so chaotic. But then she met Alabama’s star quarterback and he set her heart on fire. Now Molly cannot stop the athlete from completely upending her solitary life.

+Sweet Fall

Lexi had everything. She had great friends, a decent family and a thriving social life in college. Everyone thought she was happy because she pretended to be. None of them knew of the demons that haunted Lexi’s past.

When those demons emerge once more and threaten to consume her, Lexi finds solace in the arms of Austin Carillo. Austin knows a little something about past demons and he just might be the one person that can help Lexi reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

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