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Publication Order of Sweet Water Books

The Cougar's Timid Little Lynx (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bear's Reluctant Wolf (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Kitty in the Lion's Den (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Lamb for the Bear's Appetite (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bear Naked and Bite Marks (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taming Her Hybrid Beast (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hook, Line, and Mated (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Sweet Water series is a series of books written by American author Jenika Snow. The Sweet Water series are best classified as erotic sci-fi, BDSM, and paranormal romances. With seven titles in the series, the series is one of the most popular of Snow’s books. The first of the series was The Cougar’s Timid Little Lynx that was first published in 2013. By 2015, the series had spawned six more titles. The novels are a spin-off of the Wylde Bears series of novels, particularly in terms of the setting in the town of Sweet water, and the shape shifting protagonists. The series is a collection of single standing narratives that have different protagonists that share the common trait of being shape shifters. The novels tell the romantic love stories of shape shifting humans, who meet fellow shape shifters who sweep them off their feet. Following in the traditional format of erotic novels, they portray the eternal narrative of the man who has vowed off having any relationship who suddenly finds himself taken in by a damsel in distress. The Sweet Water series of novels have a variety of protagonists from a variety of backgrounds and professions from a biker, a son of a Russian mob boss, to an intelligence agent among others. Over the course of a novel, the protagonist will usually have to use their animal strengths to save their lovers from some type of harm or threat.

The Sweet Water series has 14 main characters with each novel having two lead characters. The lead protagonist in the novel is either a man or woman who is an animal shape shifter. The shape shift form ranges from a leopard, a moose a bear, and even a half tiger-half lion hybrid. The series stars very dominant men who have been or are involved in all manner of bad boy things. The shape shifting, which turns them into animals just makes them all the more masculine with their growling and scenting of their female shape shifters. They are rough, demanding, and stubborn and demanding, which is what makes for the ultimate masculine man that draw in the women. The heroines on the other hand, are not your usual weak and annoying characters that give in to every whim of the men. They are a little weak and reluctant, but they also have a lot of inner strength, which makes them the perfect foil for the protagonists. For the most part, the heroines have been burned once and this is what creates a reluctance to a relationship. This fact makes for a delicious tension before the inevitable and explosive lovemaking rituals.

The Sweet Water series of novels are intense steamy affairs with fantastic back-stories about the characters. The novels are different from your usual romance story given that they tend to have darker themes such as torture, death, and a bit of sadism. The protagonists are not your typical knight in shining armor that you would expect of a hero. These broken men and women are transformed by love so that they learn to love again, and in doing so to protect in a way they have ever done for given that they had lost or never had such the chance at love. The men are feral, rough and caring about nothing and no one but themselves. However, when they meet up with the women, they tend to develop a peculiar over protectiveness that comes as a surprise even to them. Even as the novels can be read as standalones, they both have that animal tension, lust and draw between man and woman that draw the two shape shifters together even when their paths seems to conflict or diverge. There is both sweet and hot passion, a lot of dirty talk and the Holy Grail – bad boy turns into good. Jenika does a good job of spicing up the novel by making the characters meet at the most unexpected of places. That, and how she draws out the lovemaking dance makes for some delightful reading. The danger from other paranormal forces such as the Brotherhood in Taming Her Hybrid Beast or from the untamed protagonist in A Lamb for the Bear’s Appetite who would not let his mate leave are what make these novels excellent erotica novels.

The Cougar’s Timid Little Lynx is the first steamy novel of the Sweet Water series of novels. The lead character is Alice Stratton, who always believed that love was not supposed to make one cry, leave marks, or make one bleed. Seeking a new life she moves to Sweet Water, a beautiful, tranquil town together with her daughter. She hopes that the change will help her get over a painful chapter in her life. Meanwhile, Cougar shifter Luke Landon who has just come out of a relationship after betrayal by his fiancé, has given up on ever having a meaningful relationship. He has been living in Sweet Water for the past five years, where he is the preeminent physician. He never thought he would ever fall in love, that is until he was in cougar form and scented the little timid lynx shifter, Alice. But Alice deems herself unable to love after she was broken-hearted by another man who abandoned when she was with child. Could Luke be the one to mend Alice’s broken heart, get past his trust issues, and become father to the little one? Only time will tell.

The Bear’s Reluctant Wolf is the second novel of the Sweet Water series of novels. It features Trace Dakot a polar bear shape shifter who drives a Harley, owns a bar, does not live according to society’s rules, and never intends to. He is content with one-night stands and deems having a mate as not worth the trouble. But everything changes when Candac Jace a wolf shape shifter, a curvy and shy girl walks into the bar one night. The only problem is she does not need a man in her life. The moment they set their eyes on each other, they know that they were made to be soul mates. Even as Candace is not sure she wants a barbaric overprotective biker to be her lover, she cannot help but feel a strong attraction towards him. Trace on his part is his usual domineering self and is already claiming her for himself. Now Candace must make a decision on whether she is ready for a relationship with a demanding alpha male. To complicate matters further, his ex-wife is itching to get back with him.

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