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Publication Order of Sweet Books

Sweet Surrender (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Persuasion (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Seduction (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Temptation (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Possession (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Addiction (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

If you are a passionate reader, the kind of reader who never get enough from a book, who always want some more about the principal character, and above all the secondary characters. Also if you are looking for something different some mystery, intrigue, some romance but not the kind of romance we use to watch on the movie theater, the kind of romance where everything can happen, and when I say everything I mean every little, unexpected, twisted and obviously erotic but still strongly sentimental romance. This Series is all that you need to immerse yourself, to disconnect yourself to a whole another dimension which seems endless but always interesting. This Maya Banks piece of art is all that your life need, your soul is screaming from the inside of your body to give it something new, a new experience that I thing you can totally take benefits to reinvent your personal life, to add it that touch you almost hardly see in life. It is there, just outside waiting for you to find it, to take it, to possess it, to make it totally yours. All you need to finally make this change is to read these books, to analyze them, to feel them, and finally when you feel prepared to go out of your comfort zone and search for it and when you finally got it, just immerse yourself into the experience, embrace it and live it!

The sweet series is a pretty vapory set of stories which is develop around a group of comrades or friends, which the majority are workers for Security Company in Texas. Then you will see that each book or story tells about a couple of main characters, let’s say that each book develop in a very detailed way the events between our queen and king of the story, but constantly our protagonist will be visited by their dear friends and you got catch up by their relations on the previous books. Now, I’m going to give a little taste of the first stories lines in order to if it got your attention, well, I know it already got your attention but let’s see if it accomplish to got your whole attention.

The Fist book is Sweet Surrender; it is a pretty catchy name isn’t it?

It tells the story of the typical woman who knows exactly what she wants, when she wants it, and how to get it, the sort of person who is used to obtain everything she wants one way or another, sooner or later she gets what she wants. That is our Faith Malone. On the other hand, we have a Dallas cop, who I must say is pretty similar to her because is the type of man who just take things or people without asking using his strength. Isn’t it a quite explosive combination? Well, they don’t even know each other until he realize she is related to a private and personal case he is investigating, he realize that if he the close, close and every time even closer to her he will be able to resolve the case successfully. So he does it, Faith Malone is the type of woman he is usually interested for; totally sweet and feminine. Suddenly he realizes that she’s just playing games that he not minded to play, so he decided to keep his distance to not to fall into that dangerous game. However, as I told you just above she’s not the kind of woman who will allow someone else to direct her games, although she realizes that this not anymore a game, he is the kind of dominant and strong person she hasn’t been able to find in her life. As a result she will do everything to demonstrate to Gray that she is totally willing to surrender to who she consider is the right man. Although, Gray Montgomery just does not believe and also his priority is to resolve the case through they found each other.

The second book is this truly interesting series is Sweet persuasion.

As I told you just above every book have its own players. In this one we have Serena James, who is a very successful business woman who owns an agency which accomplishes fantasies for her clients; she is the type of woman who has worked all her life by serving for the others. Until now she has never thought in accomplish herself not even ones. But, she does have a desire to accomplish an erotic dream to fulfill which is to find a strong man who takes the full control of her body, someone who can be able to conquer her deepest undisclosed desires and someone who can be able to lose her in a world of lust. Lucky to her that she finally found the right man, no more, no less than the owner of a very luxury sex club, an undeniable and strong man called Damon Roche. The only person who will make her to do anything he desires. Obviously they both want the same, so it doesn’t take too much time to the two of them to immerse into this world of fantasy she only has had the opportunity to dream, but now she is about to accomplish it. However Damon Roche has any desire to let her go, he know she is exactly what he has been looking for during has entire life, and he will not allow this fantasy to end he will to everything to turn it into a reality.

Right now I’m not allowed to tell you more but I also think this is more than enough to make understand that this is what you need to improve your life, to immerse yourself in a journey that will probably change your life, just go to the closest library and start to read this amazing series and give a turn to your life in order to make it much more interesting. I highly recommend you to do it, remember that this life is only one and we have to enjoy it the most we can.

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