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Publication Order of Sweetwater County Books

Winter in Sweetwater County (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spring in Sweetwater county (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fall in Sweetwater County (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Summer in Sweetwater County (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas in Sweetwater County (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Valentines in Sweetwater County (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
4th of July in Sweetwater County (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thanksgiving in Sweetwater County (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grace in Sweetwater County (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Faith in Sweetwater County (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hope in Sweetwater County (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love in Sweetwater County (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

It is often said that no one runs away from their destiny. What’s more, people usually encounter their destiny along the way. This two statements aptly describe Ciara Knight, the author behind the acclaimed Sweetwater County series. Initially, Knight tried to subdue the urge to write and started pursuing a different career instead. However, two things made her realize that writing was her calling. One of them is an injury that was, indeed, a blessing in disguise. Coupled with a career break, these two things encouraged her to put pen to paper.

For starters, Sweetwater County refers to a novel series authored by American woman of letters Ciara Knight. Meet Ciara Knight. Knight was born on September in the US and her birthday is on September 16. Knight initially wanted to pursue a dance career and at one time the Walt Disney World auditioned her for the position of a dancer. She injured her foot while aged fifteen and definitely shelved her dancing ambitions after an 18-month stint.

This prompted her to go to college, a period during which she penned several short stories that literary magazines published.
It was not until when Ciara Knight got married and got children when she considered writing. Both Knight and her husband resolved to stay at home and rear their children. It was during this period that her husband encouraged her to write a book and Knight took heed. Subsequently, she penned her very first book, entitled The End, which greatly reassured her about her writing prowess despite the fact that the said book was not published. Long story short, Knight’s niche is particularly romance, contemporary, and fantasy genres.

Sweetwater County: Section on Books
Ciara Knight has authored many books, ranging from trilogies to a tetralogy to a quintet to an octalogy. Sweetwater County series is an octalogy. To labor the point, the said series comprises of eight related books. Even then there is a boxed set; there is an omnibus consisting of the first four books in the series.

There are four editions of the first book in the Sweetwater County series. The first of the four editions was initially published in January 2014, titled Winter in Sweetwater County; and this book is shelved under the holiday books, romance, and contemporary literature genres.

There are two featured main characters in the first book in the Sweetwater County. The first one is named Lisa Mortan and the other one is called Eric Gaylord. Meet protagonists Lisa Mortan and Eric Gaylord. On the one hand, Lisa Mortan is a self-reliant, kind-hearted, mindful, and hardworking woman. She is in an ill-fated relationship Mark, a well-off and influential man. Her viewpoint against abortion manifests itself when Mark impregnates her. Based on her doomed relationship with the one-time fiance Mark, Mortan resolves to give up her interest on men.

On the other hand, Eric Gaylord is attractive, a man of honor presently, and remorseful. Gaylord is a careerist, something that rankled with his late girlfriend whom he had been with since their high school days. After a meeting with the girlfriend, Gaylord broke up with his heartthrob against the girlfriend’s wish. In a fit of rage, the girlfriend decided to travel home but perished in a drunk driving incident alongside her unborn child. This shocked Gaylord because he had no idea that she was expectant.

The turning point in the first book in the serialized Sweetwater County, Winter in Sweetwater County, is the moment Mark orders Lisa Mortan to abort lest he murder her. Apparently, Mark had resolved to never get any child. Mortan defies the order and fearing for her life, relocates from New York to Creekside, a town that is located in Sweetwater County upon Tennessee. By relocating, she hoped to safely give birth then have the baby adopted.

Once in Creekside, Mortan teams up with a woman and both of them start operating an antique shop. It is under these circumstances that she makes acquaintances with Eric Gaylord, her business partner’s son; both Mortan and Gaylord are kindred spirits and get attracted to each other. There is a blossoming love affair between Mortan and Gaylord, and Mark throws a wrench into it when he appears on the scene, further complicating matters in the fast-paced book.

Sweetwater County Awards
The books in the Sweetwater County might not have clinched any literary award yet. However, the books contained in other Ciara Knight’s series have been nominated for and bagged literary awards. For instance, Knight clinched the InD’tale Rone awards, in the Best Cover, courtesy of her book entitled Balance; this is the third book in The Neumarian Chronicles.

Best Sweetwater County Books
These are the best books in the Sweetwater County series. The first is the aforementioned Winter in Sweetwater County. The second is Spring in Sweetwater County. It is the second book in the Sweetwater County series. The story revolves around Judy Gaylord, Eric’s parent, who reunites with her husband who was presumed dead. The third, Summer in Sweetwater County, is the third book in the Sweetwater County series. It is all about a woman and man who have to surmount social factors to unite.

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The third one is named The Lockwood Legacy series. This is a tetralogy, written by American scribbler Juliette Harper. This series chronicles the experiences of three daughters–namely Mandy, Kate, and Jenny–whose father has since died, leaving behind his riches and mysteries to them. Their father, a tyrannical Texas-based rancher, was an empty nester and his death was suspicious. Using their late father’s journal entries, they start revisiting their father’s dark secrets, including the connection to their family land that was allegedly stolen.

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