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Swift River Valley Books In Order

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Publication Order of Swift River Valley Books

Secrets of the Lost Summer (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
That Night on Thistle Lane (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cider Brook (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas at Carriage Hill (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Echo Lake (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Knights Bridge Christmas (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Spring at Moss Hill (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Clover Inn (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The River House (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stone Bridges (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Swift River Valley is set of contemporary romance novels authored by American bestselling author Carla Neggers. The series narrates romances that occur in a small town in New England Swift River Valley. The author began series publication in 2012 when the first novel in the series Secrets of…..Summer was published.

Secrets of the Lost Summer

A wave of hope transports Olivia Frost to her New England hometown that lies in Swift River Valley. She is finally transforming a historic home into a perfect gateway. Scenic and perfect but only if the owner will fix up the messy next door. Dylan McCaffrey’s abandoned house is an inheritance he has never counted on. The house holds the key to a treasure lost through generations that he cannot resist any more than he can resist his neighbor.

The first book in Swift River Valley series is a fantastic read, the characters are fascinating, the plot is perfect while the contemporary romance integrated with lost love tale is unforgettable. The novel features two fantastic plotlines melded together- one a story taking place in the late 1930’s before the start of World War II merges perfectly with the story of Olivia Frost a renowned graphic designer residing in the present day Boston.

After some critical professional setback in her career, she quits her job and heads back Knights Bridge in Western. She purchases a historic home and plans to follow what has always been her dream for a long time to open a Bed and Breakfast in the scenic town. She is hopeful as she begins the transformation of the old house into a favorite meeting place for her friends and strangers as well. The location is a perfect but only except for one glaring eyesore just a few yards down the road there is abandoned houses that needs much cleans up, and it is making her property look pretty bad.

The messed up property owner, Dylan McCaffrey, is a former NHL player who now operates as a businessman based in California. He has no idea that he the heir to the house in Massachusetts from his dead father until the day he receives a letter from Olivia that makes him travel to Massachusetts to oversee the situation. Dylan is confused and thus decides to stay around and find out the reason why his father who was a treasure hunter could have purchased such a property in the middle of nowhere. The duo (Olivia and Dylan) discover a file that details a stolen jewelry and are also narrated a tale by Grace Webster, the former house owner who is living out her life in a nursing home nearby.

As the whole narrative unfolds from the 1930’s, the past encounters the present and accounts for an interesting tale that involves romance, suspense, and mystery that is solved later in the series. The greatest aspect of this novel is the love story that was born in the 1930’s and how forms romance in the present day that is beautiful.

That Night on Thistle Lane

The second installment in Swift River Valley series is an intriguing romance and a mystery tale that will leave you fulfilled and happy. Neggers wove a beautiful book that will make you laugh, and at times leave you scratching your head trying to figure out the real mystery.

That Night on Thistle Lane is an interesting narrative about Phoebe a librarian and Noah, a rich young man thinking hard on what to do next in life. The novel starts when Phoebe finds herself in the midst of a mystery as she comes across a secret sewing room located in the attic of the library where she works. As she tries to solve the mystery of who could have occupied the house years ago, she decides last minutes to make an appearance at a charity function held out of town. She chooses to wear one of the dresses that she found in the room for the service. At the Boston party, Phoebe finds herself making some move dance with a mysterious man as sparks ignite.

However, they somehow unexpectedly part ways before the night ends and Phoebe finds herself cursing that she will never see him again. However, fate has some good ideas as Noah finds himself dog sitting in Phoebe town. After several runs ins, Noah and Phoebe learn more about themselves and finally get entangled in romance and mystery as well.

One of the various aspects that you will love about this novel is that it features fantastic secondary characters such as O’Dunn sisters, Maggie, a dreamer who divorced her husband in Boston and moved to live with her two sons in Knights Bridge. She is stubborn, tough but very sensitive. You will love how the author gives a glimpse of Maggie’s broken marriage and how it was finally pieced together. It was clear that Maggie and her Brandon, her estranged husband were still deep in love. However life is not that easy and often tosses curve balls, Neggers clearly showed how even when you may have felt that a part of your precious life is over, real love can still prevail.

You will also love Brandon, a secondary character featured in as well. Even though you might have your doubts of this character when he is introduced, you will somehow realize that he is a good man and that is still in love with his woman.

Cider Brook

Getting rescued by a handsome bad boy firefighter is not how Samantha anticipated to start her life in Knights Bridge. Now she has everyone attentions at her grip more so that of Justin Sloan, the man who rescued her, and who wants to know why she camped out in the old cider mill.

Apparently, Samantha earns a living by treasure hunting and has returned to the Knights Bridge to solve a three centuries mystery and save her good name. Justin remembers Samantha pretty well; he is the reason why she got fired by her late mentor. However, because he does not trust her, it does not mean that he can resist her. Samantha is a determined daring and everything that Justin ever wanted.

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