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Hailing from Canada, Gordon lives with his family in Great Neck, New York. His passion for writing is a rare find as evident in his unique, well articulated books that opens a kids imagination to a whole new world. He started his writing career at the tender age of twelve and surprisingly his seventh-grade English assignment turned out to be his first novel. Today he is a prolific writer with about 17 million copies of his novels in print. His books have even been translated into 14 languages. Gordon’s New York Times bestselling Swindle series has been transformed in to a movie. The chillingly realistic yet funny scenarios are a reflection of the author’s trademark humor as well as adventurous style. Gordon accredits his success to a combination of pure imagination and real life experiences. This article looks into some of Gordon Korman’s best-selling novels, Swindle and Schooled, including some of the main characters, their roles and significance of the novels.


In this captivating storyline, two friends, Griffin and Ben Slovak, are camping at an old abandoned mansion that was about to be knocked down. Griffin is in the quest of protesting to stop the destruction of the mansion. He comes up with a plan to invite his classmates to camp with him at the old mansion. However, his classmates fail to come and only he and his friend get to camp. The story takes an unexpected turn when Griffin finds a Babe Ruth baseball card. At that time, Griffin’s family is experiencing some financial constrains and Griffin hopes the baseball card would help. He had heard of that baseball cards sell at large amounts of money. He takes the card to Palomino’s Emporium where he is told that the card is a knock off and sells it at $120.

Days later, Griffin finds out that the card was original and “Swindle”, the collector had lied and the real value of the card was $974,000. This money would allow Griffin’s family to stay in Cedarville and stop the constant arguments about money in his family. Griffin makes various plans to get steal the card back. Griffin also compiles an entourage of his fellow school mates with talent to help him in the battle. With the help of a rock-climber, a bully, a computer genius, animal-rights activist and an actor are all part of his entourage. On the other hand a tough guard dog, Luthor, a safe, a high-tech security system and a fence are in the way of Griffin and his team. To make matters even more intriguing, Darren Vader joins the team in an attempt to cause trouble for the kids. Brilliant speculation and unpredictable scenes emerge and one can do nothing but read more. The struggle of Griffin trying to fight for his right in the adult world is captivating yet inspiring. The stakes are high, enemies relentless and the group has to be extremely intelligent to outwit ‘Swindle’ and take the card back. This fast paced suspenseful adventure will leave you asking for more of action packed thrillers. The book makes a very strong case for the relevance of a deeper knowledge in the field of kids manipulation. Gordon has managed to incorporate funny characters doing what seem to be funny things with great results.


Thirteen year old Cap Aderson lives on a hippie farm with his grandmother Rain. The both of them love to the old local hippes and live it even when all other people have deserted it. Cap is homeschooled and has never attended a normal school. He has never held money in his hand or tasted pizza or watched Television. A twist of events take place when his grandmother is falls off a tree hurting her-self. Cap has to taken to foster care where he has to attend regular school which is a complete unknown to Cap. Entrenched in his old hippie world, Cap is about to experience the ravages of junior high. Zach Powers, a ruthless big man on campus, is bent on devastating Cap. Zach elects Cap as the class president and sends him to fake meetings. Even after being singled out, Cap is not phased but instead focuses on taking productive actions. At one point, Cap saves an ailing bus driver and writes checks to charities via blank school checks.

Eventually, people start to admire Cap as he does not care about their world and focus his attention on what is important. Mrs. Donnelly is Cap’s forster mother who was also brought up on the same commune as Cap. Mrs. Donnell helps Cap as she completely understands what he is going through. Peculiar events take place making people believe that Cap is dead. The events are not clear as some belief that he is going to live Rain. Several unexpected events take place keeping the reader intrigued in this roller coaster ride of a story. Cap rises against all odds and makes his attackers respect him. This is a very inspiring storyline especially for kids. Cap’s positive attitude and simple kindness changes the negative opinions of others and inspires them to be better. The smart yet funny realism of the book is incredible. This book shutters all social norms with an underlying principle of love for modern hippie. Gordon has mastered the art of creating believable characters that alter our world view and leave readers with a new perspective.

Swindle and Schooled, are some of the best heart-pounding, action packed original novels that will capture your emotions and open your imagination. These first class thrillers explore humanity’s will to survive in the face of tragic moments. The classic introduction of colorful characters is a thing of beauty. Gordon explores and tackles topics that are at times shunned yet very destructive to young adults. Both novels are fast paced and feature captivating stories with a degree of suspense that will leave you asking for more. These well crafted stories are inspirational and productive to all people especially young adults. We can only wait to read more books from this talented writer whose stories are simply incredible.

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  1. harmaan s. dhillon: 3 years ago

    Hello Mr.Korman, I just think you should make a new swindle series book called RECALLED were Luthor saves Cederville from a greedy Darren Vader who planes to get revenge on Griffin Bing whos family won the lottery and got a tesla model x. Also, I would like you from now on to not always put SUV or SEDEN but insted put Ford Escape or Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe.


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