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Publication Order of Sword and Circlet Books

Six of Swords (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Exiles of the Rynth (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Keepers of Edanvant (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heir of Rengarth (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seven of Swords (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Sword & Circlet series is a volume of books written by Carole Nelson Douglas and are mainly centered on fantasy and imagination. Unlike most of the other series, the reader does not have to commence reading from the first book to follow up the main idea. Whatever the level of sequel that the reader starts with, he is able to comprehend the main objective of the plot. One of the early books of this volume is the Six of Swords which consists of Irissa and Kendric as the major characters. Irissa is among the group of magicians known as Torlocs and is deserted by her family due to her involvement with the supernatural powers. The other character who is Kendrick is also a magician and is a member of the Six of Swords. He has a mythical mace that he uses to protect the Realms from being destroyed. Unfortunately he has been evicted from the group and the other members of Six of Swords are seeking to kill him.

The book presents the battle that erupts when the magicians and the militants come across each other. These types of people still hold in them old grudges for one another. Irissa and Kendric have to come together and join forces to overcome the dark powers by each contributing their own strengths. The fact that Irissa is a magician, the supernatural powers are not enough to defend her life therefore she needs support of Kendric who is gifted with sword fighting. In addition to that, magic has started to experience a downfall in the world which is known as Rule. The dark powers are present at the Gate of Valna and they intend to demolish the world entirely. Both Irissa and Kendric have no choice other than to stand firm. The book goes ahead to describe how Irissa and Kendrick come across each other. The cruel wizard that they encounter becomes their major opponent throughout the storyline.

The tale is full of bravery as the two engage in a lot of incidents involving adventure. The characters are deeply involved in their roles with the plot arranged in a dreamlike way. The deeply descriptive features of the book make it suitable for it to be a narrative. The author has balanced the fantasy with the real world in that the characters perform things that the reader can comprehend. The tale is also composed of a high level of terror as is found with most magical novels. Readers who love imaginary feeds have no choice other than to read this book. The theme of struggle and accomplishment is presented by the way the characters endure the hardships by themselves and in the end they are able to conquer. The endless quest of the two as they take a journey in the forest captures the reader’s attention. It is also interesting to find out the many obstacles they meet in the jungle including creatures who escape when they spot them. A good level of suspense is maintained as the reader is not able to predict the next step of Kensdric and Irissa. The dialogue between the two is remarkable and well illustrated as the use of metaphors and similes helps the writer to break the monotony of a continuous narrative.

Another popular book from the Sword & Scarlet series is the Heir of Rengarth which is also a tale centered mainly on fantasy. The story is composed of three characters which include Irissa, a magician from the lineage of Torloc, Kendrick, a battle man whose height is stunning reaching to a level of seven feet and another magician, Geronfrey who also uses the supernatural forces. Irissa and Kendric are involved together in many battles so that they can overcome Geronfrey who seems to be a danger to Irissa’s powers. Geronfrey has a motive to take control of Irissa and take powers away from her. He therefore plots on how he is going to make Irissa have a child with him and then make her unconscious. He therefore, impregnates Irissa through magic with the intention of giving birth to an heir of the Rengarth kingdom. Irissa becomes expectant and consumes poison by mistake thinking it is a drink and as a consequence becomes unconscious for a long time. This accidental incident of ingesting a toxic drink was planned by Geronfrey.

Kendric offers to rescue Irissa’s life by searching for the appropriate medicine. He proceeds to the terrifying Black Tower where he believes he is going to find Irissa’s image. In the tower he finds a delicate image of Irissa known as Irissi which has been invented by the wicked Geronfrey. In the mean time, Irissa gets healed at the same time she comes across Sin and Aven when she mystically travels to Rengarth .Sin and Aven are the inheritors of Geronfrey’s kingdom and are very enthusiastic to take over after the magician. Geronfrey also has other opponents, which are the ludborgs that are also on the mission to hunt and destroy him. Even though he is surrounded with aliens, he seems to be a hard to pin down. The plot is deeply condensed with all sorts of magic performances as Geronfrey is attacked from all sides. A good amount of fantasy is well represented which keeps the reader on the imaginative world until the end of the plot. The level of fantasy is suitable to both adults and children as it is simple to comprehend. The writer is able to describe the mysterious acts in a way that the reader feels like he is the one who is actually performing them. The theme of love and sacrifice is represented in the relationship between Kendric and Irissa when he risks his life to save Irissa. At first the story seems to be filled with defeat as Geronfrey conquers in his entire mission and appears unbeatable but towards the end of the tale his downfall seems to begin. Horror is present but not in a way to overdo the fiction in the illustrations. Generally, the plot is reader-engaging especially where there is use of wit and charm. Looking at this, the reader is occupied in solving the paranormal works.

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