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Sybil Bartel
Author Sybil Bartel grew up in the Northern part of California with her feet in the sand and her head in a book. She dreamed once of becoming a painter but the smell of libraries with their shelves all full of books about first loves and wistful summer days pulled her into the storytelling realm. Sybil’s real literary love is the New Adult genre, however any and all stories that are about a love so impossibly beautiful and desperately wrong will make her swoon.

While she doesn’t get to read as much as she likes to, she still buries her toes into the sand. If she is not fighting to contain the banana plantation in her backyard or writing, she is usually spending time with her brilliantly practical son, her tattooed husband, and a mischievous miniature boxer.

Sybil loves men in uniform, and can swear like a Sailor. She was raised a faculty brat, and hates being told what to do. Sybil is able to do your taxes, just don’t ask, and every week she has got a new book boyfriend, but don’t tell her husband that. Her two favorite words are dirty and desperate, and is unable to decide which she likes more. She has got a thing for muscle cars, just don’t ever rely on her for driving directions. The Bird Market in Hong Kong freaked Sybil out.

Sybil writes the “Unchecked” series, the “Alpha Bodyguard” series, and the “Uncompromising” series, as well as some stand alone work. Her work is from the romantic suspense genre, and her work has made the USA Today Bestseller List. Sybil’s debut novel, called “No Apologies”, was released in the year 2014.

“Scandalous” is the first novel in the “Alpha Bodyguard” series and was released in the year 2018. Chauffeur. Babysitter. Bodyguard. This is not what Tank thought he would be doing with his life.

Particularly not for a spoiled rotten Hollywood actress that is on location in Miami Beach. Carrying a gun and triple pay do have their advantages, though. He would shove screaming fans and the paparazzi away for much less. While in the Marines, he was trained to be Force Recon, so crowd control and intimidation was nothing compared to doing four tours. It was an assignment should have just been easy money.

The doe-eyed starlet with her perfect smile dragged right down her rabbit hole. Living to be in the spotlight, Audrina leaked the ultimate scandal. Tank warned her that making headlines was nowhere in his job description, yet she just kept on smiling for those cameras. Now she is going to see how scandalous a bodyguard can get.

Readers enjoyed reading about these main characters, finding them to be fantastic people and easy to connect to, and they are hot and steamy with each other. Audrina is the perfect heroine, the right blend of chaos and sass to bring a strong alpha like Tank right to his knees. Tank is beyond smokin’ hot, and made readers quickly fall in love with him. Fans found this story to flow quite nicely, and were able to finish it pretty quickly.

“Merciless” is the second novel in the “Alpha Bodyguard” series and was released in the year 2018. Gun for hire. Bodyguard. Mercenary. Collin doesn’t care what you call it, the result is usually the same each time. He gets paid to do a job, you will get results. The Marines trained him to shoot, yet it was life that taught him to aim. Working for the best personal security firm in the entire business was just a stepping stone. Build his resume, put in the time, and then move on. Collin doesn’t do attachments, on any level.

Until one of his hot, former one-night stands crossed the street right in front of him, and held a kid that looked just like Collin. She attempted to just play it off, and deny the kid was his. She claimed not to remember him, right before she turned right around and ran. She thought she had made a clean escape. She is going to find out how merciless a bodyguard can be.

“Reckless” is the third novel in the “Alpha Bodyguard” series and was released in the year 2018. Bad boy. Escort. Bodyguard. Tyler didn’t come from the wrong side of the tracks, rather he was the wrong side. Each cliché anybody could think of, his family embraced. The one advantage he had was being the best looking one of all his brothers. Except when he became a Marine, looks do not count for anything downrange.

He is no longer active duty anymore working for the absolute best personal security firm in the entire business, his looks were getting him into a lot more trouble than they are worth. Tyler didn’t realize just how much until a princess who came from a country he had never heard of before asked for him specifically. Her request was a simple one. Him, his gun, and some art opening. She recklessly failed to mention one vital part of the assignment. They had to pretend that he was really her new fiance. She is going to learn just how reckless a bodyguard can be.

“Ruthless” is the fourth novel in the “Alpha Bodyguard” series and was released in the year 2019. Security Detail. Bodyguard. Protector. Sawyer was not supposed to join up with the Marines and then serve three tours. He had been groomed to be another type of warrior. Since he had learned to walk, he had been primed to take the family business over. Build up the real estate empire larger, fight ruthlessly to get to the top, and make all involved richer.

He enlisted, instead. Sawyer had no interest in protecting a bank account, he was more interested in protecting his country. He turned his back on the family business and gave the Marines eight years of his life. Now, he is a bodyguard for the best personal security firm in the business, and his life was perfectly not complicated. Until one innocent redhead smiled at him and wrecked it all. Now she will learn just how ruthless a bodyguard can get.

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