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Sydney Brennan Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sydney Brennan Mysteries Books

Back to Lazarus (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets in Stockbridge (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Perils of Panacea (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Safe Winterport (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Braving the Boneyard (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
River Bound (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grave Truth (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Memory Lane (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sydney Brennan Mysteries
Sydney Brennan is the main character in a series of mystery books by American author of suspense, mystery, and thriller novels, Judy K. Walker. She is a retired criminal defense investigator who turned a private investigator, overseeing her activities in Tallahassee, Florida, in the early 2000s. She had previously worked for the Public Defenders Office and most of her cases then and now aren’t a thing to smile about. She isn’t a badass even though she creeps closer to all badass territories with every book.

In most cases, she doesn’t carry her gun and never goes poking her nose everywhere she goes. But when she commits to helping someone, she will do whatever it takes to see victory. And once she sinks her teeth into something, that’s when trouble finds her — the Sydney Brennan mysteries alternate between novellas and novels. The authors have separated them to avoid confusion over length. Each book is a standalone story with no crazy cliffhangers, and readers won’t be lost if they pick them up out of order. It’s also good to note that each book does build upon the previous book in the series, and this build-up becomes more important as the series progresses.

Back to Lazarus
The first book in Sydney Brennan series is set in 2004 north Florida. We meet private investigator Sydney Brennan as she cuts ties with her nearest past and keeps it close to her vest. But it’s almost impossible not to reflect on her own estranged family when a woman requests her to investigate into her father’s alleged prison-cell suicide. Since the dead man served over two decades for killing his wife, Sydney suspects that guilt led him to take his own life. What other sins could the client’s family be hiding?

Sydney’s client isn’t the only person with secrets to hide. As Sydney uncovers some “evil” evidence and incomplete reports, she makes enemies of those who want their dark secrets to staying hidden. Can Sydney cut through all the lies and unravel the coverup before she meets a brutal fate? Back to Lazarus is the debut novel in this Mystery series. If you like books that feature strong heroines and plenty of twists and turns, with some regular snarky profanity, then you will love Judy K. Walker’s series debut novel.

Secrets in Stockbridge

Secrets in Stockbridge is the second novel in the Sydney Brennan mystery series. The book’s heroine, Sydney Brennan, is a Florida private investigator and has made some reservations with Bran Woodford, a wealthy businessman. Bran gives her a task to do a background check at his upstate home in New York.
Bran is Sydney’s ex-boyfriend, and she is aware that she must limit the number of times they meet despite how heavy his pocket is. However, Sydney is very curious to know what is going on in his home. She has to use her skills to investigate Bran’s aunt suitor, who they are almost getting married.
Sydney gives in after promises of Red Sox ticket if she takes the task. While there, she notices weird behaviors about the suitor and is determined to let bran’s aunt know about it. Things get more complicated than they seem, and when the suitor is found dead within 24 hours of Sydney’s arrival, Bran and his aunt are the primary suspects. However, Sydney trusts both of them and knows that none of them is capable of being the murderer.

Does Bran have to be blamed because of a past life? She has to do whatever she can to help them out. Sydney has to find out the killer before secrets in Stockbridge gets their next victim. Will her trust in her ex-boyfriend lead to yet another death?

If you are interested in a traditional P1 novel with a strong heroine and some humor, then this is a nice book for you. The author uses twists and turns that keep you wondering what will happen next. The mystery keeps you glued to your seat, flipping pages to the last one. Walker uses dialogue and describes the scenes leaving out no detail.

Sydney is a strong character with a unique personality and does not easily give up. The book has twists and turns that keep you guessing what will happen next.

The Perils of Panacea
The Perils of Panacea is the third book in the adventure of the Sydney Brennan mystery series. The book features Sydney Brennan, who never thinks of quitting even when she is in trouble. The story begins a decade after JD Devereaux’s son was made to believe that his father passed on. Sydney Brennan goes back to West Florida to find out what happened to her friend’s father, who is thought to have died a long time ago.

A lot of armed men guards the place where JD went. However, this does not discourage Sydney from rescuing him since she wants to help her neighbor find the father of his child. She is determined to help him reunite with his son, but she first has to ensure that he comes out alive.

Things get complicated when Devereaux starts running from Sydney, claiming that he does need her help and keeps avoiding her whenever he sees her. He does not want to let her know who is chasing him and the reason behind it. Shortly, bodies of dead people are found in various places, and Sydney is not willing to let Devereaux be the next victim. During the fight, they get short of guns and are outsmarted by the killers. Will Sydney’s intelligence and stubbornness help to stay alive?

If you love mysteries with believable characters and humor, then this is a good book for you. The story narrates of JD’s son who despite loving his mother so much, he still wanted to know who his father was. The book is full of humor, adventure, and humility that will keep you flipping page after another. The author blends action, intrigue, romance, and action to make the book enjoyable.

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