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Publication Order of Sydney Fitzpatrick Books

Face of a Killer (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bone Chamber (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dark Hour (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black List (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Kill Order (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Second (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Sydney Fitzpatrick series is a series of thriller and suspense books written by one of the highly reputed authors from America named Robin Burcell. This series is comprised of a total of 5 novels and 1 novella, which were released between the years 2008 and 2013. Each and every book of the series features the chief protagonist in the role of Sydney Fitzpatrick. Author Burcell has described Sydney Fitzpatrick as a Special Agent from FBI, who is also a well trained forensic artist. Throughout the novels of this series, Sydney is depicted as solving murder cases as well as the other crimes in the city. She faces a lot of hardships along the way, but she always sails through all the difficulties with the help of her firm determination and dedication. Sydney also goes through some personal nightmares, as shown in the series, which tend to make her job difficult at times. But, again author Burcell has shown that she is able to overcome all her personal problems as the series progresses. Author Robin Burcell began writing the Sydney Fitzpatrick series in the year 2008 and was able to finish its debut book in the same year. It was published under the title of Face Of A Killer. The book received a grand success and it helped author Burcell to go on with the series and write a few more interesting stories revolving around the central character, Sydney Fitzpatrick. After releasing a total of 6 stories so far, author Burcell is currently working on the development of the plot of the 7th story. He is expected to finish writing it soon and publish in the days to come.

In the initial part of the series, Sydney Fitzpatrick is introduced as a Special Agent and a forensic artist working for the FBI. She seems to be pretty much disturbed by the fact that she has not been able to catch the killer of her father, who was murdered around 20 years ago. However, she is finally able to come across that person face to face, but when she comes to know he is about to get a death penalty. Sydney always wanted to punish the man with her own hands and when she learns that the judicial system of the country is going to punish him for his crimes, she becomes even more restless. To make her a lot more uneasy, Sydney comes across the photo of a man who committed suicide after clicking it. The photo makes Sydney Fitzpatrick questions all that she was aware of about her father. In spite of feeling very much painful at the turn of the events, Sydney sets out to find out the reality behind the mystery of her father’s life and death. In her attempt to do so, Sydney Fitzpatrick goes on to trespass some sacred grounds as well as ruffles a few wrong feathers. She digs deep into the case to such a level that even her own government and investigation department tries to kill her as soon as possible. Thinking that Sydney has come to know more than what she should have, the government wants her to get removed quickly. But, for a woman of her capabilities and intelligence, it will not be an easy task for anyone to kill her. Seeing that her own people have turned against her makes Sydney Fitzpatrick upset a little bit, but she vows that she will not until she has dug deep enough to reach the roots of the reality.

One of the initial books written by author Robin Burcell in the Sydney Fitzpatrick series is titled as ‘The Bone Chamber’. The Harper publication had released this book in the year 2009. Author Burcell has set the story of this book in Quantico, Virginia, the United States, where chief protagonist Sydney Fitzpatrick is shown as working for the FBI as a forensic artist and a Special Agent. The starting sequence of the story shows that Sydney Fitzpatrick makes a return to her hometown in Quantico in order to help with the identification of a young woman who was murdered brutally. As Sydney begins with the investigation of the matter, she comes to know that her colleague and best friend has been killed in a hit and run accident. The colleague was the same forensic anthropologist who was assisting her in the case of the brutal murder of the young woman. Following this, the case is taken over by a covert team appointed by the government. Due to this, Sydney gets removed suddenly from the murder case. However, she appears to be very much certain that the first case is somehow linked to the killing of her friend. And so, she continues to investigate both the cases on her own. Later, Sydney comes to know that the first victim was an archaeology student and the daughter of the Holy See’s ambassador. Prior to her death, the daughter of the ambassador had claimed that she had found one key out the three that lead to an ancient Templar treasure map. Desperate to find the answers, Sydney Fitzpatrick travels to the streets of Rome and the Naples’ underground caverns and crypts. She always remains a step ahead of the ruthless killer. Shortly after, one of the government agents gets kidnapped and the map of the Templar is asked in ransom. Sydney knows that she does not have enough time and must be able to find the map and save the government agent at any cost.

Another initial book published in the series is titled as ‘The Dark Hour’. It was also published by Harper publishers in the year 2012. In the opening sequence of this book, author Burcell has depicted that Sydney Fitzpatrick is asked by the FBI to travel to Amsterdam in order to investigate a high profile killing. Also, the assassination of one of the prominent senators of the United States seems to have rocked the political world. These two murders seem rather unrelated and take Sydney to the center of a shocking conspiracy that seems to have caused the spread of a death plague all over the world. Her own life lands in a great danger when one of her sketches of a possible conspirator and killer reveals that one of the female CIA agents who was considered dead is still alive. Shortly after, a witness gets murdered and the husband of the missing agent named Zachary Griffin also gets disappeared. These events force Sydney to race against time and solve the conspiracy as soon as possible. As the dark approaches, a number of secrets are expected to get revealed as the lives of millions of people hangs in the balance.

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