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Weekends Required (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not Planning On You (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fall for Me (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fighting for You (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Betting on You (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Denying You (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Always Loving You (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Watch Over Me (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The One for Me (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wishing For Us (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Sydney Langdon is an American novelist from Greenville, South Carolina who writes popular contemporary romances, the most popular of which is the Danvers series. Before she became an author, she spent the most part of twenty five years working as an accountant. She met her husband who proposed to her in 2000. Her man made the most romantic of proposals, proposing to Langdon on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina which has served as the setting for many of her novels. Together they have two children with whom they live with in South Carolina. Sydney loves to style herself as a computer geek and the fact that her husband to be was one of the most crucial factors that made her say yes to him. Langdon credits her husband with infusing her with the rational and calm nature and also an understanding of her constant need for a new pair of shoes every few weeks. Her two children are borderline insane, but together with her husband help to keep things in her life interesting. She has always loved writing and began writing her first novel Weekends Required even while she was still working as an accountant. It was not long before she became so engrossed in her characters that she decided to do it full time with the Navers series of novels. She currently lives in South Carolina and when she is not writing loves to read a great book, swim, drive, enjoy a movie or pull practical jokes on her close friends.

Sydney Langdon first got the idea for the Danvers series of novels while she was still working at a city accounting firm. She first got started writing as a hobby and never thought she would ever finish even the first title. Within three months she had written the first draft into Weekends Requires and it was not long before the novel became a bestselling contemporary romance title on Amazon. With the novel going on to also become a New York Times bestseller, she became so motivated that she immediately started working on her second title Not Planning on You that was also just as successful hitting many bestselling lists within weeks of getting published. The still ongoing series has been very successful and Sydney is sure to continue churning out more novels over the coming years.

Sydney Langdon is one of the most successful of self-publishers that made it without needing traditional publishing as a launch pad. While she eventually published some of her novels with Penguin, she is still considered a self-published author given that she made her name in self-publishing. Since Langdon was a career woman who took writing as a hobby, going the self-publishing route was the most viable choice as she did not have to deal with the stress of agents and publishers. However, she has asserted that she decided to publish some of her works through Penguin to get the recognition from fans not familiar with Kindle and other reading devices. Given that she wanted to reach the largest numbers of readers possible she published hardcover and paperback formats that could be found in Wal-Mart or Barnes and Noble for her readers. Despite publishing some of her novels in paperback and hardcover, she asserts that the self-published writers on Amazon are among some of the most supportive, talented, and most intelligent people that made it possible for her to become an author.
The Danvers series of novels are standard contemporary romance novels: a couple develops feelings for each other and proceed to fight those feelings until they finally have something happen to bring them together. Langdon incorporates a few obstacles along the way to make for explosive narratives that serve to move the plot forward in an interesting and gripping way. The novels are suspense-filled, interesting, sexy, smoking hot, funny and playful novels whose stories never let up from the first p[age to the last. They have enough cliffhangers and suspense at the end of each chapter and novel to leave the reader salivating for more. Sydney Langdon’s world is one full of sexy gorgeous men who sweep the women in their lives off their feet. They are not afraid to show their masculinity and love in contrast to the feminine wiles of the women ion the narratives.

Weekends Required the first novel of the Danvers series is an exhilarating novel that opens to a young Claire Walters working for Jason Danvers. Danvers has never looked at Claire as a woman until the time he attends his friend’s bachelor party and she jumps out of the cake. Claire takes a second job working for an event planning company to make money to support her very ill mother. But then her boss asks the company to provide services, leaving her mortified and him intrigued. Danvers International is dealing with an international merger and Jason needs Claire to go with him for important business trips. Her wildest fantasies are now all coming true. Her friend thinks that this may be the chance for Claire to get everything, though Claire sees her boss as more than just a sexual partner. On the other hand, Jason remains determined to get to know the sexy and beautiful woman who he had previously just thought of as an assistant. The more time he spends with Clare the more he thinks she may just be his happily ever after.

Not Planning on You, the second novel in the series has Suzy Denton enjoying her job as a Danvers International events planner. She is also in a romantic relationship with her high school flame. But now her life is a shambles as she just found out that her fiancé had been cheating on her and the recent merger deal just made her life more difficult. A wealthy CEO named Grayson Merimon is mostly to blame for her woes. He is a man that does not hesitate to go for what he wants and Suzy is who he wants. He is everything Suzy has ever wanted in a man though she is wary of the draw and influence such a man may have. She loves her new freedom and her friend thinks she should go for it. But Suzy does not think Gray may have any romantic interest in someone like her. But when Merimon calls her bluff she has no choice but to agree for an experimental one night stand. It seems circumstances have conspired to bring the two together. Gray is determined to prove to Suzy that even as they are from opposite sides of the spectrum, they can be a great fit together. Could Suzy have found the man that may give her all that she ever wanted?

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