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More Than Just a Pretty Face (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bad Muslim Discount (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sway with Me (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Man in Paradise (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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My Big, Fat Desi Wedding(2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Syed M. Masood is an attorney and published author of fiction.

The author grew up in Pakistan in Karachi and has resided in nine cities and has been a citizen in three countries. He describes himself as a wanderer. He has loved living in different places among different people, which has shaped his writing and how he views the world. The author says that people are the same no matter where you go.

He has since moved to the United States, is married, and has children with his wife. Masood attended the University of Toronto to study English literature and then the William and Mary School of Law. The family resides in the state of California in Sacramento. There the author not only writes but works as an attorney.

Syed was just a teen when he decided to creatively write some couplets in Urdu. To this day, his family insists on informing everyone that Masood is in fact an Urdu poet. The author does not identify with this. He enjoys books, writing, good food, sitcoms, video games, and spending time with his family.

Syed is known for writing novels for young adults. His first novel to be published was titled More Than Just a Pretty Face. It came out in 2020 and while it is for young adult readers, adults are also welcome to check this book out! It’s a great book for middle school aged readers, so be sure to look into getting a copy for yourself or the avid young adult reader in your life.

More Than Just a Pretty Face is the debut novel from author Syed M. Masood. Get a copy of this book for yourself and find out why people like Nandini Baipai are saying that this is a romantic comedy that is not only “deliciously entertaining” but gives the reader cultural insight as well. If you love works by Jenny Han or Becky Albertalli, start on page one and catch all of this young adult read for yourself!

Expectations from your family, aspects of culture and tradition, growing up, being a jack of all trades and falling in love for the first time are all covered in this wonderful young adult book! Main character Danyal Jilani has never had a tough time being confident. He’s always known that he has strengths and plays to them.

Danyal has enough self-awareness to know that he might not be the most intelligent guy in any given room. However, he’s attractive, he’s funny, and he has goals in life. He wants to be a chef in the future and knows that someday he might just be able to excel at his chosen field. Danyal really wants to go into the culinary trade. His father is not exactly giving him the green light and approving of his decision, but that’s okay with Danyal.

Not having the approval of his dad doesn’t really affect Danyal all that much because at the moment he’s preoccupied with something much bigger. He’s always had a crush on Kaval, the girl that he sees as being virtually perfect in every way. While he may be smitten with the young lady, the only problem is that Kaval also has a family that has a say in what she does.

Kaval may eventually be entered into an arranged marriage. Her parents look at Danyal and do not think that he is the most promising candidate when it comes to marriage, and families are always looking for the best match, the most ideal person. They must come from a good family, share cultural beliefs and commonalities, and having money to come into the marriage with is always considered optimal.

As Danyal wants to be a chef, it appears that their romance may never come to be. Then Danyal is picked to participate in the academic tournament Renaissance Man. He knows that this is the best chance he has to prove that he actually is smart– at least more smart than everyone seems to believe that he is. Maybe he could also win some approval points with his crush’s parents and be deemed good enough to date her.

The other great thing about being picked for the championship is that he’s spending time with a new friend. Bisma is really smart and she doesn’t have feelings for him, so it all works out. However, when Danyal actually spends some more time around Bisma, he finds that she is really cool. She’s not only book smart and willing to help him out, she likes his food and they have a nice time together.

Danyal is starting to fall for Bisma, and could see the two of them together. Will he stay loyal to his original crush, or will he give true love a chance? Find out by reading this emotional and heart felt novel!

The Bad Muslim Discount is the second novel to come out for young readers from Syed M. Masood. Check out this book and find out why publications like The New York Times think it’s such a great read!

This book is a funny and often times serious novel that is about two different families as they go to the city of San Francisco in 2016 from living in Iraq and Pakistan in the nineties. If you are an immigrant or Muslim living in America, you can likely relate to this interesting and inclusive story from Masood.

The story starts out set in 1995. Anvar Faris is a young boy that is very restless and has a quick tongue living in Karachia, Pakistan. He’s rebellious, but then fundamentalism starts spreading socially throughout the country. Then their next door neighbors start turning up the dial on their zealot-meter and the family realizes that they may have to move as this thing is gaining momentum.

The family talks and eventually the majority of them decide that the best idea for them is to move to the United States. They will pack up and move to California to start a new life. Anvar’s brother and mother adjust well, while Anvar and his father have a tougher time establishing themselves in America.

Then there’s the young Safwa living in Baghdad, torn apart by war. Her father works to take them to America, but will they get there safely? Will Safwa and Anvar ever meet? Read this book to find out!

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