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Sylvain Neuvel was born in Quebec, Canada. He is the modern writer and his academic credentials make it quite obvious that he is a multi talented personality. He has achieved success in different fields of study. He earned his BA in linguistics in 1999 from the Universite de Montreal. He then went on to get his PhD in linguistics from the University of Chicago in 2003. He has traveled around the world working, doing different jobs. He had dropped out of high school when he was fifteen years old and yet managed to amass a wealth of knowledge in various subjects. Some of the jobs which he did were being an ice cream vendor, furniture seller, working in soil decontamination and being a journalist for a brief period.

An adventure lover he wishes to be an astronaut and keeps trying his hand at robotics. His first book was inspired by this thought of machine and alien life. He has a son named Theodore and cat named President Laura Roslin. He openly admits that he is fascinated with Robotics and science fiction. Sylvian Neuvel is obsessed with the festival of Halloween. He is usually busy building a working R2-D2 replica in his spare time. He loves toys as well. A fact well known to his girl friend.

During his youthful years Sylvian Neuvel has worked multiple jobs. He began his career when he published an illustrated poetry book along with Francois Dube in 1993. He then went on to do many jobs such as being a research assistant in Universite de Montreal, being editorial assistant in the same University, getting trained in Conflict Management, becoming a freelance translator, drafting and translating technical papers, document formatting, creating training manuals and reports related to the fields of organizational development and telecommunications. He also gave extensive presentations in the field of linguistics. He edited and reviewed different subjects in linguistics.

In 2003, he published his work Metamorphology: A Word-Based Account of Polysynthesis and Other Multivalent Morphological Relations which earned him his PhD from the University of Chicago. Slyvian Neuvel won some prestigious fellowships during his career. He was awarded Postdoctoral Fellowship from Fonds Quebecois de la Recherche sur la Societe et la Culture, 2003-2005 and the SSHRC Canada Postdoctoral fellowship 2003-2004. Currently Sylvian is working as Director, Translation Services/ Senior Software Engineer in Canada. Writing has always been his passion which he indulges in when possible. He has his own webpage,, wherein he discusses some topics which are close to his heart like his interests in Halloween and his books. The website also has a page called cool stuff where Sylvian talks about things that have captured his imagination.

Sylvian’s debut novel is named Sleeping Giants – Book One of the Themis Files. The book is a thriller which involves quest for the truth and deadly struggle for complete power on earth. This is an exciting story about a small girl named Rose who has an extraordinary adventure one day while riding home on her bicycle in Deadwood, South Dakota. She falls into a metallic pit which is actually a metallic hand. When rescued by the fire fighters, Rose and others are puzzled by its existence. Rose Franklin grows up to become a highly trained physicist after seventeen years of that incident. She now leads a secret team of talented people to solve the mystery of the metallic hand. The hand has different symbols and carvings that are yet to be decoded. Meanwhile Rose is interviewed by a faceless personality who seems to know more than her. However Rose and her team are very near to decoding the metallic hand’s origins and understand its purpose on earth. However if this discovery will bring good news or reveal the end of the world needs to be seen.

The main character in the book is that of Rose Franklin. Though by accident, Rose’s life is shaped by this one incident when she falls into the metallic pit which is a part of a robot placed many many years ago to save mankind. Rose grows up to become a scientist and is obsessed with this mystery. She now dedicates her time to locate and collect the other parts of this mysterious giant robot. With her is the anonymous interviewer who is also just as mysterious and remains unnamed. The narration is made through a series of journals, interviews, logs files and footage found about this mysterious object. This secret team lead by Dr. Rose Franklin comes very close to answering questions like why was this object placed on earth? What was its purpose? Where did it come from? What language do the panels consist of? This then leads to the final question of whether this giant robot has been placed here to save earth or is it a indication that the end of the earth is near due to war.

The writing style of Sylvian has been praised by many of his readers. They have time and again pointed out that the book Sleeping Giants is captivating and entertaining as well. They have often commented that they are unable to put down the book once they got reading. The book is fast paced yet slow enough for the plot to be seen unraveling by the reader. The characters are well etched and human enough. The book has received rave reviews on websites like Goodreads, Kirkus, Library journal and

The book Sleeping Giants was published in April 2016. The movie rights for this book have already been given to SONY. The movie will be produced by Matt Tolmach and Josh Bratman. The script for the film is being written by David Koepp of the Jurassic Park fame. Sylvian has an active social media presence on Face Book and Twitter platforms. The book was launched on 28th April 2016. The book was published by Del Ray of Random House. Various authors have reviewed the book and commented on it saying that that the story line reminded them of The Martian and World War Z movies. Many found the story engrossing and an edge of the seat thriller leaving the reader thirsting for more.

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