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As a highly-acclaimed American author, Sylvia Pierce is a person with a literary talent covers the romance section of the bookstore. Born and bred in the Big Apple, also known as the city of New York, it shouldn’t be a surprise to find that the allure of the city jumps right out of every page written by her. As an accomplished author, Sylvia Pierce has written her books an extremely distinct level of uniqueness and class. Only a handful of writers have been able to match her literary prowess. Remaining true to herself, she has kept to writing under her own name as Sylvia Pierce. This has been a great strategy as she has been able to build a successful literary brand around her name.

Sylvia Pierce is known to love writing about women. The women in her books are characterized as being the embodiment of being headstrong and kick-ass at the same time. Alpha guys with gorgeous features are the norm in her books. As the plot of her stories go, these guys never ever see these headstrong women coming their way. It is her personal belief that life should be similar to her favorite books. Her definition of life is laced with lots of temptations, smoking hot, twists, lots of trouble along the way coupled with happy endings.

Sylvia Pierce is based in the Pacific Northwest. With her husband, whom she describes as being strong and sexy, she has been able to launch her career into different levels of success and exposure. This has been the general trend after her book releases. The hype that precedes her book releases has drawn in a wide selection of fans. Her books have lived up to all the publicity. Among her fans are those who are new converts to the culture of avid reading. Her writing has caused some of the most conservatist of readers to follow her genre of writing. She has been able to address the deepest and darkest sections of her reader’s personas to come up with a venue for them to experience what they so deeply desire in ways that had not been thought possible. Set in perspective, her books have been defined as being able to give a virtual reality experience to her readers with a different aspect of life addressed on each page that is turned.

According to Sylvia Pierce, she is the living embodiment of the women in her books. This is with regards to her relationship with her husband in the relatively calm region of the Pacific Northwest. All through their many years together, her husband apparently didn’t see her coming. After years of making her laugh and always keeping her guessing, he was finally able to figure out who’s the boss. That’s the mind of a devious lady as seen in her books.
This author is known to have a strict set of standard practice. She is known to never go anywhere without something to eat, a good book or publication to read and something to scribble her thoughts onto. These are the signs of a writer committed to her work. The Burrito is a a food group of its own in this author’s definition of favorite foods.

According to Sylvia Pierce, her writing career was influenced by a certain book. She accredits her drive to become a successful writer to a book entitled ‘The Diary of Anaïs Nin’ which is the published version of Anaïs Nin’s own private manuscript diary that dates back to the 1914s when she was 11years old intended to be a letter to her father Joaquin Nin who had abandoned her family earlier. In Sylvia’s words, “[the book] has had more influence on my decision to follow my writing dreams than any other book”.

One fact that many of her fans, and potential fans, don’t know is that Sylvia Pierce was, once upon a time, a wedding photographer. She had tried out her hand at photography. Sadly, or rather luckily, she quickly learned hat she wasn’t cut out for the job. Her reason for this was while taking photos, all she wanted to do was “get lost in the couples’ happy moments – not worry about capturing them on film for eternity!”

Authors who Sylvia Pierce is a fan of include Lauren Blakely, Jessue Evans, Roxy Sloane, Lila Monroe, Lili Valente and Sarah MacLean. As anybody would expect, these authors are also famous among fans of romance books. They are pioneering authors who are known to have acted as mentors for other upcoming authors through their talented penmanship. Sylvia Pierce, however, has quickly risen to their levels of acclaim.

Sylvia Pierce has successfully launched and marketed her series of books with the common title being ‘To Tempt a Thief’. This series is split into a total of 4 key books. Among these, the first two are described below:

1. To Tempt a Thief 1

The main character of this book is Arianne Holbrook. As an art thief, she is a master of discretion. Discretion is both a job requirement and a means to survive in her line of work. As she was carrying out a job at an exclusive auction in New York, she got caught, red-handed. The captor was a hot and mysterious British Social Media Mogul, with a bank account running into the billions, going by the name Jared Blackwell.

To save her cover, Arianne resorts to the only thing that could help her at that very moment – seduction.

What started out as an attempt to save her skin quickly turns into an ache in her. A need that she wanted Jared to tame, again and again. Arianne keeps her secret hidden. Jared lives for high-risk ventures. When it comes to love, does he have what it takes to tempt the cat burglar that is Arianne?
This book lives up to its tagline – Temptation can be deadly.

2. To Tempt a Thief 2

Arianne Holbrook has broken rule number one set by the boss of the crew. The rule is to never fall for the mark. It seems that the boss of the crew didn’t know how hard that would be when the mark “is a sexy, dirty-talking billionaire who’s demanding kiss sets her body ablaze”.

Being a business mogul elevates the senses. Jared knows that Arianne is keeping secrets from him. He is left in a dilemma of sorts. Is he willing to wager everything he has –his entire empire – all in a gamble to tempt a thief?

With this book, the reader will realize that Sylvia Pierce is right when she declares that “Some rules beg to be broken”.

Sylvia Pierce is a great author who has created a legend that will last for a lifetime.

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