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Symphony of Ages Books In Order

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Publication Order of Symphony of Ages Books

Rhapsody (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prophecy (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Destiny (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Requiem for the Sun (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Elegy for a Lost Star (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assassin King (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Merchant Emperor (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hollow Queen (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Weaver's Lament (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

With the grand big screen pictures of Tolkien’s epic saga Lord of the Rings, the fantasy genre is more popular than ever, and has paved the way for series like Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games and Symphony of Ages, just to mention some of the ones that is most popular today and is spellbinding many people all over the world.

Symphony of Ages by Elizabeth Haydon is a series of love and valor, a young girl has to fight her way through the worlds in order to find the one whom she loves and want to marry.

Symphony of Ages (Series by Elizabeth Haydon) is set in a world very different from ours. Where magic and time travel goes hand in hand to create a unique and special universe.

And as in all good fantasy it is the epic battle of good and evil where nail biting cliff-hangers will keep you on the edge wondering if the good guys will make it or not. All led by the charming and beautiful main character.

She and her companions is driven out on an epic adventure to safe kingdoms. And to find love and friendship. She is driven not only by her devotion of helping people, but also in her search of exploring her own potential with the magic in this vast universe.

But as in any saga evil, dark entities and chaos lurks around in every corner, men of power are there to try and capture all that is beautiful and full of light to use in their dark schemes.

In the end someone has to prevent the total destruction of worlds, and Symphony and her companions will through their adventures learn and grow enough for the final battle with the dark side of the universe and prevent the dark sides apocalyptic plans.

The young girl, Amelia Rhapsody Turner, who is known as Emily, is the youngest child and only daughter of a farmer. She meets a young man named Gwydion and they fall hopelessly in love with each other and plans to get married.

But they are a star-crossed couple. Gwydion is send to this location from a distant future and before they marry, he is carried back to his own period. Unaware of these events and devastated with grief Emily runs away from home in search for her lost love.

So it begins, the saga of Emily, who for the rest of the series is known by her middle name Rhapsody. It started as a trilogy, but the success continues with other books in the series, and we are waiting impatiently for June 2016 for the next one in this series that to this day has captivated so many.

Alone in the world and away from her family for the first time Rhapsody is on a quest to become a competent Namer and Singer and by that be granted magical abilities as well.

A Namer protects and passes on history and lore. They can only speak the truth making them extremely powerful and they can express this by renaming persons or things, by speech or songs and then actually change them or it. And of course Rhapsody happens to rename a ruthless assassin.

Trying to survive in a world far away from the comfort of home, Rhapsody does what she needs to survive crossing paths with warlords that becomes infatuated with her and with a dark underworld that wants to use her in their plans for total domination. She is forced to stay strong in a world not fit for a creature of light and one that brings music to the world on a major scale.

In order to survive in a world where Rhapsody has to strive to grow and learn she has to rely on others and she strikes up friendships with Achmed the Snake and Grunthor during a travel through the center of the world even though she did not volunteer for the adventure at first. But she has no choice in leaving due to her accidental renaming.

On their way the trio also meets and befriends locals and a character named Ashe. A mysterious and secretive traveler who yields a magic sword.

On this journey she learns that not all things are what they seem like. Different universes exist in different times and time as we know it is fickle mistress and what you thought would only take you a month may only take a day or a century or two.

Rhapsody is torn by the search that fills her heart for the lover lost in time and by the urge for stability and comfort a home would give her. And wherever she seems to find a little peace and quiet darkness and evil soon follows snapping at her heels, forcing her to continue a journey, with no place to call home.

Travelling through worlds she ends up in a strange kingdom ravaged by the darkness of war where a girl like Rhapsody bringing music and light is a coveted creature. They have reached Serendair also known as the lost island and the birthplace of time, where their adventure will take a 180 degree turn.

But all these small kingdoms are in dire straits. Evil is marching in on them and the epic battle between good and evil is approaching fast to the sound of war drums.

The title Symphony of Ages and the main character’s name Rhapsody gives you a fair indication that music is a rare, important and magical element that plays a significant role through the trilogy. And throughout the series you will hear the metaphysics of Serendair being explained in musical terms. And being a singer Rhapsody frequently employs magic music during her adventures building on her skills as a Singer growing ever stronger in her magical musical skills, tuning up for the epic battle between good and evil.

Throughout the series the company of three is driven a prophetic vision that time is running short. They know that they must find the illusive enemy before darkness consumes it all and the world faces oblivion. The action reaches a high fevered pitch pushing a crescendo of tragedy, love, adventure, companionship, and the overshadowing triumph of human spirit and love crushing the Armageddon lurking over their heads.

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