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Publication Order of Marion Lane Books

Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marion Lane and the Deadly Rose (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marion Lane and the Raven's Revenge (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

T.A. Willberg is a South African bestselling author of speculative and historical crime fiction.

She was born in Johannesburg which she fondly refers to as “Gangsta paradise,” but when she was six, her parents moved to a small suburb just outside of Durban the coastal city.
After she earned her chiropractic master’s degree, she moved to Malta, which is where she began writing the manuscript for “Marion Lane and the Night Murder,” her debut novel to fight the homesickness.
Willberg first got into reading when she was introduced to J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” which she used to read over and over, as she was completely enthralled by Bilbo’s adventures and the settings of Middle Earth.
Reading the novels, she developed a yearning for magic, travel, and excitement and this would later be enhanced when she read “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings.”

In general, she draws a lot of inspiration from everything around her such as her own experiences, books, real-life people, and movies. She has always had a very wild imagination and believes that magic is all around if we just care to look.
Willberg published her debut novel in 2020 and now has several works to her name.

According to T.A. Willberg, the inspiration for “Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder,” was simply a matter of circumstance. As far back as she can remember, what she had always been interested in was the human body and science.
She spent seven years in college as she undertook studies in spinal pathology and read everything relevant to physiology, pathology, and anatomy. As such, she was thoroughly convinced that she was destined to spend the rest of her life in healthcare.
But then things changed when she moved to Malta and found herself alone and unemployed in a foreign country.

It was a particularly difficult time but she now looks at that time with gratitude as it was during the time that she got the most random thoughts.

Willberg began wondering what it would be like to write a fiction novel which was so bizarre that he does not know if it was just her brain misfiring or divine intervention.
Either way, she felt an overwhelming urge to start writing. She just opened her computer and began writing about a young female detective who is fleeing from a dangerous killer. With no plan or plot the story of Marion Lane began taking shape.

T.A. Willberg is now a popular author in her genre, even though she still holds a day job.
When she is not dreaming up or writing about mystical subterranean worlds, she can be found consuming unhealthy amounts of wine and cake or treating patients in her chiropractic practice.

She also loves the outdoors and nature, even though she has for the most part lived in cities as a grown-up. However, she grew up surrounded by animals and nature as a child and has often wished she could live like that again.

T.A. Willberg’s novel “Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder” is a work that will plunge you into the heart of London and into the secret tunnels deep beneath the streets of the metropolis.
It is here that a mysterious group of police detectives are recruited to use their gadgetry and cunning to solve crimes that the Scotland Yard has been unable to do.

Late one night in 1958, Michelle White who works for Miss Brickett as a filing assistant gets a warning letter about an imminent heinous act. She decides to investigate but the room that the crime was supposed to take place in is empty.
But at midnight, Michelle was killed by an unseen killer and the only sign she was not alone was her brutal murder.

It is clear that the responsible person is somehow involved with Miss Bricket, which puts the entire team of detectives who also work for her under suspicion.
Almost without wanting to, a first-year inquirer in training named Marion Lane dives deep into the investigation.

When her mentor and friend are framed for the murder, she will need to sort through the hidden alliances of the detectives and secrets that go back to the Second World War.
It is a deliciously suspenseful and masterful locked room-style mystery with a fresh take.

T.A. Willberg’s novel “Marion Lane and the Deadly Rose” is a work set in 1959 London, where a new killer is haunting the streets and Scotland Yard has been unable to do anything about it.

He has been nicknamed “The Florist” by the newspapers since he has a habit of branding his victims with a rose. The police yet again turn to Miss Brickett and her investigators for help.

Marion Lane the second-year investigator gets the case and soon finds herself dealing with a very strange case all on her own. Someone has sent her an unsigned letter telling her to be wary of three fresh recruits who could not be trusted.
While she initially dismissed the letter as her hands were full with “The Florist” case, the informer seemed to have a lot of credible information.

When her colleague is murdered under bizarre circumstances, Marion decides to take matters into her own hands. She knows she will have to face her informer since he had predicted everything just like it has happened.
She needs to know everything he knows as until then everyone at Miss Brickett is a suspect and no one is safe.

It is a brilliant work with endless suspense, turns, and twists that make for a deliciously fun historical mystery.

T.A. Willberg’s “Marion Lane and the Raven’s Revenge” is a work set in 1960 London where the twenty-five-year-old Marion Lane could not have been busier.

While she is still an apprentice, she is determined to prove that she is worthy of being promoted to an official Inquirer.

But when fellow detective and dear friend Bill’s new girlfriend Darcy comes under attack from the despicable leader of a gang, Marion will do anything to help.

Just when she is sure that things are under control, Darcy goes missing without a trace, and a few days later, a package is delivered to the agency that has a dead raven covered in bloodied and tangled yellow twine.
Everyone is horrified by the delivery except Marion who saw a similar package left on her house a month before the death of her mother.

It is a work full of all manner of unforeseen twists as Marion seeks to uncover who she is, but also how the case is related to her mother’s secretive past and mysterious death.

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