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The China Study (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whole (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Low-Carb Fraud (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Future of Nutrition (With: Nelson Disla) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Thomas Colin Campbell has made his name as one of the foremost biochemists across the world that specializes in long term health and nutrition. He has over the years become known for advocating a plant based, whole foods, low fat diet.

Campbell comes from a rural dairy farming background and went to Cornell University, from where he earned his graduate and doctorate degrees in animal nutrition. In his doctorate, he minored in microbiology and biochemistry.

His earlier research works made the headlines as they tackled issues such as how liver disease may be impacted by aflatoxin contamination, the carcinogenic effects of herbicides and the identification of the lethal effects of doxin. These were major biochemistry and toxicology issues of the time.

After working for more than decade at Virginia Tech, he moved to Cornell University where he had been offered a full professorship. It is from Cornell where he has been teaching and conducting his research for years.

Following the release of the Nutrition and Human Needs Report by the Select Committee headed by Senator George McGovern, Campbell was invited to review the report.

The report asserted that increasing whole grain, fruit, vegetables and reducing meat consumption could reduce the incidence of heart disease. Reading the report, Thomas Colin Campbell was shocked to learn that scientists at the Institute considered nutrition and diet to be responsible for up to 35% of cancer.
Still, they only devoted between 2 and 4% of the overall budget on the nutritional and dietary effects on cancer. Several years later, he would become a member of the National Research Council, which broke ground by looking into the scientific information on the correlation between cancer and nutrition and diet.

In 1982, the committee released the “Diet, Nutrition and Cancer” 478 page report. It provided public health guidance on how people can prevent cancer by consuming whole grains, vegetables, fruits and whole foods in their natural state. The report also urged people to reduce how much calories they got from fats and meat.

Reflecting on a long career investigating diet and nutrition and how they resulted in disease, Thomas Colin Campbell worked with Thomas M. Campbell to write The China Study. This would become one of the most influential bestsellers about nutrition and health ever published.

Dr. Campbell taught an undergraduate nutrition course at Cornell for several years and his course would be one of the most popular in the university curriculum. Given its popularity, it has become an authoritative standard on disease prevention and nutritional practices.

Campbell is also the founder of the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, a non profit that expanded his online course into a college like course that has garnered widespread renown and respect. Being featured in “Forks over Knives,” the award winning documentary generated even more public awareness of his works.

He has since gone on to write “The Low Carb Fraud,” and “Whole,” that have been just as popular. Over the years, he has authored more than 300 research papers and gotten more than tns of peer reviewed research funding, in addition to giving hundreds of lectures across the globe.

Thomas Colin Campbell’s novel “The China Study” is ground breaking work that would change how we think about nutrition and diet. Even as a weight loss frenzy and trendy diets sweep the nation, children are being diagnosed with Type 2 diets and adults are becoming obese.

People are more obsessed with body image than ever before, but Americans are suffering from diet and nutrition diseases even more than three decades ago. In this work, the author explores the connection between diabetes, heart disease, nutrition and cancer.

The work also explores the source of nutritional confusion that results from opportunistic scientists, government entities and powerful lobbies. The study has been recognized as the Grand Prix of epidemiology by the “New York Times,” and dubbed the most comprehensive study on the risk of developing disease and diet.
This is not your usual diet book as Dr. Campbell delivers an insightful message as he cuts through the haze of misinformation that would be helpful to anyone living with obesity, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

In “Forks Over Knives” Colin Campbell asks the one question that has for years fascinated impassioned researchers and doctors. In this work, he brings the life changing research of this small clique of researchers to life as he makes his contributions in the “Forks Over Knives” documentary.

The documentary asserts that the answer is to eat a plant based and whole foods diet. It overturns most of contemporary advice as Campbell explains that eating oils, dairy, and meat injures the lining of blood vessels, causing strokes, heart attacks and heart disease.

In his previous work, Dr. Colin Campbell showed how cancer and other conditions can skyrocket when people insist on eating dairy and meat. They will usually plummet when people decide to shift to plant based diets.

As more experts add their voices to the cause, it is becoming more evident that a plant based diet is what the modern human populace needs. “Forks Over Knives” introduces people to the plant based diet by offering an easy to read guide.

It provides all the information one requires to adopt and maintain one of the healthiest diets one can have.

T. Colin Campbell’s work “Whole,” explains the science that explains the complexities of the human body and our eating habits. Even though there is a lot of evidence showing that our nutritional habits are wrong, our eating habits have remained the same for decades.

Just eating an apple results in a lot of complexity in the human body as each fruit has thousands of antioxidants that may be unfamiliar to most people. These chemicals can play a significant part in making for better health outcomes, as they influence tens of thousands of metabolic reactions.

Still, it can be difficult to calculate each chemical’s influence on the body as each chemical may also impact the working of another, resulting in an infinite loop of biological effects. Campbell asserts that nutritional science has for a long time been stuck in a reductionist mindset, but that it is now ready for a revolution.

The author asserts that the gold standard of testing which involves studying each chemical in isolation is outdated. While it may provide insights to food companies and help in their sales messaging, it does not help the general public understand how these chemicals contribute to health outcomes.

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