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Edge of Danger (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Absolute Doubt (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cherry Adair is an action- romance fictional writer who did not really begin her career knowing that she had stories to write. In fact, she moved to San Francisco and began an interior design shop. Her passion was brought by her readings. After reading several books up to her 20s she realized that she too had stories in her mind she could tell. It was only then that she decided to take a pen and write the stories her mind cooked up. Many years later and she is among the most accomplished and successful writers in the world with more than 30 books to her name.

The T- FLAC (Terrorist Force Logistical Assault Command) series mainly focus on the lives of individuals who find themselves in danger and their lives threatened. They are mistrustful individuals who only want to keep away from people they believe will get hurt by being involved or being close to them. In a twist and turn of events however, they find themselves responsible for more than just their own lives. They find themselves in a dilemma where they fall for people they never though they would fall for and they end up trusting and loving again.

Her books take you through a roller coaster of emotions from anger, to felling the romance, lust and love between characters and then to the humor that is created in the awkward moments the characters experience. Cherry captures her audience by her use of words. The vivid articulation of words that make the audience feel as though they are experiencing the events right there themselves. Her choice of words make the books so memorable and the romance so much more intense and vivid to the reader. When there is conflict, where a character feels he is falling for another and yet does not want to be vulnerable enough to admit. The reader is allowed to feel why the character does not want to let the other in and yet at the same time want to punch them for not really taking the precious feelings, embracing them and exploring them deeper.

The T –FLAC series goes into the mind of the reader and makes you just want to read more. It is an addictive series that makes you want to know how the characters will defeat the bad guys and if in the end they will be together and have the happily ever after fairytale ending.

In the mercenary, her first book in the series, cherry takes you to the life of Victoria Jones an accountant whose brother has just been declared dead. She does not believe that her brother is dead because how could he have died and his body never found?So she does the only sensible thing and looks for her brothers partner, marc saying who helps her try and find her brother. Victoria really tries to keep off men because they only bring hurt and they leave you when you need them the most. All this was until she meets Marc, a sexy, tough and extremely attractive man who completely gets in her head.

Marc owes Victoria because after all he was the one who sent her brother on this dangerous mission that may or may not have led to his death. Victoria can communicate with her brother telepathically and thus she goes with Marc on the journey to find him.

This books is very captivating, like many in the series, it employs suspense, action and adventure. The description of the characters gets you to know and understand them better and the romance between them creates some very aggressive sexual scenes described in the book. It makes you want to continue reading and makes your imagination run wild as you see the scenes unfolding and the dilemma of the characters.

Kissand tell is amongst the most exciting books in this series. This book follows Marie Wright a young sexy woman who has been heavily guarded all her life by her brothers who are overprotective. Because of the fact that everyone is always telling her what to do, she feels that she does not need anyone to protect or dictate what she does or does not do. One day on her soul searching, unwinding day up at her grandmother’s cabin, she decides to take a walk, enjoy nature and have some air as she thought about things in her life. Then she meets him, a sexy, strong masculine, long haired man named Jake Dolan. She is not very impressed by the way he handles himself because although she was technically trespassing on his property, pulling out a gun on her and taking her to his underground dungeon was completely over reacting, right?

Jake is a military officer who has people after him. He is insecure and entitled and does not trust easily. This is the main reason he has this underground chamber complete with cameras and military grade security. Both character experience lust a first sight. Jake has the sexiest mouth Marie has ever seen and just the way Marie moves, moaning and groan, just turns Jake on because well, it sounds like she is having sex. Good sex.

Jake does not like being near women, they are a distraction. Yet somehow he cannot stop thinking about Marie. He however knows that if she stays with him, she will be killed by the many people after his head and the fact that his days are numbered. He is now in a dilemma; should he let her go or should he protect her as much as he can and make her his?

This book takes the reader through the past of both characters helping you understand why they are behaving the way they are. It still employs a lot of suspense especially when enemies finally attack and It seems like there is nowhere to run. It is intriguing to see how these two strangers handle issues, how the fall for each other. The romance is just breath taking and the description impeccable, like many of Chery’s books.

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