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Publication Order of DCI Andy Gilchrist Books

Eye for an Eye (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hand for a Hand (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tooth for a Tooth (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Life for a Life (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Christmas Tail (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Meating Room (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Torment (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killing Connection (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Catch (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Still (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Murder List (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Find (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killing Mood (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Cold (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Going under the pen-name T.F. Muir in the United Kingdom, whilst using the title T. Frank Muir in the United States, the Scottish author and highly influential crime novelist Frank Muir has been writing for some time now, as he has become a renowned master of both suspense and intrigue, who is respected throughout the industry. Known for his gritty style that harks back almost to the hard-boiled classics of yesteryear, he’s no stranger to the police procedural thriller, as he turns it on its head making it his own in the process. One franchise that he’s particularly well known for is that of the DCI Andy Gilchrist series, which features the eponymous detective chief inspector throughout.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, T. Frank Muir has become a man of the world, having moved all around during his time, but his heart has always remained in his home city, which is where he spent the formative years of his life building the basis of what was to be his future career as a crime and thriller writer. With a keen passion in English and literature from an early age, he would constantly be on the lookout for new ideas and concept which he would be able to build his next story from. Honing and refining his craft over the subsequent would lead to him creating a strong brand for himself, along with a strong sense of style as well.

Educated at Strathclyde University in Glasgow he would gain himself a degree in Civil Engineering and, whilst this wasn’t where his passions truly lay, which was in crime literature, it would allow him to travel and see the world, undertaking a variety of different professions globally. It would also give him the academic tools required to create a more versatile style and tone, which he could then also apply to his writing as well. Civil Engineering gave him the basis with which he could build himself up from, creating the foundations of the crime author that he always wanted to be.

Working overseas he saw places as diverse Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, among other places which lasted for a long time, one place in particular being that of the United States. It was here that he spent well over twenty years working, during which time he managed to gain his dual United States and United Kingdom citizenships. It was soon though that he would leave all of this behind him as, during his thirties, he begun to take up writing as a serious career, which had always been his ambition, and then never looked back.

Now living in Lenzie, which is on the outskirts of Glasgow, with his wife Anne whilst his two kids have left home, he continues to write to this present day. Still constantly looking for his next big idea he maintains his series on a steady basis, keeping them going for an already enraptured and loyal audience. Always visiting St. Andrews nearby for more ideas, he takes to researching the many restaurants and pubs there, as he manages to bring his characters to life time and time again.

Writing Career

Starting with his DCI Andy Gilchrist series in 2007, this is the series which he has perhaps become most famous for over the course of his career. Creating an iconic character which he claims is partly based on himself and an amalgamation of other people, he has taken his inspiration from many other thrillers and crime procedural dramas of its ilk. A member of the Strathkelvin Writers’ Group for well over fifteen years, he’s just as much an active member today as he ever was, citing their support as being instrumental in the success of his writing career.

At their bequest and encouragement he also entered the initial chapters from his first DCI Andy Gilchrist novel into a competition run by the Scottish Association of Writers. It was here that he won the Pitlochry Award for the best crime story created by an unpublished author, a much coveted prize by many up and coming novelists at the time. Continuing to write to this day, he carries on with his DCI Andy Gilchrist stories to much acclaim, something which will carry on for some time to come.

Tooth for a Tooth

Originally published on the sixth of September, 2012, this was to be the third title in the DCI Andy Gilchrist series, as it carried on directly from the first two. Brought out through the Soho Crime label, it manages to recapture the essence of what made the original two work, with its effective use of both atmosphere and ambiance. Using his now trademarked style and tone, T. Frank Muir manages to convey a sense of foreboding for the detective, as he deals with what may be his most challenging case to date.

After the discovery of a woman’s skeleton is found within a shallow grave, DCI Andy Gilchrist is handed a case that may prove to become his biggest test yet. As the investigation leads him into his own past, he soon discovers that the hit-and-run death of his own brother may no be all it had first appeared in those thirty-five years prior. It soon transpires that the murderer of the woman could indeed have been his own brother and soon, with his loyalties put to the test, DCI Andy Gilchrist is put on leave suspected of falsifying evidence. How will clear his name? Who really committed these heinous crimes? What will become of them all as they discover the consequences of a tooth for a tooth?

The Meating Room

This was to be the fifth book in the DCI Andy Gilchrist series from T. Frank Muir, as it follows on directly from the proceeding novels in the franchise, brought out in 2014 through the Constable label. Clearly showing a writer who is now at the top of his game with this novel, this displays an articulate and confident style for a highly developed author. Providing the readers with more of the quality they have now come to expect from the series overall, it brings back the style and the tone that made the first stories so engaging, whilst putting in enough twists and turns of its own to keep it compelling.

The partner of Thomas Magner is found dead in an apparent suicide, whilst Magner himself, a wealthy property developer, is charged with a series of rapes ranging back over thirty years. Slowly though the women seeking testify drop out slowly, leaving only six remaining, as the prosecutor is left reconsidering her case, whilst another is found murdered. This leads DCI Andy Gilchrist to suspect Thomas Magner as the culprit, despite him having water-tight alibis for all occasions, leaving Gilchrist to delve deep into the past of the property tycoon to uncover a horrifying history. Can he uncover the truth? Will he be able to bring those responsible to justice? What really happened inside the Meating Room?

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