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T. Gephart is a contemporary romance author from Melbourn. Gephart is known for her unconventional outlook to life as she prefers doing things on the fly rather than adhering to some strict roadmap. Given her lack of rigid plans, she has a rather eclectic and interesting resume that could be construed as more of a work of fiction than a record of employment. However, the crazy turns and twists have resulted in a career writing contemporary romantic comedy that is something she absolutely loves. When she graduated from high school, she decided to go to Los Angeles for some fun and adventure rather than go to college. But her first trip proved expensive and underwhelming though it increased her appetite for life experiences and travel. In 1999, she went back to the US and this was the time that Gephart met and married her husband. Their whirlwind romance and courtship soon culminated in a spontaneous convenience store wedding. Together with her husband they have lived in Australia, Guam, and Louisiana and traveled all over the United States. They live with their children and wonder dog, Woodley. When she is not writing her novels, she loves spending time with family, friends, and Woodley their amazing puppy. She also loves good food, movies, music and talking walks with her dog on beautiful days.

T has had quite an unconventional life and is lucky to have had a wide range of circumstances and experiences that have colored her outlook on life. Since she was eighteen, she has been traveling and has had the privilege of meeting all manner of extraordinary people and visit some amazing cities. While traveling has always been a conscious choice, writing was not as she never thought or set out to become a professional author. The first novel that had a huge impact on her was “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.” She loved the adventures of the four children that escaped to a fantasy world. She remembers desperately searching through her wardrobe hoping to find Narnia. She read the novel so many times that by the time it fell apart, it had made her rethink what type of person she wanted to be. As such, when she first sat down to write the manuscript for her debut novel it was all about telling a good story. She wanted to write a story that pulled one in to feel like they were living in the narrative being told. Given her temperament an outlook into the world of publishing, she gravitated towards the world of Indie publishing where she has been very successful. As for what she reads it is mainly fiction in the contemporary romance genre though she will also read anything else that will pique her interest. Just like she makes her characters believable and multifaceted, she also loves to read fiction with the same characteristics though she also likes punchy dialogue and consistent pacing.

T. Gephart had always loved to read though she had over time been increasingly been frustrated by the fact that most of the novels she was reading did not have strong female characters. There was no independent, strong, and confident girl/woman that she could identify with. From this need, she set out to pen “A Twist of Fate” the first novel in the “Lexi” series. The author set herself a challenge to pen a manuscript that was compelling and interesting yet is easy enough to read and understand for everyone. She got a lot of material from the amazing personalities and colorful experiences that she had come in contact with during her childhood and early adulthood. Her novels have a strong slant towards the erotic though she writes about empowered women who have control over their femininity. Since she also loves to travel, she has also incorporated aspects of travel to make for a truly enjoyable set of novels that are well worth the ride. Given that she has a lot of experience, she has more than enough material to keep writing her novels and keep her readers enthralled for a long time.

T. Gephart’s “A Twist of Fate” tells the fascinating story of Lexi. She is a successful PR manager working for a Melbourne based multinational firm. She is an impulsive and energetic soul whose passions can sometimes take control of her actions. Through a twist of fate, she is given a prestigious assignment that involves representing a famous client and this catapults her into a new life in the United States – in New York. The job is very fulfilling and is more than she ever expected it would be. It is not long after she moves to New York that she meets Alex and the sparks begin to fly. They cannot get enough of each other and the incredible chemistry between them only brings them even closer. She works as the PR manager for the band Power Station which happens to be Alex’s band. This means that they have to keep their romance secret which soon proves difficult if not impossible. Set over six months, it follows the turns and twists in Lexi’s life as it explores the complicated rules that she creates for herself in trying to deal with friendships and relationships in her life. She will in time realize that she will have fun and even have a chance at love if she just threw out the rulebook.

Gephart’s “A Leap of Faith” opens to Lexi in unknown waters as she gets used to the developing relationship with Alex. They are as passionate as they have ever been though their relationship is not without challenges. Lexi loves Alex but she still wants to retain a sense of personal identity and not be subsumed as just part of a high-profile relationship. She had finally gathered the courage and allowed Alex to make their relationship public but then she had to be uninitiated into the rock star life that he led. Despite being under pressure almost all the time, Lexi slowly comes to acknowledge that they have something special that she needs to fight for. Moreover, she does not want to be alone anymore. However, she still needs to exorcise some demons and reconcile with her past which she thought had been long buried but was not. Could their love be strong enough to survive the tests of time, distance and family?

“A Time for Hope” the third novel of the “Lexi” series continues following the story of Lexi Reed. Lexi thought she was invincible as one of the best PR managers in New York. She is in charge of all public relations for “Power Station,” one of the biggest bands with fans across the globe. She had married one of the hottest and sexiest men in the world and is living what many would consider fantasy far away from her humble beginnings in Melbourne. She had finally let the walls from her past fall and in the process learned to trust and given herself to her Alex. But her happiness had been short-lived as trauma and heartache in quick succession throw her into turmoil. Her world comes crashing down and now she has to try to regain a sense of self without a hope of ever healing, particularly with the media scrutinizing her every move. Even with the help of her family and friends she cannot seem to find a way to reawaken the old Lexi. Alex is traumatized as his once confident, intelligent and beautiful wife becomes guarded and distant. He is determined not to lose her but is powerless to do anything.

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