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T.I. Wade is an English author that writes action and adventure novels. Wade has lived a full and varied life, and he believes that his rich experiences have allowed him to inject a sense of vigor and realism into his literary works.


T.I. Wade comes from Bromley in Kent which is in England. That was where he was born back in 1954. However, most of the author’s earliest memories have little to do with England.

T.I. Wade’s father was a banker working with the International Bank of Africa. He received a promotion two years after the birth of Wade that saw him migrate to Africa. He chose to take the family along with him.

As such, Wade spent his childhood in the country that would eventually become Zimbabwe. Wade has many memories of Southern Rhodesia, some of them good, some of them bad.

However, the author didn’t stay in Africa longer than he had to. There were the mandatory military commitments that he had to clear. But once he completed them, Wade took the first opportunity that came his way to go to Europe.

He was 21-years-old at the time. Wade believes he couldn’t have chosen a better time to move. His time in Europe allowed him to properly mature. While he did some traveling over the years, it was in countries like Portugal, Germany, and England that the author actually settled and lived.

Despite the allure of Europe, T.I. Wade did not stay away from Africa forever. He eventually went back in 1989, settling down in Cape Town. Life was pretty good for Wade.

He had money in his pocket as a businessman with a restaurant, a coffee manufacturing firm and even retail businesses.

Marriage came into the picture in the early 1990s. This was after Wade traveled the desolate Southern Africa. When the author finally left Africa, it was with the intention of settling down in the United States.

Things grew petty tumultuous at the time in South Africa, and T.I. Wade had plenty of reasons to finally say goodbye to the continent. He settled down in Utah. It was there that the publishing field began to call to him.

+Literary Career

T.I. Wade has always been drawn to the creative aspects of writing. He enjoys creating new characters, settings, and stories out of nothing and dragging readers to a world they’ve never seen before.

Wade started writing when he moved from South Africa to Utah in 1996. As a child, Wade loved to dream. He would often let his imagination take him to far off places. His decision to write was merely an attempt at finally recording the many bizarre stories that came to him on a regular basis.

Wade believes that his writing career took off at just the right time. The author doesn’t think it makes much sense to pursue fiction writing when you haven’t yet fully loved. In fact, that is often Wade’s advice to aspiring authors.

He encourages them to experience as much of life as they possibly can. Wade looks to his own life for inspiration. He uses the people he has met and places he has seen to give his writing a rich and relevant spark.

Besides that, Wade also discourages aspiring authors from heeding the opinions of reviewers. Wade writes what he wants. He tells the sorts of stories he has on his heart. He doesn’t set out to please any particular section of readers, and he believes that his earnest attitude has allowed his books to appeal to a wide variety of readers.

The author admits that the advancements of technology have made his writing efforts so much easier. Things were difficult for Wade when he first started. He invested heavily in his first couple of books and the returns were not that impressive.

It took him a decade to sell 17,000 copies of his books and he worked like a horse to get anyone book sold. EBooks have completely transformed Wade’s approach to publishing. Not only does he have easier access to his fans but the author has been able to sell so many more books because of resources like Amazon.

Wade scoffs at people who refer to him as an overnight success because they do not know the years he spent working at his craft and pursuing publishing as a career before he finally began to profit.

Wade’s books begin as ideas that he ponders for several months at a time. The author depends on his son Alexander for help in this brain-storming stage. The two will go back and forth for weeks, discussing concepts and generating new ideas before Wade is finally ready to put words on paper.

Wade is ready to go once he knows the beginning and the end of his story. The author’s goal is to produce at least 2,000 words a day. On a really good day, he can produce as many as 6,000 words. The author doesn’t work on the weekends, though. Those are his rest days.

T.I Wade endeavors to keep his stories as light-hearted and entertaining as possible. However, because the author draws his ideas from contemporary topics, that isn’t always possible. Sometimes, Wade will stray into dark and disturbing waters.

+American One

Ryan Richmond has wanted to go to space for as long as he can remember. At 7-years-old, Ryan probably figured that his dream would never come true. But now Ryan is in his forties and he has billions of dollars to spare.

His journey to success began when he created and sold his first company in the dawn of his teens. Using those earnings, he created and sold two more companies. And that was just when he was in his twenties.

Now a self-made billionaire, Ryan has his own space venture in the works, and he has even succeeded in building and completing ‘America One’, his very own spaceship. But space is still a far-off dream for Ryan because now the United States government wants ‘America One’.

+The Launch

Ryan Richmond has wanted to go into space since he was seven. And as a billionaire in his forties, he was finally able to get his spaceship ‘American One’ into space, this despite opposition from the United States Government.

Now, as Ryan’s people begin mining an asteroid, he must deal with increased resistance from the new administration.

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